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      Thursday, May 09, 2013

08:42 AM - 05/09/2013

The topic: What can go wrong

Will go wrong.  That's been the story of my latest foray into movie making.

It started back in October 2011.  The Disney Meet. That first night, not getting to bed until 3:30 am and not sleeping well the next three hours. That day at Disney was fun, I was tired, though. Really tired. Saturday wasn't as hectic and on the way home Sunday, we stopped at the Carl's Jr in San Juan Capistrano. I had a burger and fries and soda.

That night, I had the worst chest pain I could ever remember. I knew it was my gallbladder, it wasn't an "OMG, I'm having a heart attack" pain. I threw up and felt much better afterwards. But the pain didn't go away in a couple hours like it usually does. Oh, it would subside, but it would come back. By the next Sunday, I could no longer stand it. Brian made us a fine breakfast that morning of potatoes and bacon and eggs. It was really good and I thought I was getting better, but the pain came roaring back.  Brian took me to urgent care and they called the hospital. Which is where we headed, the emergency room.

The ER waiting area was under construction and there was just a hallway with chairs. Brian had dropped me off and I checked in while he found a parking spot. While waiting I felt like I was going to puke, so I went into the restroom, just in time. I threw up that lovely breakfast. I was sitting on the floor and when I was losing breakfast, I also wet myself. I wasn't embarrassed, it wasn't something I had any control over. Luckily I had really loose sweatpants on and they didn't get really wet and my undies ended up in the trash. When I got out of there, I walked up to the reception desk and told her what had happened, she said "well, don't sit down anywhere!"  It was really kind of funny, even then.

Anyway, I ended up having the ducts from the gallbladder cleaned out one day and the gallbladder removed the next day. And my body is still adjusting. Last year the stomach acid was awful. I treated myself to Omeprazole, it worked. When I told my doctor, his eyes got really big and he told me to quit taking it, it's not meant for long term. So, my body had to adjust to that, which it finally did. It's been a pretty miserable year and a half.

Every year I request that everyone who takes pictures at the meet, send them to me. And I take these photos and make a slideshow with them. I usually get some video and I add that. And I put Disney music in the background. Well, I got a late start on the 2011 meet, but I was rushing last August to get it done before the next October meet. It kind of gets the "I can hardly wait" juices going.

My computer crashed. Badly. Majorly. Luckily I'd saved everything but I got so damned frustrated with the computer, the heat, my stomach that I just walked away from it. Brian was afraid I wouldn't finish it, but I just wasn't in the frame of mind to continue. I just wanted to sleep.

Fast forward to last month. I picked up where I'd left off. I got the photos in kinda sorta order (since some were 4:3 ratio and some were 16:9 ratio - think old tv vs new flat screen - I put them all ont the same background; and the time stamps were way off on most of them, like over half of mine had the wrong date ) and added them to the movie software timeline. I took the little videos I'd made and made seperate movie files on the same background for each of those. Then they got added to the timeline. Transitions between each. The software comes with a default obnoxious bright green color for some of the transitions. I've never liked that green on my videos. The old versions of this software kept my changes. The new version does not. I have to  manually change that color on each one. Time consuming. Anyway, got that all done, music picked out. I'm ready to put these babies together.

Now I start having problems.

Hey, let's do this high def this year!  So, I choose to save as 1080i 1920 x 1080 HD video. Takes lots of space, but wow, it's gonna look awesome!

When I transferred the first section over to my menu making software, it keeps putting this green background in at the beginning. I figure a workaround for that. I make the intro longer, then start the video in farther, bypassing the green screen. Great! But the software keeps crashing. I can't find any reason why it does this, I spend hours looking for the answers online. Can't find anything. I try the second half. Same thing. Damn it!  So, I try a short video using AVHCD, whatever the hell that is. Still HD, but not as intensive. Program doesn't crash! Video looks great! Sound is awful. Crap, crap, crap.

I do more research, read many forums. Find out that these many, many hours spent trancoding to any kind of high def, anything over 720x480 has been a waste of time. Because that's what televisions show. 720x480. I can do the higher resolutions for a computer, but not for a DVD player. (Blu ray is a different format entirely and not everyone has Blu ray and I don't have a Blu ray burner anyway.)  Scream. Just scream.

