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      Sunday, December 02, 2012

10:57 AM - 12/02/2012

The topic: I’m going to make this today

I was looking through one of my breadmaker recipe books yesterday and it looked yummy (now don’t go telling people we’re broke because we can’t afford bread, we most certainly can, I just feel like using the breadmaker, okay? Don’t go blowing it out of proportion and making more stuff up about our lives… grin ).

Coffee Spice Bread

1 C brewed coffee
3 T vegetable oil
1 egg
1/4 C sugar
1 t salt
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t ground cloves
1/2 t allspice
3 1/2 C bread flour
2 t yeast

Basic cycle

Doesn’t that sound really good?  Maybe toasted with butter?

12:40 PM - 12/02/2012

The topic: Everytime my bestie calls

And asks what I'm doing, I tell her "I'm working on your Christmas present".


12:52 PM - 12/02/2012

The topic: Yesterday. in the kitchen

I wI was looking for something in the cupboard.  I reuse the Classico sauce jars for flour, corn meal, stuff like that. None of them are labled.  I was pointing them out to Brian and I took one down.

“This is cinnamon sugar” I told him. And I opened it and smelled it.

No, it wasn’t cinnamon sugar, it was whole wheat bread crumbs with spices.  Heh.

Guess it’s time to finally make my labels.  Probably black vinyl (which I’ve got, don’t worry, it won’t cost us anything extra).  And I’ll use my Cameo.

More fun with crafts!

01:47 PM - 12/02/2012

The topic: Another FaceBook find

Sometimes I can really relate.


04:59 PM - 12/02/2012

The topic: Something really strange happened a while ago

I was checking my stats for my website and there was a direct hit to the entry about my mom’s jewelry.

A. Direct. Hit.

Whoever hit it, didn’t come through the journal homepage, they didn’t come through the FaceBook posting, they didn’t click on a link sent to them via email. These types of things all show in my stat tracker.  They never even saw the first page. It’s almost as if they have magical powers! Whoever it was typed the URL into their navigation bar on their browser.  Almost as if someone sent them an email or called them and told them to type in this URL and check out the page.  Too creepy.

I closed the page. It’s gone.

But it is kind of neat how much information you can get from ten little numbers….

      Monday, December 03, 2012

02:29 PM - 12/03/2012
We found a penny on our walk this morning
The current weather is cloudy and too warm

The topic: About that Coffee Spice Bread….

I didn’t make it.  I made a small pot of coffee using most of the grounds.  I had one cup, then Brian walks into the office with a cup of coffee.  In other words, he finished the pot. Well, I couldn’t make the bread without coffee and I couldn’t make the coffee without more grounds. I ground more beans this morning.

After I’d filled my little container (which I keep in the freezer), I snapped the lid on it. Except I did it one handed. Which was a mistake.

The little container slipped and spilled grounds.  Spilled a lot of grounds.  I moved the container (still sans lid) over by the recipe book and bumped it just right and spilled more grounds.

So. Counter is cleaned, coffee is made and shortly I’ll be making the bread.

click for a larger pic

      Saturday, December 08, 2012

07:26 AM - 12/08/2012

The topic: It’s time
I'm finally ready to do something with my mom's jewelry. Like sell it. We have an appointment at ten this morning at a jewelry place in San Diego. All proceeds will go into the catfund. I do not want being caught short like we were with Spot earlier this year. Here's some of the stuff we're taking.

Dad's wedding band

One of mom's wedding bands
I've also got some stuff of mine to get rid of, like a gold panther link bracelet and matching earrings. I won't wear any of it, the only place I go is to CostCo and Walmart. Sometimes Disneyland. No place that fancy schmancy bling is appropriate. Besides, I'm more into fun type of jewelry, the crap that takes batteries and blinks or sparkles. And nothing that I'll get really upset if it gets lost or stolen. I'd much rather have a cushion for feline emergencies. (And no, the money isn't going to property taxes or a house payment, just in case you're wondering. It's going into the bank account we've got set up just for the cats. And, yes, we do have a bank account for the cats, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. *lol*)

12:00 PM - 12/08/2012

The topic: Well, that was fun
We found out the serving dish that Brian's aunt and uncle gave us for our wedding was only silver plating (this guy has money coming out of his butt). Last night I pulled it out of its hidey spot and started cleaning it, gave up. I told Brian "I'm not spending all of that time cleaning the silver for $25.00". So, he cleaned it up. And we find out it's not worth anything as far as silver content. We laughed. Anyway, with all the gold, silver and gems, we walked out of there with $3,300. I was actually happy with that, I was figuring around $2,500. So, I've got the bank deposit ready and the catfund will be getting an infusion within the next hour. Lorelei will be getting a dental next week.

