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      Tuesday, July 05, 2011

09:02 AM - 07/05/2011

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #153!

And Richie Cunningham is back in the spotlight!

click for a larger pic


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      Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10:23 AM - 07/12/2011

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #154!

Today's tummy is brought to you by the letter "M". As in Magnificent. As in Marvelous. As in Muchogrande. As in Marco.

click for a larger pic

I caught him washing himself in the dining room window. 


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

10:26 AM - 07/12/2011

The topic: My bathroom is getting a makeover!

A couple of months ago I said something about painting my bathroom. Brian was all over it, we went to Home Depot the next day and we brought home paint samples.   I looked at them and made a couple of choices. 

Asylum blue (thanks, Jolene) with nut house green trim. And white. The walls will be blue, the baseboard will be green. The door is white, with green accents and the cabinets will be the same. Brian really wanted to try some of the laminate flooring, I’ve been reluctant to do anything with wood because of the cats. But he swears the stuff that his brother used at their rental is okay with water (except we’re not talking about water are we?).  He picked up two at CostCo yesterday, said they were half the price that Home Depot is charging.

The blue walls have been painted, he just pulled out the toilet and he was surprised at what he saw.  I thought it was a nasty buildup of cat urine, but when I went in to look at it, it was a bunch of roots!  Growing up through the pipes, wound around the bottom of the toilet itself.  (I took pictures, I’ll post them when it’s all done.)


So, he’s going to paint the wall behind the toilet now, then lay the laminate.  Then will be the baseboard and board around the door.  The cabinet will come later, since his work that pays for everything is finally picking up. (Yay!)

I think my bathroom is gonna look beautious when it’s done.  He’s not sure of the colors I picked, but I am.

      Tuesday, July 19, 2011

09:31 AM - 07/19/2011
We found a penny on our walk this morning
I'm listening to smooth jazz from Pandora on the Roku
The current weather is humid

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #155!

Today, we have the devine Miss E!

click for a larger pic

She’s one of the kitties that came from my mom’s house. She’s doing well, gets fluids twice a week for her kidneys.  She takes them well.  She absolutely LOVES Brian. She’s with him when he watches television at night and will come and sleep with him.  And if we’re not up soon enough in the morning, she’ll come into the bedroom and start telling us to get out of bed so she can have her morning feast.

I’m pleased that she’s so happy here.


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

      Wednesday, July 20, 2011

07:30 AM - 07/20/2011

The topic: Stupid allergies

For years I’ve had this problem.  My right ear feels like it needs to pop. But it never does. The pressure just keeps building. It was doing it yesterday and it’s doing it again today.

I asked the doctor about it earlier this year, he confirmed it’s allergies and to take some Claritan (hate the way it makes me feel) or Benedryl (oooh, sleepy time) and use a nasal spray. I guess it’s a eustacian tube problem.  Well, sleep is better than this annoying feeling. Yesterday I split a Benedryl, the problem went away and I didn’t fall asleep.  Going to try this again today.

07:38 PM - 07/20/2011

The topic: I’ve got so many ideas

For the October Disney trip. I still have to make the DVD of last year's.

I've got our name buttons designed, got some fun buttons for food and drink spillage (someone always does, Chance's Mom can be found at least once a day with her Tide stick out, cleaning someone up), I have to figure out the shirt design (which probably depends on how many of us will be there; I've got some ideas kicking around in my head, just don't know how doable they are). I've got the poll done for the Ridemax so I can have the itinerary printed out before we go. And I need to know who's going so I can send them "tokens" for each family member to vote. (And Jolene? Sorry, but people who will be there "in spirit" do not get a vote, so don't even ask.)

I need to make more pinwheel headbands.

And where can you find me most days? On the sofa, reading my Kindle. I'll never get anything done that way.

      Thursday, July 21, 2011

06:41 AM - 07/21/2011

The topic: Something I never considered

Until this morning. Well, I found it out.