Fine. I transcode in regular DVD format. 720x 480. 16:9 ratio. I burn a disk. Hey! Look! I think I'll be able to get all two and a half hours on one dual layer disk! Woohoo! This is great.

Back to the movie making software. Add the two parts together, transcode as one humongous file. Take it back to DVDA (Sony DVD Architect). Add the chapter points (which is how the "next" button works, it goes to the chapter points that I've set). Not a problem for the Thursday and Friday sections,  those were set before I did the initial burn. They can be saved when you do your work. I saved. But the chapters I'd saved for the Saturday portion were gone when I added that section to the first section. I had to reset them. Good Lord, how time consuming that was. Getting them set at just the right place. But I did it. I got it done. And I had the menu done, it didn't take much time to do that.

And I burned my first full DVD for that meet. It took a while to do, but I was really happy with it. Until I realized that one of the menu items highlighted as a box, not an underlined text. NOOO!!!!!

Back to DVDA. Open my saved file. Open the menu for Saturday. Click the offending menu item, change the highlighting to underline. Whew. Done. Save my work. Transcode to DVD format. Again. Burn.

Looks great, I'm ready to burn them all.

I figure I'll do fifteen, because I know some of them won't work. That's always how it goes.

I found a software a while back that will burn to multiple burners at the same time. Great time saver. If you don't get greedy.

I got greedy.

The first five burned without a problem. Well, cool, let's add another burner to the equation. Mistake. Didn't work. I made six coasters. R+ dual layer coasters. I tried again. Another six coasters. WTF? (Ask me how glad I am that I got all this stuff a while back, I'm not really concerned about having too many coasters, but I'm hating the lost time.)

It took me one more run to realize that it was because my computer just can't handle burning six of these long assed videos at a time. It gets constipated, then just stops the program. The burners look like they're still burning, but they aren't. So, I take a deep breath and go to three at a time. That works nicely. (And if I hadn't been so freaking time greedy and done it this way to begin with, I'd be in bed fast asleep at this point, with my disks all nicely burned.)

Then onto the DVD jewelcase and inserts. Sometimes I know what I want, but I have a hard time figuring out how to get it. I got this Big Shot! embossing machine last February (Valentine's Day). I'd found out that I can make my own folders. The folder is where you put the paper you want embossed, then you run it through this thing (has a handcrank) and it smooshes the paper in the folder and it comes out embossed. Okay, I'll try to explain. Take a couple of pieces of chipboard (kind of like cardboard, but more compact and heavier). Cut them to the same size. Then cut a piece of cereal box (or box of similar weight) to that same size. Cut out a heart from that cereal box. Now, glue one side of the cereal box to your chipboard. Then glue the other piece to the other side. Make sure it's in the exact same place it would be if it was still on the cereal box. So when the two pieces of chipboard come together, the heart fits exactly onto the other part. Then tape the two pieces of chipboard together. And voila! Your very own embossing folder.

I made my very own embossing folder a couple of months ago. Then I made another one that was more better. (lol)  I made the cutout with my Silhouette Cameo machine.

My idea (which was simple enough in my mind), was to put glitter on the embossed area. Then I thought maybe it would pop more if I colored in the lettering first, then put the glitter on. But markers got the paper too wet. Colored pencils looked okay, they were pale, though and I couldn't press down too hard or I'd unemboss my paper (probably not, but it was a concern). Hey! I have a great idea! Let's run it through the printer, then emboss! That will work great!


My spacing was all off. I couldn't get the lettering to match up to my embossing folder. 

About that time Brian came in. He can't find any more labels for the hydraulics he makes and ships out. He needs more. Today. *sigh* I throw a tantrum. And I drag the crafting cart into the office. Then I spend hours looking for the label file. It's gone. I have to make new ones. Then the Silhouette acts stinky. Doesn't read the registration marks (these labels are on silver paper, sometimes there's a reflection problem). It cuts wrong after the first few (later I realize somehow the blade isn't "locked" in).

But one of the things I found looking for the that label file is the file I used when I made my embossing folder.

WOOHOO! That will take care of the spacing problem! And it did! I'm back in business! I got the music list done in Word, I have everything sized just so. (Insert is 9 3/4" x 7 7/16") I'm using letter sized paper, I'll have the Silhouette cut them down to size (time consuming, but accurate, more so than a papercutter). Let's print!

