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      Tuesday, September 01, 2009

10:19 AM - 09/01/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #146!

And I didn't have a tummy! So, I grabbed the camera and went outside in search of one. Luckily, Skipper was happy to oblige.

I tried to get one of him rolling over, but he just wasn’t in the mood to play tricks for me. 


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10:21 AM - 09/01/2009

The topic: One thing about cats needing to go under

Is that you are advised to not let said cat eat after midnight. Which is fine if you've got one cat. But when you pull up the food and you've got multiple cats, it can get ugly.


click for a larger pic

      Saturday, September 05, 2009

11:06 AM - 09/05/2009

The topic: Lovely day

I was sitting here, fishing on Facebook and I hear a woof outside.  Go out to see what it is and there’s this beautiful shepherd mix, bicolored eyes.  Friendly as all get out.

The neighbor across the street came over and said he’d seen him earlier, let him in his yard, but his dog went after this guy.  There’s a little blood on his face.  :( Anyway, we got the neighbor next door to me to put him in her yard for the time being.  I’ve got a found dog sign out and the neighbor across the street has a lost dog sign up.

This guy does have tags.  I called the number on the tag and was told “bring him in”.  I said “can’t you just look up the owner of the tag and let me know who it is and I can contact them?”  Sounds a lot less stressful all around, right?

So, I get the name and number.  Number is no good.  I went online looked for people in the area with that name. There are two listings for that name, one has the same address the shelter gave me, but a different number. And it’s no good.  *sigh*

So, I’m waiting to hear the mail truck coming up the road and I will ask the mailman. 

After we had Jack in the neighbor’s yard (that’s his name…“Jack”), I came home to a bird in the entry way.  So, of course I had to drag the ladder out of the front door, kicking at cats along the way (didn’t want one running out the front door) and it took about ten minutes to get the bird.

Now, I wait.  And I was so looking forward to a stress free Saturday.

UPDATE 12:26pm:

Jack’s gone home.  I guess his owner called his friend to tell him that the dog was out and he came over to the owner’s house, and drove by with Jack’s little girl and they took Jack home.
Before we gave him up, we asked this guy what the owner’s name is.  He got it right.

He turned around and drove up the street and around the corner.  I wonder if Jack is the doggie who introduced himself to KittyMeeze earlier this summer.  I wouldn’t think so, while he was interested in Kitty, he didn’t seem intent to catch or kill.  Whatever, Jack’s back home. Yay!

      Tuesday, September 08, 2009

08:52 AM - 09/08/2009
We found a quarter and a penny on our walk this morning

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #147!

I snapped this picture of Rory this past week. She was snoozing in the recliner all stretched out like that. Isn't she a cutie?

click for a larger pic


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

11:12 AM - 09/08/2009

The topic: Saw this on Facebook,
found it on YouTube. Really funny.

      Monday, September 14, 2009

08:06 AM - 09/14/2009

The topic: I hate colds

I hate having a cold. You know why?

Because, with me, a cold presents strongly in the throat.  It starts out a little sore, then more sore.  Then it’s sore no more, but it leaves behind a tickle, that gets stronger and stronger until I have to cough to ease it.  And I cough. And I cough. 

I feel fine. No headache, no aches anywhere, no muscle pain.  Well, my back is sore from me coughing so much.

Just that infernal cough.

And it’s worse at night.  I don’t usually like cough medicine because it tastes plain nasty and makes my stomach turn.  But last night, I finally took some.  Because at 11:30, that tickle started.  I was coughing so hard my eyes were watering, just pouring down my face. I couldn’t catch my breath.  My head was pounding.

I took some Robitussen cough medicine. I think it was the nasty cherry version. But in a half hour, cough had stopped.  Directions say don’t take any more than four doses in a twenty-four hour period. That would mean it works for six hours.  It worked for five and a half. I took a second dose. 

I’m not coughing much in the day when I’m in an upright position, so I’m not worried about taking it when I’m awake. 

But damn, I hate colds.

01:25 PM - 09/14/2009

The topic: I have a heat press

I used to sell shirts, but never sold very many of them. But I use my press each October for the annual Disney meet.

