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      Monday, June 06, 2011

09:20 AM - 06/06/2011

The topic: Best non-Disney weekend in a LONG time!

I’m tired this morning, but it’s a good tired.

Friday night, our SIL called, they were in Blythe, staying the night, then coming for a visit. They’d be down Saturday, spend a couple of nights, then head on back to Colorado.

Saturday morning I cleaned the house, just in case, and late that afternoon, we went over to visit.  Made plans for Sunday, Brian and I wanted to go to the Wings Over Gillespie airshow in El Cajon, then we were going up to Ranchita. Brian had an extra saw up there that his brother could use.

We got out of the airshow early, then came home, rested up a little, then went over to Brian’s mom’s house.  After much discussion (and I use the word “much” lightly) it was decided that we’d all go to Ranchita and take three vehicles, picking up Stephen’s daughter and her boyfriend on the way up and have dinner at the Sizzler in Ramona on the way down.  Mark and Judy took their truck because they were going to go look at a car for sale for Judy.  Brian and I went up in the Escape and Stephen and Joanne and Brian’s mom went in Stephen’s truck.  Mary and her boyfriend would be riding with Stephen. Since we knew dinner would be later and we’d only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast (before we went to the airshow) and a banana after, we were kind of hungry and I said that maybe we could get lost and hit a drive through.  Brian just bust out laughing and we hit Jack in the Box.  Brian drives a little faster than Mark, who was in the lead, and we caught up to the rest of the group in short time.  Brian’s mood improved with food. 

We got up to the property, walked around, I wanted to go to the top of the road, but no one wanted to go with me. Brian told me to drive up.  I thought about it, then said “I’m driving!” and Brian’s mom and the wives jumped into the car and up we went.  We stopped at the top of the hill, got out and looked around.  Then we said “okay, we’ve looked, let’s go back down”.  This was a problem. I had to turn around.

I've never felt comfortable backing up and Judy jumped out and started directing me and she did a great job. Laughing at me, because I was so nervous "it's nothing, you can do it!" she urged me on. I did get turned around and none of us died. *laughing* Back at the campsite we visited some more, Stephen got his saw and we all piled in our cars and headed down the road. Brian and I stopped at the The Apple Pie Shop in Santa Ysabel and got bags of the little pie crust things that had sugar on them.

We pulled into the Sizzler in Ramona (almost hitting a couple of asshat motorcyclists who were seriously considering passing us on a double yellow line, which these clowns seem to think nothing of) and had a nice meal. Mark had a steak, he said it was one of the best he’s ever had out, cooked to perfection.  Mary’s Mark had a huge cheeseburger. The rest of us had the endless salad bar. The poor waiter got yelled at a couple of times (joking yelling, not angry yelling, just giving the guy a bad time; he was laughing, we were laughing), meal finished, we left the restaurant, I go the goodie bags and handed those out. We came home and settled down a little, then Stephen and Joanne came by to pick up another saw that Brian wasn’t using and we visited some more.  Joanne sounded interested in the hillbilly punch.  Since we were going over to visit that night, I made up a batch and we took it with us when we went over to visit.  Since we didn’t know when we’d see them again, we wanted to see them while we could.

Brian’s mom like the punch.  Well, everybody did. Stephen doesn’t drink alcohol, so he didn’t want any, but everyone else liked it.  We visited some more, then came home.

I got the cats in, fed them and gave Mickey his fluids.  We went to bed about 10:30.  During the night, I woke up to the sound of the wind blowing in the trees and I thought “is that rain I hear?”  Woke up this morning to clear skies and wet ground. It rained while we were sleeping. 

It was a great weekend.

      Tuesday, June 14, 2011

11:56 AM - 06/14/2011

The topic: I think I’m sick.

I’m incredibly tired and my stomach is upset.  We went to bed at nine last night, got up around six this morning, went for a short walk (after three weeks off).  Came home, had cereal and a banana, laid on the sofa, put a light fleece blanket over my arms (they were so cold), then fell asleep. Slept for two hours.

Got up, fed Kirby again (that cat just won’t shut up when he thinks he’s going to get food), ate the other half of my Subway sandwich from last night and I’m ready to lay back down.

I just feel worn out. Blech. 

06:00 PM - 06/14/2011

The topic: I’ve got lots of photos and maybe some movies to upload

and I think I’m going to start taking advantage of YouTube for the generic type stuff.  Since my photo gallery can embed movies and I can do that here, too.  I’ve got a few photos from May when we went to the Star Tours 3D to upload, still, but I have uploaded the Ariel’s Undersea Adventure already.

You can find all the Ariel pictures at my photo gallery, but here are a couple I really liked.

Like our trip in May, we ended up in the far parking structure.  Unlike last month, we weren’t parked on the far side of the structure, the farthest point from the parks.

We were on the next to the top level, you can see the sky at the top of the photo
click for a larger pic

I’ve probably never mentioned this before, but I have a problem with escalators. Not so much going up, but a real problem going down. It’s hard for me to gauge the end of the step and I’m terrified that I’ll slip and roll all the way down. It takes me a while to actually step on one. It helps if I take my glasses off.

click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic

Once again, we had lunch at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, then headed over to DCA.