Yeah. Next problem. The damned printer is running through ink like crazy.  At least it seems like it is. I had two bad red cartridges in a row. Spent much time doing a clean and cleaning uses up ink. So I'd run out again. Once I quit trying to get the red to work and put in a third red cartridge of the day, the paper was printing. I was out of the office by 10:30 last night.

Today, I'll set up my cart in the other room. I'll sit at my table and emboss the resized paper. I shall paint glitter onto the paper. I will glue paper together. I will print onto the disks. I will print the outer jewel case cover. I will test the disks. Then I will be done!

Next up....Mother's Day....

      Sunday, May 19, 2013

10:25 AM - 05/19/2013

The topic: You ever have one of those days?


Charlie had one yesterday.

We were both on our respective computers yesterday morning when we heard some growling on the patio. Usually we don't do much since it rarely escalates.

It escalated.

Charlie and Mario were in such a tight clench you couldn't get a stick between them. The growling wasn't loud, it's hard to be loud when you have your teeth sunk into another cat's neck. There was some fur flying, but they were more rolling around together than slapping (think boxers in a clench). We run outside, Brian goes toward them, me telling him not to use his body to break them apart. No feet, no legs, no hands, no arms. Keep your skin away from them. He picks up the dog pillow and starts whaling away on the large, moving ball of fur. It takes at least a minute for them to break apart. Mario runs into the house first, Charlie seconds behind him. Charlie heads down the hallway to the bedroom. I follow him, his face is bloodied. Then I look for Mario, can't find him anywhere (this was just a quick look to check health status).

All the cats in the house are freaked out. When I looked for Mario under the sofa, his old hidey spot, Katie came running out. I guess they could tell this was a pretty intense argument. I walked back into the office and there was Mario, under the folding chair in front of the printers. His usual floor spot in here. He doesn't seem any worse for wear, later in the day he protested when I touched the area under his left arm. He wasn't jumping much, but he's better this morning.

Charlie was invited to take one of his Xanax pills. He only gets a quarter of a pill, it's small and easy to squeeze in a moist treat. He ate it right down, spent the day on the bed.

I snapped a photo of him.

click for a larger pic

His nose was bloody. It looks fine this morning, just a little scab on the top.

Then, late yesterday afternoon/early evening, I went into the extra room to get my tablet. Charlie ran in after me. It's a game he plays with both of us, he'll sit outside the door if he thinks someone is in there and then dash in when the door is open. It's the only room in the house with carpet. We keep the door closed to keep the cats out. My exercise bike is in there, a little television with DVD players hooked up to it. Brian does his ab-rolling in there, I've got the laptops, my CD collection and books in there.

Sometimes I grab him up and take him out right away, other times I just let him stay. I let him stay yesterday, my hands were full when he ran in.

I forgot about it.

This morning, I hear a cat crying. Skip is sitting outside of the closed door.


I let him out, he ran to the food bowl first thing. I went in and checked, didn't see where he'd pottied. Not a lot of stuff pushed onto the floor.

Maybe he'd just been too tuckered out from the fight and Xanax yesterday that he just spent the time snoozing.

I wonder how long it will take him to dash back in again? I give it a couple of days.

04:01 PM - 05/19/2013

The topic: Ish

I do not like ants.

I do not like flies.

I do not like mosquitos.

I hate ants because of the movie "Them" that I saw as a child. I wanted to see it (it was on television). After much whining on my part, she finally gave in. Since it was on past my bedtime, I had to take a nap first. but I watched the entire thing. And I hate ants to this day.

I do not like flies. Fly larvae gives me the heebie jeebies. I hate the specks flies leave on glass. I hate flies.

And mosquitoes, those blood sucking insects have no reason to even exist.

We used to keep a couple of doors open for the cats to come in and out. I just couldn't handle the flies any longer and we try to keep the screen doors closed when the flies are moving around. We have ant spray for the ants, pet friendly stuff that doesn't smell too bad. An hour later.

The mosquitos? We've got bug zappers outside. The bulbs keep burning out. In the fountain out front, we have those mosquito donuts. "Animal safe" it says on the package. I hope so. (I don't think we have too many animals drinking out of the fountain anymore.) And I squish them when I can. Lots of mosquitos have lost their lives against the screens. Squish, then smear.

Yesterday morning, after my shower, there was a mosquito flying around in my bathroom. I did the clapping many times. I swatted the air with my bare hand. Finally got that asshole down on the counter. SLAP! Dead.Deaddeaddead.

