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      Thursday, May 03, 2012

08:38 AM - 05/03/2012

The topic: One of the things I hate about me is that when I’ve got a lot to do, I get nothing done

And the thing is, the lot I’ve got to do is a lot of little things. Just added up, they’re a lot. So, why do I feel so overwhelmed? I could just start doing them, finish one at a time and then they wouldn’t be hanging over my head and leaving me overwhelmed.

Just damn. Well, so far today I’ve put the throw rugs from the office into the laundry, vacuumed the office, washed the many instances of glaring cat pee off of the office floor (used that xfusion or whatever it is, first, let it set, then wiped down with a clean wet towel). My to do paperwork is in neat stacks, I need to get started on those (we still don’t have an efficient system with Brian’s new company - he emails quotes to the customer, I’m *supposed* to get copies of them, I then input them as “estimates” into Quickbooks. Then when the quote is paid, I’m supposed to let him know as I get the message that the customer has paid. Sometimes they pay with a credit card, others with paypal. He sees paypal, I do not. It’s just very unorganized and right now, it’s very fluid because we’re still trying to figure out how to do it. It’s not like his old company at all.

And certain things I see hit me like an off switch. Like when the neighbor leaves the gate open. It throws me off my stride, it messes up my day. The last time we saw this, Brian said “well, go close it”. I did and things were better. It’s just really odd. Sometimes I think that whatever my mom had has passed down to me, although it’s diluted. It’s one of the reasons I had the rugs in the laundry before I was even dressed. I need to get work done in here (the office) and when I see the cat sprayed areas, I’m useless for anything else. If I cleaned them up immediately, I’m sure things would be much better, but I always see them when I’m already doing something and thing “I’ll do that later”.

Just damn.

And it doesn’t help that my allergies are in full swing right now,  the right side of my jaw hurts from grinding my teeth, I’m grinding my teeth because my stupid right ear keeps feeling like it has to pop. As I mentioned previously, the doctor told me that it was allergies and to take something for it. The only thing in the house that works is Benedryl. And we all know that Benedryl is not non-drowsy.

It’s been cloudy for over a week (heavy marine layer, the marine is over twenty miles away, but the marine clouds are so thick, they’re almost to our local mountains). Maybe next week we’ll see some blue sky and sun, but it’s starting to wear me out. I need the sun.

Oh, well, back to work. Maybe I can make some headway today.

      Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10:29 AM - 05/15/2012

The topic: Back in 2008, I had an external hard drive crash

I lost lots of movies that I'd taken. I was sad that I hadn't done a backup.

The guy who worked on it found some movies and photos and sent it back with a CD of the files he was able to recover. I can’t find the CD.

Well, for some reason, yesterday I started wondering about it.  I wish I’d do this wondering in the mornings, but, alas, it usually happens late afternoon. And I act on it. I went into the garage, pulled the box the drive was in out of one of the storage cabinets, then came in and hooked it up to the computer I got on Woot back in 2010.  The computer that has 6gb of RAM and Win7 Pro.

Well, look at that. The computer sees the drive, but it need to “be formatted”. Hmmm…

I downloaded a couple of different data recovery programs and started to run them. I wasn’t real happy with them. One found some stuff but nothing was viewable.  Then I went over to the topten review site for data recovery programs and checked out the first one. Stellar Phoenix.  I went to the website and there was a free version (I’ve become very fond of try before you buy software, too many times I’ve purchased before being able to buy). I installed and ran it and before I knew it, there was a list of files it had found. A long list! Yay!

So, I tried to view the list.  Oh, now I have to buy it.  Damnit.  But I salivated looking at that list….I bought it. $49.00.  For something I thought would be gone forever.  I started the recovery. If it didn’t work, I had already decided to contact the company and request a refund.  Since the trial wasn’t fully functional. What good is seeing what’s there if it can’t be properly recovered? A few small files had finished and I was able to view movies.  Taken with my first camera that could also take video. Only fifteen seconds, no audio, but there they were. Movies I thought I’d never see again. I started to cry. I could hardly wait until they were all recovered!

This was the time consuming part. The restructering of the files.  I shut down most of the equipment and left that computer running, fixing my files.

Went into the family room, had a glass of chocolate milk, some water and watched the news. Then we went to bed.

Bad idea, drinking fluids that late.  I got up to pee at least eight times.  And a couple of times, I came back to check the progress of the recovery. Then I’d push the button and turn off the monitor. About the third time I checked, I pushed the wrong button. Shut down the computer instead of the monitor. Argh!

This morning at seven, I started the recovery again, but it started from the beginning. And this time, it’s not the quick scan, this is a much deeper scan. Over 927,000,000 sections to scan and it’s on 219,000,000. Oh, well, it’s not like I was planning on being busy in here today, anyway.  And who knows how much more stuff it will find? Hopefully it will only take a couple of days, but it’s a 1TB drive.

I just have to be very, very careful which button I hit.

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