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      Thursday, June 07, 2012

07:14 AM - 06/07/2012

The topic: On the home stretch of our walk yesterday

one of the neighbors stopped us.

He said to Brian “hey, I was watching bullriding this weekend and there was a tractor commercial on. Was that you?”

Yeah, that was Brian in a tractor commercial. I told the guy if he wanted Brian’s autograph it would be five bucks.

We’ve yet to see one on television.

      Friday, June 08, 2012

11:04 AM - 06/08/2012

The topic: Georgie is eating a donut

Well, not a whole donut, but I took him in this morning to have a blood recheck for his kidneys.  His Calcitriol prescription is almost gone and it’s refilled at a pharmacy out of state.

Getting him into the carrier was fun, I tried putting him in face first to start with and all four legs went into a spread stance and he wouldn’t fit. So, I tried putting him in back end first and he grabbed my shirt shoulder and climbed up on me. It took me a couple of minutes before he went all the way in and then he started to cry.

I just took him in and they took him into the back to draw blood. While he was back there, I walked over to the local donut shop, got a couple of donuts for me and Brian and one just for the cats to share. And a dozen assorted for the vet’s office.

He was fine once they’d drawn the blood, not a peep out of him on the way home.

When we got home, I opened up the carrier, Georgie came out and I shut the carrier door before Marco took up residence (Marco loves laying in the carriers) and put it away, took the donuts to the kitchen, grabbed one that I got for me and came back to the office and turned on the monitor.  Georgie came back, jumped up into his sleepy spot and I started ripping off pieces of my donut for him.

Georgie really likes donuts. He was such a good boy, so brave. He deserved some donut.

11:39 AM - 06/08/2012

The topic: Vet just called

Georgie hasn’t lost ANY weight in four months and his values are better. His BUN is now 31 (vet said down from 38, but back in February I had put 35 down, so I’m wondering if he told me wrong in February or I wrote it down wrong) and his Creat is now 2.2, where it had been 2.7.

So, the Calcitriol is working for him!  Like the vet said that George won’t ever have good kidneys again, but we are managing the disease.

Next week, DaNiece will go in for her thyroid recheck.

      Sunday, June 10, 2012

08:26 AM - 06/10/2012

The topic: We just got back from breakfast

at the Lakeside Cafe. The breakfast special this weekend was a mini French toast combo.  Brian and I had the same thing (makes it easier for the server).  French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon (crispy), coffee and water, no lemon.

We got there around 7:30.  They were hammered with customers.  They only had two wait people working (more came in at eight).  I guess early Sunday mornings usually aren’t busy.

Well, when we left, some guy was bitching at one of the women who came in at eight.  “That table over there was dirty [pointed to a different section], we’re not sitting there, I’ve worked in the restaurant industry, blah, blah, blah”, so she was over cleaning a table in the section where we’d been eating.  I looked at him and said “hey, there were only two people working this morning and they’ve had a lot of customers”, kind of like “give ‘em a break”.  Well, he says something to me and I just shake my head and to the roll eyes thing.  Right when Brian and I left, we heard him tell his companion, “let’s leave”.  Jerk.  These women were working their asses off, I can understand being put out if they were sitting around doing nothing, but they were busy.

I said to Brian on the way home what I’d have loved to say to that guy at the restaurant “yeah, I understand about you having worked in the industry, so you know how it should be; I used to be an asshole so I know one when I see one” and pointedly look at him.

People like him should stick to the drivethrough at a fast food restaurant.

      Wednesday, June 13, 2012

09:46 AM - 06/13/2012

The topic: I’m so excited!

Brian took my Ranger in on Monday to get the hood and roof painted (it's been almost ten years since the last paint). I told him "now all it will need is a new stereo, since the one that's in it is so old I can't play the CDs I make on the computer (mp3)". Last night he told me to find one. I found one!

I ordered it! Woohoo! It was under $250, including the installation kit. A Kenwood KCD-X796.

Free shipping, didn't pay extra for expedited since I don't know when Brian will have the time to put it in.

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