I wiped the remains up with a tissue, brought it in to the office to show Brian. I was still undressed, fresh from the shower. I opened up the tissue. He looked, said "ew". I told him I needed to take another shower to wash the blood splatter off of me.

I really get pissed off when I kill one of those things full of blood. Because that means someone just got nailed.

I do not like mosquitos. At all.

04:15 PM - 05/19/2013

The topic: Finally started my spring cleaning

I figured windows and screens first. I love a clean window. And screen (note previous entry referring to mosquito remains). Pulled the ones off I could and scrubbed them with vinegar water.

I got a late start so I got the windows first that would be hit by the sun. I cut it really close on the windows on the west side of the house, as a matter of fact, I have to wait for the sun to go down to clean the inside of the family room window (I hate moving Miss Elizabeth, that's her favorite place in the house).

One of the reasons I got a late start is I wanted to get this piece of  Hewlett Packard color laser printer (2605dn) out of here. That was the biggest waste of money ever. I've never been happy with it, I didn't get it for everyday use and when I do use it the white background always looks filthy. The last time I tried it (last month), I was ready to take a hammer to it. Instead I pulled it out of its position on the printer stands this morning (headed to be wrapped in trash bags and stored in the rafters in the garage, safe since the cats can no longer get up there), moved the Epson R1900 over to where that was (it's shorter and opens up the room a little more) and moved the copy machine to where the Epson inkjet had been.

Then I got my Epson Perfection (what a name!) 4990 Photo scanner from it's storage place and put it where the copier had been. The cats used to lay on the copier (it was below the office window) and I wasn't really concerned about moving it. After all, they can lay on it where it is now, it just won't be in the sun (and it's a lot more accessible).

Well, Lorelei is laying on the scanner now. *lol*

I've got lots of old photos of cats who are at the rainbow bridge. And some photos my mom had saved (my dad used to have his own darkroom, but it didn't look like she saved too many of those photographs). Maybe now that it won't be a big production to run the scanner, I'll be more inclined to scan.

I need to wash the towels and covers I had on everything in here as well as all of the towels I used for the windows.

And this coming week, I hope to get the floors cleaned. And my bathtub. My bathtub and walls badly need to be scrubbed down.

I love clean windows!

Brian's doing stuff on his tractor, he washed it and waxed it this morning (another reason I wasn't working on the windows). He used the pressure washer. He got us Subway for lunch and I asked him to pick up a six pack of Miller Lite. I haven't had a beer in forever. Ever since my gallbladder surgery, alcohol doesn't seem to agree with me. He kind of balked (he doesn't drink beer), but he relented. When he came home, he had a twelve pack of Miller (no six packs!) and a twelve pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade, four different flavors.

Ah, summer.....

And clean windows.....

      Monday, May 20, 2013

10:11 AM - 05/20/2013

The topic: Getting a late start today

I still have the bedroom windows and the inside of the family room window to wash, yesterday's leftovers. Then I'm going to vacuum a room, then wash the floor using the Floormate (stocked up on vinegar last week).

I'd wanted to start bright and early, except two of my three pairs of sweatpants are in the laundry. This morning when I was sitting on the toilet (weak bladder), Pancho came up for a head scritch, turned around and marked my pants. Last pair of sweats went into the laundry.

All washed and dried, so I need to put on socks and shoes and get busy.

I heart my windows! They're so clean. I bet I'll be even more happy when the floors are done.

10:14 AM - 05/20/2013

The topic: For the past fourteen years

We've had an annual Disney meet. Cat folk I've met on the internet. Made some damned good friends in that time, forever friends.

Before last year's meet, we decided that this year will be the last one. I'll be 60 on the 16th and it will be the 15th meet.

There are a number of reasons we're ending it.

Money. Disney passes have gotten so damned expensive. And even with the higher priced passes, the parks are crazy busy. So crowded. So tiring.  Then there's the hotel. We like Stovall's Best Western. We had stayed at the Anabella for a while, but Stovall's has free internet (Anabella is ten bucks a night) and Stovall's has a great free breakfast offering. Checking prices for this year, they look to be about fifteen bucks more a night than they were last year. I'll keep checking, but stuff just keeps going up. Brian's starting this new business and money is tight and being gone for four days and three nights doesn't help him stay caught up with production. We pay the catsitter a hundred bucks a night.