Alli doesn't differentiate between "good" fat (olive oil, avocado) and "bad" fat (bacon grease, lard).


      Friday, July 22, 2011

09:06 PM - 07/22/2011

The topic: i’m a little annoyed

Brian told me tonight that one of the reasons he doesn’t talk to our neighbor across the street is because something this man said to a mutual acquaintance of a family member got back to him.

This guy cleans carpets and when he found out that the customer (mutual acquaintance) knew someone in the family, proceeds to tell the customer some dirt on the family. Well, us to be exact. We’re losing our home because we can’t make the payments, don’tcha know. After all, Brian moved out of the shop he’d been leasing for so many years. Yeah, this guy’s never had a shop, he works from home with his work van parked at his house, WTF would he know about useless overhead? And what business is it of his anyway? What bothers Brian most is that our finances are even the topic of conversation, from someone he doesn’t know and someone who obviously has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.

Well, I think this guy is in the wrong business. He’s some sort of magician who’s pulling more than crap out of his ass.

The joke is on you, Chuck. We’re really in no danger of losing this house, never have been. What’s that old quotation? “Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”  You spoke, no doubt.

This is the kind of thing that happens when people gossip. Everybody is affected in some way.

Right now I’m not having very fuzzy feelings toward ANY of the people involved in this. After all, what did it accomplish, besides to piss people off?


      Saturday, July 23, 2011

09:56 AM - 07/23/2011

The topic: I just got back from Walmart

And I spent way more than I’d planned.  Got new panties!  Got a LOT of new panties!  Bad me. But I haven’t gotten new undies in years, the ones I’ve got are stretched out and faded and the white isn’t white any longer. So….

I actually went for bright colored paper (to print CAUTION messages for the hydraulics he ships out) and inexpensive food storage containers.  We’d gone to CostCo the night before and they didn’t have either of those.  I wanted the storage containers because I had this brilliant idea.

I took my mother-in-law to her eye doctor yesterday morning (she had cataract surgery earlier this year) and then we went to Target for her to do some shopping.  She quit driving at her last birthday since it was time she had to renew her license and she figured she didn’t want to drive any longer. She still has her van, keeps it insured because my sister-in-law uses it for her running around and when she takes my MIL to places she needs to go.  I took her in my car.. wink

Anyway, while we were at Target she got some frozen dinners and said she knew they weren’t the best thing to eat, but it’s hard to cook for just one (I know that, I was single for a lot of years, I ate one meal a day; usually at work, some sort of fast food for lunch…hey, no wonder I didn’t have a weight problem back then….). 

So, I had this brilliant idea. When I fix dinner for Brian and myself, there’s usually enough left over for one serving.  One of us will have it for lunch.  Instead of doing that, I could just put it in a container and send it over to Brian’s mom! And she’ll have a homecooked meal!  And that’s the reason for the storage containers.  I got a bunch of them! 

And I got a new T-Fal frying pan.  My regular cookware is T-Fal, got it from QVC before the internet (which I joined on August 1, 1996, trying to find some advice on getting Red out of the rafters; never got the advice, but I stuck around), which tells you how old this stuff is.  The non-stick coating is gone from the pots and pans we use the most. Brian’s been wanting to get a full set of cookware, which is just silly to me.  Because there are maybe three pieces of the stuff we’ve got that has the coating problem. And I hate the idea of throwing ALL of it out because of three pieces. So, today, I replaced one of the frying pans. When I got home, I checked to make sure the lid we’ve got for that size worked and it does.  The old fry pan is in the trash.  I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for it, but oh, well, it had to be done.

Last night at CostCo, I saw the most adorable little laptop computer.  Not even ten inches wide! And it was under $300.00!  I wanted it.  Now, I don’t NEED it, but I wanted it. Because it’s just so keeYOOOT! Brian kept telling me “no”.  Or “when the credit cards are paid off.”  But, honey, it’s so keeYOOT!  “Don’t you have a laptop?” Well, yeah, but that shouldn’t even enter into this equation.  Don’t you understand?  This little laptop is absolutely ADORABLE!   Men. 