This year, the guys have an option of a pocket tee, instead of having the same one us ladies wear.  Brian has always had the pocket tee and he felt that the guys should have a choice.

There won’t be as many of us this year.  But being the way I am, I wanted to make sure I had enough shirts, with a couple left over in case I screw up.  I’ve got one shirt where I printed the front graphic upside down.  It happens.

I only have one pocket tee, I need more and I need a larger size.  And I need more of the larges that don’t have pockets, I’ve only got two left.  So, I figure I’ll call up the place that I usually order from.  Shirtwholesaler.com.  In the past, I could mix and match sizes, and if the total is at least a dozen, I’ll get a discounted price.

I ordered 12 Large White 5280s.  And I ordered 4 XL White 5290 and 8 L White 5290.  Not that I needed that many, but because I’ll most likely be using them in the future and since I’ll be getting a discount for the dozen quantity, I’d be foolish not to go for it.

Here is a screenshot of the website’s pricing:

So, for a dozen of the plain shirts (5280), they’ll cost $2.38 each.  The 5290s will cost $4.00 each. Right? Is that not how you read it? 

I placed the order this weekend, you don’t get an invoice right away, but they send you one.  The phone rings.  “We no longer carry the 5290s, we have the 5190s instead.”  Okay, how much are those?  “$5.26 each.”  I figure Brian will use them eventually, so I okay the substitution.

Then I get the email with the final cost.

Holy crap!

$135.53?  For two dozen teeshirts?  WTF?!?

I call them up.  I was told that I didn’t get a discount on the 5280s because you have to buy a carton to get the discount. (I was charged $3.98 each shirt; looks like that is a special color price, but their website was down when I was on the phone.)  I told her “cancel the order, I’ll go to Wal-Mart”.  Then I went online and did some research, found another internet store,  jiffyshirts.com.  I compare pricing.

Okay, there’s no discount until you order a hundred bucks worth.  Hmm.  Let’s see, the 5280, what does that cost?  What? What!?  $1.92 each?  Why, that’s a savings of (counting on fingers….) $2.06 per shirt! 

Let’s see the other one….don’t find that exact shirt, but here’s a 6.1oz Hanes Pocket Tee, tagless.  $3.55 each.  The ones I ordered from shirtwholesaler have tags (bothersome at the neck) and I was getting charged $5.26 each (which does match their website and does include a discount for ordering a dozen).  And it’s a savings of $1.71 per shirt.  And I don’t need to order a dozen to get this price.  I only order nine of these and ten of the other.  Because I don’t need to justify buying a dozen to save money, right?

No sales tax.

Overnight shipping?  $3.96.  The order should be here by eleven tomorrow morning.  Shirtwholesaler.com was charging me $14.95 for shipping.

So, my bottom line is a savings of ($135.53-55.04) $80.49. 

Wow.  Am I ever glad they screwed me. 


      Tuesday, September 22, 2009

09:13 AM - 09/22/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #148!

I know I haven’t been posting much here, but since it’s been so blasted hot,  I end up shutting this computer down and using the laptop in the family room, where it’s much cooler.  And it doesn’t run as quickly as this computer, it doesn’t have the applications this computer has, so I don’t do as much on it.

All the doors and windows are open to get as much of the cool morning air in as possible before I close the house up before the predicted heat hits.  The red flag fire warning began at 9:00 this morning, about fifteen minutes ago. 

Anyway, I do have a tummy for today, it belongs to little Potter Pot Pie.

click for a larger pic

Isn’t he just adorable and isn’t that tummy just asking for a human nose to be rubbing on it?


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      Saturday, September 26, 2009

02:59 PM - 09/26/2009

The topic: Open letter to my utility companies

Dear San Diego Gas & Electric (a Sempra company) and Helix Water District,

You suck.

You tell us to “cut back”, “cut back”, “cut back” and we do.  And what do you do?  Because everybody is “cutting back”, you’re not selling as much gas, electricity and water, and because your overhead is the same, but you aren’t getting as much money, you raise our rates!

Here’s an idea.  How about you, SDG&E, take a little less of those record profits you make and drop our utility rates?   And you, Helix Water District, how about you cut back by not getting the best and brand spanking new equipment for a couple of years and have those people driving around in Helix vehicles not get top of the line and go with cloth seats.  Yeah, get an am/fm radio and air conditioning, but forget the power windows and such.