Like I said, money is tight.

Then there are the cats. The last two years, we've had sick cats crated while we were gone. 2011 saw Skip in a crate so he could be medicated (remember he'd lost all of that weight and the doctor could find nothing definitive?). Last year it was Spot and Chandler. Spot ended up ripping the foam on the bottom of the crate to pieces and knocking over the litter box and water. Chandler was very stressed. We lost Chandler the next week. The cats are aging out and I felt like crap leaving them.

Then there's the time it takes during the year. Gathering the photos and video, editing them, processing them, and getting them resized and brightness adjusted and colors fixed. When that's done, they get added to the video. Transitions between the photos and video, music needs to be added, then they're burned to disk. Once they're good, I have to figure out the design for the case and the inserts and the labels on the disks. All of this takes a lot of time. Once that's done, it's usually time for the shirts and buttons.

I have to come up with a unique design for the back of the shirts. I try dozens of ideas until I come up with one that we both like.  And the buttons. The buttons have been the same for the past couple of years,the only exception is the date. But I have to put them together, which includes a sort of epoxy. I have to hold the pinwheels in place until they're dry enough to set down without moving the position of the pinwheel.

Once I decide on the shirt design (if I can make the idea for this year work, it's going to be the best one ever). There's the printing of the transfers, the cutting out of the transfers and the foil for the pinwheels on the front. Then there's making sure I have everyone's shirt sizes and when I make that list, I have to make sure I've got the shirts to fill the list. And if I don't, I have to order the shirts. Once the transfers and pinwheels are done and the shirts are here, I have to press the transfers onto the shirts.

Last year, I had a problem with the press, the pressure setting was off. I ended up pulling a muscle in my arm and I had this huge bruise in the middle of my chest from locking the lid into position, then releasing it when the time was up. It didn't want to lock, it didn't want to release. It hurt. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't fun. And because of the time of the year, it's so damned hot. Working with a press that's 375� in a hot garage, peeling the paper immediately so it doesn't stick (hot peel transfers), then turning the shirts over and doing the other side. Hoping and praying that I've got them on straight....

And then there's the RideMax program. I set up a survey a few years ago, send it to everyone who's planning on attending, take the answers, compile them and the top fifteen or twenty are put into the RideMax to plan out our day. We've tried to set up things so that it doesn't get boring, one year Brian and I went up beforehand, took a bunch of photos, then I made photobooks before the meet and we had a contest between two teams where they'd find the place in the photo, then have a team photo taken there. Last year, the shirts I made had a list of the rides in both parks with check marks next to them. This was to see who rode the most rides. (I'll probably try my hand at selling these online, maybe I can make enough money to pay for Disney passes.)

It all takes months to put together for me. And if I'm not actively working on any of this, it's there in the back of my mind, the stuff I need to get done. And it takes money. The shirts, the transfers, the ink, the disks, the paper, the button makings, the pinwheels, the glue for the glue gun (used in making the pinwheel headbands), the bandaids for the burns on my fingers from the hot glue... The electricity to run all of my equipment... There are a couple of people who always donate to the cause and I appreciate that. Every dollar helps.

And I'm tired. I'm just tired.

It's been forever since we took a vacation where all we had to do was pack. I'd kind of like that. Have the vacation be over when we get home. Not to start planning for the next one. I need time to decompress.

So, this will be the last year. Because I'm worn out. We're tapped out.

And I'm a little bit sad that it's ending.

      Thursday, May 23, 2013

03:21 PM - 05/23/2013

The topic: Holey Smoley….

Have you ever had a cat who, when you pulled your hand away from a petting session or walked away from a petting session, smacked at you?  It seems like most of the Little Guy kittens do that. (Little Guy was Katie and Mystie's littermate, who we were never able to trap, but we got her six kittens back in 2001.).

This afternoon, Sammy smacked out at my hand and got his claw stuck in the palm of my left hand. It was in there deep, he couldn't just pull it out and I couldn't pull away. I had to hold him still and extricate myself.

Guess who got his claws trimmed this afternoon?

03:25 PM - 05/23/2013

The topic: Bedroom window

Is the only window that is left that needs to be washed, as well as the screens.

