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      Wednesday, October 02, 2013

04:11 PM - 10/02/2013

The topic: Thank you, screwball

My printer's waste system is now installed. I bought it at http://www.inkrepublic.com

It's not something I was worried about at all. Because I never realized there would eventually be a problem. Now, I'm not worried about it again.

You can read screwball's comment here.


04:18 PM - 10/02/2013

The topic: My new cups got here

This is a photo of my china cabinet. I washed all of those dishes, cups, and fancy things last month when I realized I was missing some cups. Don't know if they were stolen (six were missing) or if they got broken. I found a place online that had replacements and ordered them. Now I've got six extra saucers, but that's okay. If I ever have a tea party, I'll have place for cucumber sandwiches.

04:31 PM - 10/02/2013

The topic: Yesterday I cleaned

the oven and curio cabinet. The stuff for the oven said to leave on at least six hours, I started at 9:15. I figured this would give me plenty of time to clean the curio cabinet. It was close.

Here's my curio cabinet (cleaned):



Here are closeups of the five different levels. Everything was taken out and cleaned. I worked shelf by shelf. There are mirrors on two sides of the cabinet and those weren't really a lot of fun to clean and get smear free. And the shelves had to be cleaned, too, top and bottom. But it's done for a few more years.


It was a lot of work, but it looks pretty good.

And the oven? Well, it came out pretty nice. I wasn't prepared, though, for having to clean the broiler. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the bottom to see how much of the cleaning stuff had dripped down into that compartment. So, I had to wash everything in there, too.

But it's all nice and purtty now. At least I won't be embarrassed if the pet sitter decides to cook something.

04:54 PM - 10/02/2013

The topic: Now that I’m not worried about running out of ink

I decided to try my hand and printing my own paper. I've seen the digital paper packs you can buy and it seemed a pretty simple thing to do. I started with some of the background images I have available for websites on my website. Lots of copying and pasting to get them to the right size for printing a 12 x 12 piece of paper.

Then I had to figure out what I'd use for paper. I had some white, textured Neenah cardstock, so I did some printing on those and I was so taken with how cool this was, I searched online and found Bazzill Basics white cardstock at http://www.hsn.com for a pretty reasonable price. I ordered some of that and when it got here, I tried it out. Okay, this will do. Bought some more, I shouldn't run out for a while.Anyway, here's some of what I came up with.



Here are some closeups of a few of them.







I happy with the way they turned out. I can hardly wait to make more.



05:15 PM - 10/02/2013

The topic: Something I made with paper that is useful!

A tissue box cover!

With the tall tissue box file from SVG Attic's  "Feel Better Soon, I used the green swirl pattern paper.

When I designed that paper, I printed out different greens and put them up against the sofa material. When I got a close match, I knew I had it. Then I made the paper using a filter from Alienskin software. Printed out a few of them, used the Silhouette and Sure Cuts A Lot cutting software, I made my new tissue box. I like it. It fits over a regular sized tissue box. I used a border file from the Silhouette site to cover up the corners. A lot of these files have long cuts in them to make folding easier. I'm not really fond of seeing the white on the inside of the paper, it doesn't look finished. I think the next time I do this with a dark pattern, I'll score the edges instead of cutting them.




I'm thinking about selling this kind of thing in my store. It would be nice. Something I like to do might make me money.

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