      Tuesday, December 11, 2012

01:12 PM - 12/11/2012

The topic: We went to Disneyland Sunday
The Anabella had a special rate for Facebook users, I got one night ($68). Our passes run out on Christmas Day and we won't be renewing. We've been getting annual passes since the eighties, but they've priced them out of our range. Brian's new company is just starting up, he's turning down work for his old company (*sigh*) because he hates it and money is still tight. So, no renewal. On the one hand I'm kind of sad, on the other hand, it's one less thing to feel guilty about ("Gee, we paid all this money for the passes, we really should be going more often" - it's harder for us to do day trips, so we end up staying in a hotel and then there's the expense of gas and food...not renewing will save us more than just the cost of entry). Anyway, it was really crowded. The only ride we went on was Radio Springs Racers, because Brian wanted to get on it at night. The other thing he wanted to do, he's wanted to do this for years, is take a video of the lights coming on. So, we got the video from the hub at Disneyland looking down Main St towards the Christmas tree, it's an hour long. But we got the lights coming on, it should be nice. We left here around eleven on Sunday morning and we left the hotel at 7:17 yesterday morning. We hate leaving the cats anymore, mostly the old ones, like Kirby and Miss. Kirby won't eat dry food. I have to sit with him on the sofa while he eats. When we're gone, he doesn't eat. I know he's not long for the world and I feel bad when I'm not hear to feed him. Brian even mentioned coming home every night and driving back up each morning, fixing the patio so the cats at least have access to a little outside during the day. Lots of fuel, but cheaper than a hotel and the cats will be okay. Oh, well, it's a non-issue at this point.

      Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10:38 AM - 12/18/2012

The topic: What a day this has been
And it's only 10:30. Lorelei has had a problem with her teeth. It's obvious when she eats and gets food stuck, she starts pawing at her jaw, and gacking after yelling. She was first on the list to take care of with the sale of the jewelry. She had a nine o'clock appointment this morning. I know she's going to be losing some teeth, probably make the appointment for next week. We didn't go walking because Brian was filling the five gallon water bottles from the whole house filter and Kirby and Miss Elizabeth wanted breakfast. He said "go ahead and feed them". Which means they get put in the bathroom with the door closed. I won't leave them in there if we're gone. By the time they were done, he'd started on the second water bottle (there's one in the house and one for the cats' water bowls). This past weekend, Brian prepared for a colonoscopy that was scheduled for Monday (yesterday - one polyp (removed) and some other normal stuff that we don't need to be worried about). He only got white food on Saturday and chicken broth and lime jello on Sunday and nothing yesterday until the procedure was finished). He hadn't had a "good" breakfast since Friday morning, so he wanted to cook breakfast. There wasn't any time for all of this and for us to walk, too. I get Lorelei to the vet's, he checks her out. Her mouth is bad nasty. He sits back and says "well, you can leave her here and we'll do the extraction today". Okay, sounds good to me, one less trip, get it all over with. And I won't have to deal with withholding food tonight for all the cats. Can't do just one, ya know? So, we need to transfer money, the house payment is due today. I have no deposit slips handy. I tell Brian "I'll get it ready after you leave" because I have to open the sliding door in the office and it needs maintenance and he'll get all crabby when he hears it squeal when I open it and I'd rather listen to the squeal than to him complaining about the squeal. He's gone, I can't get the damned door open, I have to clean the track (this door is behind the catcam chair and PITA to get to, so it's kind of out of sight, out of mind and isn't attended to on a regular basis). I get my deposit slips, get the deposit ready. I have to go shopping today, have to get ingredients for cookies. I'll hit WalMart, Sprouts and later today, CostCo. Oh, yeah, CostCo. I need my blood pressure medicine refilled. I called it in last Thursday. I had one pill this morning, just one left. I need two. I took one of Brian's (he has the same dosage, except his pills have a diruretic) so I'd get my full 20 mg. I call the pharmacy to make sure they're giving me the full prescription, not just one month's worth (I ranted about this last year, I think). And, yeah, there's only 30 pills. They changed it, I'll be getting 180 pills later today (seriously, I don't think there's a big call for lisonpril on the street). Lorelei to vet....check. Deposit ready for bank....check. Prescription straightened out....check. I'm ready to go shopping. The rain that we were supposed to get between four and nine this morning just started. *sigh*

      Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12:02 PM - 12/19/2012

The topic: Lorelei update
If I understood correctly, Lorelei still has one molar and three canines. One of the canines was loose, so he pulled it. She's on buprenex for pain and clindimycin for any infections. She should be pretty much healed up after ten days. Problem with the drugs is she's hiding behind the stereo that's on a shelf in the office. I can't get to her. She did eat a little soft food this morning, though, and that's a good thing. For all the work he did, the vet only charged me $301.00. That's a great price. I love my vet.

      Friday, December 28, 2012

08:33 AM - 12/28/2012

The topic: Ish
The past week or so the cats have been sitting on the lawn by the shop, close to my avocado trees, watching the ground intently. Gopher. I've seen them digging trying to get to the gopher. This morning, just about a half hour ago, Bobby was sitting outside of the office, eating said gopher. A little while later, Ron Howard ate what was left. The entrails. :throwup:

08:41 AM - 12/28/2012

The topic: Wednesday, I made a great lasagna
It was probably one of the best ones I've ever made. So, we're sitting at the table, talking about recent events and Brian started to say something, he had a hard time with whatever it was. I could tell he was getting a little emotional. Then he said "I'm really lucky. I married someone who's a good cook and who's really smart". It was probably one of the nicest things he's ever said to me. Yeah, he's said it before, but Wednesday, I could tell it was coming from the heart. :remibussy:
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