Got the floors finished yesterday, kitchen, laundry room and hallway waxed (which was a little exciting since I had two cats try to walk on the freshly waxed floor - Spot after I'd done the hallway, Pete as I was rewaxing the floor because of the Spot pawprints; Pete got it worse than Spot, he actually slipped, got wax on his side, ran into the office, behind the catcam chair and just started howling).

Today I washed the sofa and loveseat covers.

I wanted to craft, but I'm having a hard time moving.

Allergies are knocking me on my butt. If I don't take the benedryl, I'm sorely tempted to shove an ice pick into my right ear to relieve the pressure from blocked sinuses.

I really want to craft. I want to make some fun stuff for the petsitter's new baby and make the flowers I was going to make for Mother's Day, but I just can't seem to get moving.

Maybe tomorrow.

      Saturday, May 25, 2013

07:58 AM - 05/25/2013
I'm watching nothing
The current weather is cloudy
I'm hopeful

The topic: Today. Today I will craft

For Mother's Day, I wanted to make the roses from the Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit for my MIL, but I ran out of time. I'd even hit Michael's craft store the week before to get special paper, soft, like rose petals and I found some nice textured green for the leaves.

But I had too many problems with that video and ran out of time. Since I got the floors and windows cleaned this past week (well, still need to the the bedroom window, but hey, it's behind the bed, there's a big pillow there for the cats, which usually has three to five cats on it during the day, I have to stand on the bed to clean it and I just don't feel like it yet), the sofa and loveseat covers washed, I can sit at my little crafting table and play without guilt.

Last night I cut out ten 12 x 12 pages of roses (two roses to a page). Unfortunately, because of the way the software is, it would have been too much work to make the cut lines in the Silhouette Design Software (which is an add-on to the software that comes with the machine), so I used eCal's Sure Cuts A Lot v3. I haven't used that a lot and I should have paid more attention to what I was doing because the blade didn't go all the way through the first eight pages. Oh, there's the problem, I never reset the blade on the machine itself.  *sigh* Last two pages and all the leaves came out nicely. *lol* Oh, well, I can put on some old television series I never watched on the Roku and sit there with my cutting pad and blade and finish cutting those first sixteen rose patterns by hand.

I already have my dowels for the stems, but I also got some pipe cleaners. I'm thinking wrapping three pipe cleaners with the florist tape might be better because the "stems" will bend.

I follow SVG Cuts on FaceBook and people share their versions of the patterns, and oh, my gosh, some of them are beyond creative. I've seen some roses that look so darned realistic, you'd think she just picked them from her garden. Of course, I don't think mine will ever be that good, but it's sure going to be fun to try.

I just wish I didn't suck at gluing.

08:23 AM - 05/25/2013

The topic: One of my first SVG Cuts

I've kind of been saving up the kits because that spend ten dollars and get one free thing has me hooked (a new kit/set every Friday). Well, the first one I ever tried was from the High Skies kit (the link isn't going to the page like it's supposed to, so just do a search for "high skies").

I fell in love with the hot air balloon.



click for a larger pic

Yep, that's made with paper. Cardstock, actually, a little heavier than paper.

I used some beading cord/thread for the tassles and for the basket, I used my Sizzix Big Shot embossing machine (it's not electric, just a hand crank) and one of the folders that has a checkered pattern.

I took the photo with the balloon hanging down from the swing, then cropped it and removed the string from the picture. Looks pretty real, huh?

09:00 AM - 05/25/2013

The topic: And the Mother’s Day card

Another pattern from SVG Cuts. This was pretty fun to make. I didn't get as many flowers on mine as the original, but it was still nice. Brian said better than anything store bought.

Of course the thing was when I originally purchased this template with the idea I'd make the card and he'd write the poem. He had plenty of time and came up with nothing. Here was my first idea:

Roses are red

Violets are blue,

I told your son to write a poem for you.

He didn't.


Anyway, I did some searching of cards online and just lifted sentiments from one of those. My bad, but geez, I was so tired....



                                                                                                                click for a larger pic

                                                                                                     click for a larger pic


The kit also comes with an envelope template. I used a couple of Jolee's Dimensional Daisy embellishments. One on the inside of the card and one to hold the envelope closed. It was pretty cute.

Oh, hey, for this weekend, SVG Cuts is having a 25% discount with the code "memorial2013".  No freebie this weekend, they're having a party, so they're putting a discount out there. Pretty cool!

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