Needless to say, I don't have a new adorable keeyoot little laptop today. rotfl  After all, there's that pesky mortgage payment we have to make. Wouldn't want the bank putting the place up for auction now, would we? biggrin

      Sunday, July 24, 2011

10:35 AM - 07/24/2011

The topic: So, after my excursion to Walmart yesterday

Anyway, I ended up going to Amazon and doing a search for Disney imports. Lots of Japanese CDs that aren’t available in the U.S.  Then, since some of them were priced over forty bucks, I ohoh um, searched for downloads.  Found some.  Downloaded them.  Then had to edit the info.  After I’d exhausted the download options, I went over to eBay.

Bought four more CDs on eBay.  Both new and old. The most expensive was $17.00 because I wanted expedited shipping.  So much out there!  Right now, I’ve got over 10gigs of Disney tunes. 

Ever heard of 14 Karat Soul?  Me, neither, but they have two Disney CDs out. And you know the game Dance Dance Revolution?  They have three Disney CDs out.  “Eurobeat Disney”.  Techno music.  Lots of Karaoke.

My head was swimming.  And I had a headache to go with the swimming head. *lol*

After I made myself shut down and leave this room, I headed out to the family room and watched a DVD I’d gotten from Netflix a couple of weeks ago (note to self, start watching these when you get them since Netflix is charging six dollars more a month now; they split streaming and unlimited DVDs, $7.99 each instead of $9.99 for both).  I thought it would be a snoozefest, which is why I hadn’t viewed it yet, but I really liked it.  “Conviction” with Sam Rockwell and Hillary Swank. 

Back to work!

01:33 PM - 07/24/2011

The topic: I went outside this morning

To speak with Skip. I think he’s been a little under the weather. He was laying on the cement by the pool and I laid down by him.  I rolled over on my back and looked up at the sky.

It was one of those cloud and moon things that needed to be caught with a camera. So, I came inside, grabbed my Canon 40D with the 28-135mm zoom lens, went back outside and laid back down on my back. And I started shooting.

click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic
This camera never ceases to amaze me, how good the images are.  I really need to get off my butt and learn how to use all of the lenses I’ve got.  I bet with my huge macho lens I’d be able to capture the man in the moon waving at me.  But I couldn’t use that one while laying on my back, I don’t think.  I’d probably break my nose.

02:19 PM - 07/24/2011

The topic: When I had the camera out
I took a couple of pictures of the kitties. This one was originally upside down, since I was on my back when I took it and just set the camera to my side. It's Skipper.

click for a larger pic
Bobby played with a piece of the pine tree you see from the backyard camera.

click for a larger pic
And Pancho munched on some grass.

click for a larger pic
And some photos I took earlier this month: Pancho in the swing:

click for a larger pic
Spot in the swing:

click for a larger pic
And my Potter Pie:

click for a larger pic

      Monday, July 25, 2011

07:35 AM - 07/25/2011

The topic: Our local utility company will be working on the wires

up the street from our house, so our power will be out for a couple of hours this morning. 

I need to go through and shut off all of the computers before 8:30, so there won’t be any camera feeds for the duration.

09:36 PM - 07/25/2011

The topic: This day ended nicely

It didn’t start out well, it was humid and we didn’t go for our walk. My bad.  I wanted to get stuff done before the electricity was shut down.  Didn’t get much done beforehand and it was only out for about forty-five minutes, not bad at all. 

I read some on the Kindle, then went back to the office, fully intending to do some company paperwork, but I got sidetracked searching for Disney music.  The covers, I like the Disney covers. For example, there’s an album of Mosh Disney. Most of what I’ve been finding are Japanese covers.  Just when I think I’ve exhausted one avenue, I see an alley and go down that and find more! Between finding music on download sites (some of the music people share and it’s on vinyl and not available ANYWHERE for purchase), I’ve found some cheap CDs on eBay and Amazon. Some not so cheap and I’ll just have to not even think about the one that’s $250.00…..

