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      Monday, August 09, 2010

03:30 PM - 08/09/2010

The topic: Would someone please send me a new back?

Just the lower back will do.  Thank you.

I can’t believe how much mine is hurting today.  I just took a half of a naproxin with some crackers, drinking my water right now. 

I need to go sweep the bedroom floor (it really needs washing, but I’m not up to that) and wash the wardrobe mirrors.  Maybe if it’s cleaner in there, my back will feel better.

Ya think?

03:58 PM - 08/09/2010

The topic: I spoke with the neighbor last night

About KittyMeeze.  Remember, I told you he’s been spending quite a bit of time in their yard.

They don’t have a problem with it, which is good.  They’re only finding a couple of poops when they mow the yard. I mentioned that I’m glad he’s back there, because we had a coyote sighting last week.  (Two of the cats were up in the bedroom window, it was about 6:30 in the morning and they were watching something outside very intently.  I saw what they saw and yelled out “coyote!” and Brian jumped out of bed, got dressed and ran outside and chased it up the street.

I told her that he’s probably not going to be around much longer (he’s eating next to nothing).  She said he’s fine in their yard, will just lay on the grass, soaking up the sun.  They did catch him going up into the bottom of their motorhome (remember, back in 2008, a kitten was in the motor when he started it…she didn’t make it, Brian had her PTS).  So, he remembers to honk the horn to get any critter out of there.

This is a good thing, Meeze being safe at night.  It sure makes me feel a lot better about him at night.

      Sunday, August 15, 2010

08:58 AM - 08/15/2010

The topic: As much as I love playing

the FaceBook game Fish Wrangler, I decided before they opened up the latest land that I wasn’t going to be so obsessive about it. 

It’s supposed to be a passive game, but once I realized they had top 100 lists, I lost my senses. I liked seeing my name there. Right now, I’m #139 in points of all the wranglers. Many who’ve been playing this game a lot longer than me. To advance quickly you need this chum called RLC, which costs real money. I’d get it on their big sales, but still….

So, the latest land opened up and I started out with a bang, was number 9 on catching the new fish. Then it hit me. What the hell am I doing?  I said I didn’t want to do this and I’m doing it. 

I left the land and went back to one of the previous lands.  I will level out all poles that need to be leveled out.  The only time I’ll be “obsessive” about the game is when my quest partner and I quest. Other than that, I’ll use regular chum for fishing, the chum you can buy with the gold you get from catching fish when you play the game.

I’ll start beading again and set up an Etsy store.  I’ll play with my new heat press and design new shirts. 

I’ll go swimming.  I’ll lay in the sun.

I’ll take my life back.

Or try, anyway.


      Friday, August 20, 2010

08:25 AM - 08/20/2010

The topic: We have a magical dishwasher

It turns forks into spoons.

Seriously.  We have way more spoons than ever and our forks are slowly disappearing.  The only thing I can think of is the dishwasher.

It’s magical.

      Tuesday, August 24, 2010

02:25 PM - 08/24/2010

The topic: Cat watch

I’ve mentioned this before, but Jackie has awful poop. It’s runny.  Even the petsitter mentioned it to me last year.  Not much we can do about it, I can’t touch him without getting injured (I tried last week, I’ve got a new scar on my right hand).

I’ve been watching him the past couple of weeks.  I noticed he’s having a hard time eating.  So, I started wetting down the Kirkland again and leaving a fresh bowl of it each night, since his teeth aren’t in the best shape.  He’s not the only one eating it, but he’s eating it.  His poop is getting a little better.  Not much, but there’s more solid to it, it’s not so wet.

I’ve always suspected it’s because of the fur he injests.  His father had bad hair and Jackie’s is no better. I’d love to be able to take him in for a shave, but there’s that touching him problem.  In the past, when Annie was having problems, the vet described how, for Annie, feces would be stuck in her bowels and only loose stuff got out. Diarrhea.  I don’t think Jackie has much feces, he might, but I suspect fur. 

The past two days I’ve found a very small amount of fur in his poop (okay, I admit it, I watch him go and poke it with a stick, just to see what’s up with it).  And this morning, I found a good sized furball.  That baby had to hurt. Anyway, he’s been sleeping almost all afternoon, resting comfortably.  I’ll keep watching him, but with any luck, if he keeps eating, hopefully it will help push the fur on through. And maybe, he’ll put some weight back on.

      Wednesday, August 25, 2010

07:46 AM - 08/25/2010
We found a penny on our walk this morning
I'm watching morning news
The current weather is hot hot hot hot hot
I'm drained (damned heat)
My pain scale today is 4
The topic: Cats. Gotta love ‘em.

No occasional cam.  Cats peed on the USB cable connector (I have five active USB cables linked together that go into the other rooms) Monday and yesterday I plugged it in and my computer didn’t recognize it. 

Have another one on order.

No occasional cam until then.

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