I didn’t take a picture of the line at the new ride when we got there, it was pretty short and I figured it would be a walk on.  I was wrong. I took this photo afterward.

click for a larger pic

And the wait starts (12:23).

click for a larger pic

News crews (more like morning personality crews)(12:24):

click for a larger pic

And we waited some more (12:26):

click for a larger pic

What? We have to wait on the other side of the walkway? (12:28):

click for a larger pic

Yeah, I guess we do (12:29):

click for a larger pic

On the other side (12:31):

click for a larger pic

Geez, I wonder how horrible it will be when it's opened to the public? Looks like they're expecting big crowds. We were told it can run 2000 guests an hour (12:34):

click for a larger pic

Yay, back at the building! (12:39):

click for a larger pic

Hidden Mickey (12:44):

click for a larger pic

Yay! Inside the building! (12:47):

click for a larger pic

The ride itself:

From start to finish, it took about thirty-five minutes. Really not a bad wait. Then we walked around the park, went over to Burrbank, got hot fudge sundaes, then called it a day. There were crowds.

click for a larger pic

Up the escalator:

click for a larger pic

View from the parking structure, you can see the Screamin' and the top of what used to be called the SunWheel:

click for a larger pic

The tram farm:

click for a larger pic

Brian headed to the car, it's just to the left of the doorway:

click for a larger pic

I hope you enjoyed our trip!

      Saturday, June 18, 2011

11:52 AM - 06/18/2011

The topic: With some of the money from the sale of the Mustang

I was able to get a new exercise bike.

One of the problems with buying equipment like this online is that it’s not that easy to “try on”.  The last bike I got was an okay bike, but it didn’t fit me.  I’m 5’2”. The bike is made for someone taller than me.  It had a heart monitor on it and you had to hold the top of the handle bars where the metal was for it to work.  It was a pretty big stretch for me and after a half hour of riding, I was really uncomfortable.  And I ended up not riding it at all.

So, when I saw this Reebok bike at Costco last Christmas, I sat on it and liked it. The seat is very adjustable, as are the handle bars.  We couldn’t afford it then, but the money from the car made it doable.  I ordered it from Costco online.  It said it would take two to three weeks to get here, it was here in less than a week.  This morning, Brian finally had the chance to put it together. 

The first step stopped us cold.  Whoever put the frame together, welded a bent piece of metal to the frame. The stabilizer piece that slides onto that piece of metal, wouldn’t slide on. Called the toll free number for Reebok (Mon-Fri 6 a.m. -6 p.m. MT Sat 8 a.m. -4 p.m. MT), the one on the front of the manual and they’re not working Saturdays (might be nice if they changed their manuals). Brian’s pissed and rightly so.  The box is already in the trash, can’t send it back. 

While I was in the process of sending a scathing email to the Reebok people, he came in and said that he’d fixed it.  A big hammer and a block of wood. The bike is together, now I just have to make room for it in the extra room. The other bike is out of there, now I have to get all of the stuff off of the Cardioglide so we can move it out of the room.  Neither of us has used that one in years, so no use keeping it.  They’ll probably both be put at the street with a “free to good home” sign. 

And the extra room will have more room for more stuff!  Yay!  Nah, I’m gonna box up all of the books I don’t want to keep and donate those to a local library, that will open up that room some more. It’s a pretty tight squeeze right now, I’ll like it more when it’s more open.  Right now it looks more like a “hoarder” room.  *lol*

      Tuesday, June 21, 2011

07:25 AM - 06/21/2011

The topic: It’s Tummy Tuesday #151!

Haven’t done this since 2009, but I think it’s time to bring it back.

And we have an awesome entry for today’s photo, it’s Spot.

click for a larger pic

      Thursday, June 23, 2011

08:33 AM - 06/23/2011

The topic: Today will be a kitchen day

I think I’ll need to put the pads down on the floor (you know, the spongy kind that help the back from hurting).

We went to CostCo last night and got hamburger and a round roast.  I need to split the hamburger into 12 oz chubs for freezing and since it’s been months since CostCo has had round steak, which I use a lot, I’m going to split up the roast into steaks and package individually.

Last week, I got ingredients for a carrot cake (carrots, pecans, cream cheese) and I think I’ll make one of those.  Maybe two, using the 12 x 12 cake pans and give a couple away.  I love to bake.

And I need to make more hot fudge for ice cream.  I found a recipe online using chocolate chips (2 cups), a 12 oz can of evaporated milk, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tbsp butter.  Melt the first three ingredients in a pot, stirring frequently, when it reaches a boil, mix in the vanilla and butter, stir until smooth, the cool down for use.  It will keep in the refrigerator for up to four weeks (not here, my first batch lasted a little over a week).  It was surprisingly good, much better than the store bought kind.

And we’ll have Swiss steak with mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner.

Like I said, I think it will be a kitchen day. 


      Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10:20 AM - 06/28/2011

The topic: Tummy Tuesday #152!

And today's tummy belongs to Pancho, who came to live with us back in 2008.


click for a larger pic


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

03:48 PM - 06/28/2011

The topic: Why?  Why is it so hard for me to get busy?

I’ve got tons of things to do.  And I’m thinking about them all the time. If I was doing instead of thinking, they’d be done.

But here I sit, thinking about doing them. And, hey, writing about thinking about doing them.

I need a nice big kick in my motivation button.

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