I took some hamburger out this morning, fully intending to make Beefy Spanish Rice for dinner, even went out and grabbed a couple of peppers from the pepper plants (and stepped on a pine needle, in the bed of pine needles Brian had Freddy lay down as mulch; I finally got a tweezers and pulled that about fifteen minutes ago, it hurt worse when I pulled it out than it did before). 

Around noon I felt pretty punky, the heat? Did I need to eat?  I wasn’t sure. I had a couple of crackers with cheese, but that didn’t seem to help.  I turned on the A/C because of the humidity, it wasn’t all that hot, but I just felt weird. After I had it on for a while, I ran my Hoover Linx and got the fur and litter off of the floor and I finished washing the covers for all of those storage containers I got yesterday. Then I went back to the office and spent some more hours looking for those Disney CDs I couldn’t find anywhere.

Then Brian got home, he wasn’t feeling awesome, either. He asked what was for dinner, I told him and he asked “what else?”  Not being in the best mood I snapped at him, wondering when we’ve ever had anything with the Spanish Rice besides cheese and sour cream? A little while later I said that I knew we needed to eat, but I just did not feel like cooking.  He mentioned going out to dinner, maybe Sizzler. Yeah, salad bar sounds good, I could go for that.

We ate at Sizzler, came home, back on the computers, I did find some more Disney music, both downloadable and two CDs at Amazon and another on eBay (shipping from England). Gah!  Brian had already left the office, I shut down and came into the family room. He said he was just about to turn off the television, I told him to go ahead, I’d just read.  I sat here thinking how warm it was, so I went into the bedroom, took all of my clothes off, put on a big teeshirt and headed down to the pool. Took the tee off and went skinny dipping.  Spent about fifteen minutes in it (it was lovely, I thought it would be great to sleep in it), dried off, came inside.

I got a glass of wine and am feeling incredibly relaxed right now.

It’s all good.

      Tuesday, July 26, 2011

08:35 AM - 07/26/2011

The topic: Oh, Lordy!

I just listed out what “new” Disney CDs that I’ll be getting in the mail.

There are ten on the list. *sigh*

Good thing I have a little money set aside. 

I need to get off of the interwebs. At least quit looking for Disney music.  I probably listen to it four times a year.  *lol*

08:39 AM - 07/26/2011

The topic: Uh, what?

Brian’s in the kitchen this morning, going to make breakfast. 

Hash browns (cooked in olive oil) and eggs (cooked in butter).

I was in the garage getting some food out for Kirby and Brian says (you can see straight into the kitchen from the garage) “you got a new pan!” 

Gee, he noticed.

“What did you do with the old one, did you throw it out?”


End of conversation.

08:58 AM - 07/26/2011

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #155!

Today, Pancho is back in the spotlight, caught on the back of the futon.


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!


      Thursday, July 28, 2011

07:38 AM - 07/28/2011

The topic: Remember that keeyooot adorable little laptop

I saw at CostCo?

Last night, we had to go to the chiropractor, then we hit Roadhouse Grill (I got buy one, get $10.99 off of the next meal coupon for liking them on FaceBook). At dinner, Brian had a proposition for me.

If he made at least one hydraulic sale during the month of August and I helped him design a logo, I could have the computer.  I just looked at him and said “you know I’d do the logo anyway”.  But I guess he felt like it would be a good trade.

Well, we had to go to CostCo anyway; some of the cats are off of their feed this summer and we’ve not been getting Fancy Feast, just the Friskies, so we got Fancy Feast, Brian’s going to be working all week next week and he wants something more than peanut butter sandwiches, so we got a roast that I’ll cook and slice up. And some other stuff.

So, when we walk in, we pass the computer section on our way into the store.


I gave him my best (worst) look and said “you snooze, I lose”.  *lol*

      Friday, July 29, 2011

12:25 PM - 07/29/2011

The topic: On Sunday I mentioned Skip being under the weather

Well, Wednesday I called and made an appointment for him. We just got back.

Skip has been eating less and less and drinking NO water that I could see. Last night he turned his nose up at baby food, people canned chicken, people tuna, four different varieties of Fancy Feast, goat’s milk…he wanted none of it. And I’ve not seen him drinking. Last night I gave him 60cc of fluids and was grateful that I’d made the appointment.

So, I take him in, he’s weighed, hasn’t lost any weight. I asked the vet about the left eye and he said what it looked like was Skip had had a cataract, it collapsed and the iris kind of went with it, making it look really deep. But since it doesn’t bother him, it’s nothing to worry about.

He couldn’t find anything wrong with Skip during the exam, said his teeth look fine, nothing that accounts for the 104° temperature Skip had.  That temp is probably the reason Skip is not eating or drinking, so, because of Skip’s FIV+ status, he advised getting a CBC just to rule out anything dire.  His bloodwork was clear, his immune system is working, putting out the white blood cells.

He said the Baytril I’ve been giving Skip wasn’t hitting the problem so he sent us home with some Doxycycline and I’m to keep giving Skip the 60cc of fluids, just to help him out, not that he’s in danger of dehydration at this point, but just to help ease his system a little.

So, we’re home and hopefully the doxy will take care of the problem.

Poor Skip. He needs to be well.  More gophers have moved in.

      Saturday, July 30, 2011

09:29 AM - 07/30/2011

The topic: Remember that keeyooot little computer? (part 2)

I ordered a customized one! From CostCo online!

The hard drive it comes with is fine (250GB, which is the size of the computer I use on a daily basis, no need for anything more on a portable).  I upgraded the operating system, the RAM, and the processor and graphics. When I was choosing stuff, Brian asked if this would be a computer he could take with him when he went other places (like when we go to Disneyland or he goes to the ag show up in Tulare).  Oh, yeah?  You want to take this with you on your trips?  Let’s see what else I can upgrade….*lol*

I upgraded the display. And I ordered an additional power cord.

This thing only uses 40W of power, I’ve got an inverter for the car, it runs 100W, so we’re golden there.  Since there’s no DVD/CD reader or writer that comes with it (it’s small, 10.1” diagonal screen, no room for an internal reader) I bought an external slim line LG reader/writer on eBay.  I was looking at cases for it, Brian said “you don’t need a case for it, it will easily fit in the luggage, you’re not getting a case”.  Well, the cases are under twenty bucks and I will too get one.  Just not right now, but later after it gets here. I didn’t say anything about the DVD/CD reader. Yet. 

Since he’s got this online business going, I guess that’s why he wasn’t more resistant to us getting this. 

Besides, it’s so KEEYOOOT!

I’m already thinking about making my own cover for it, heaven knows I’ve got the materials to do it. 

This picture is the wallpaper on my Win7 machine (I took this back on November 11, 2005 at Disney’s California Adventure), I’m going to use this for the laptop cover.

click for a larger pic

I can hardly wait!

      Sunday, July 31, 2011

09:35 AM - 07/31/2011

The topic: Well, after days of not eating

and even turning up his nose at people tuna this morning, I opened a can of Savory Salmon Fancy Feast and went in search of Skip. He wasn’t outside, he was back on the bed. I put it next to his face.  He actually ate a little! 

So, I think he’s on the road to recovery. I was told that antibiotics usually take at least three days before you see any improvement, he’s gotten two doses so far (twelve to go…).  The vet said the doxycylcline actually boosts the immune system and for an immuno supressed cat, it needs all the boosting it can get.

But anyway, yay Skippy!

I took this yesterday. He slept a lot.

click for a larger pic

10:01 AM - 07/31/2011

The topic: Hee hee hee….

I ordered a case for the new computer.  $9.97.  From Amazon.

It’s a present from my bestie.. wink

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