And give us a break on our rates.

Our gas and electric bill was $496 for July-August, $509 for August-September.  Our water bill just got here.  We were down in usage almost ten percent from last year. And our bill (two months) is $437.66.

SDG&E and Helix Water District?

You suck.

Sincerely yours.


06:01 PM - 09/26/2009

The topic: Remember we got the whole house fan earlier this summer?

Well, Brian started doing research on a water filter for the house since the delivery water has gotten so expensive ($9 a bottle) and the water man often runs out before he gets to our house.

Our refrigerator has an icemaker in it and you can get water and ice from the door. We haven’t used it in years because there was a leak in the line in the family room. Brian said he’d fixed it, I didn’t remember that, but sometimes I don’t remember things. But I swore up and down the way he fixed it was to just turn the water to the frig off (the line ran in the attic: from the garage, over the family room, over the dining room, over the kitchen to the corner where the frig is). Well, the filter he decided on got here last week or the week before and his project started yesterday. He had the great idea of setting up a water line in the garage, which will be great when I feed the cats at night and we can get rid of the water bottle out there. He even built a shelf for me to work on.

He needed to put a splitter or whatever you want to call it on the line to the frig. He got that installed this morning and went up into the attic to make sure there was no leak in the family room. He just used one of those folding stepladders to get up there and stood on a bookcase to get up inside. I had to stand on the bottom step so the thing didn’t tip over (I’m sure the manufacturers did not approve this type of use). So, he’s watching the line in the family room and I’m looking into the kitchen. Water was pouring from the ceiling fan/light. I start running around like a chicken with its head cut off, “what do you want me to do?” “what do you want me to do? Water is coming from the light in the kitchen!” I had the presence of mind to run into the dining room and turn off the light switch, killing the power to the fan and light.

Brian was still in the attic. He made his way down and I said “I turned off the power to the light”. I followed him into the kitchen and he’s standing there. I said “see?” And he looks. I said “look at the water!” He doesn’t see it. Then, he does. His eyes get really big. He looks down at this huge puddle on the floor. He runs into the garage and turns off the water to the frig.

There was some swearing. He took down the ceiling fan and set it on the counter. Then he went back up into the attic to find out exactly what the problem was. I heard him swearing up there. He was up there a long time. (I made use of having the fan down, I washed all of the blades and the light bulbs and the glass around them. And I cleaned off the rest of the fan.)

When he came down, he was filthy. And he said “I can’t fix it today. I can’t get through to the kitchen.” The opening is only 18” and he ain’t gonna fit through that opening. But he saw the problem, the connector isn’t connected.

So, we went shopping. He bought a roll of 100’ of tubing at the local True Value Hardware store (Payton’s in Lakeside; we went to Home Depot, but they only had 25’ sections; the guy was very helpful….“you can use these connectors….”) so there will be no connectors in the attic. And he doesn’t have the right saw here, that’s up in Ranchita. He’s going there tomorrow to water the trees, he’ll bring it home with him and finish this job Monday.

I think the ants in my bathroom yesterday were a sign of bad things to come…..

      Monday, September 28, 2009

08:36 AM - 09/28/2009

The topic: Prayers for Skipper

He’s very under the weather this morning.  He was fine last night, but he’s hardly moving this morning.  When I put out morning kibble I thought it strange that he wasn’t right there for some and I started looking for him, found him in the meatloaf position by the pool. 

We went for our walk, when we came home, he still wouldn’t respond to me.  So, I brought him in and put him on the bed where I can watch him.  I gave him an amoxicillan and some ferrum phos (a homeopathic remedy for fever and inflammation).  I worry about him because of his FIV+ status.  That compromises his immune system and he has a much harder time dealing with the things that cats deal with.

If he’s not somewhat better tomorrow, I’m taking him to the vet.

03:29 PM - 09/28/2009

The topic: Doncha just love it

When there’s a charge on the credit card and you know damned well you haven’t set foot in one of those stores for years, nor have you purchased anything from them online?

There was a charge from Petsmart for almost fifty dollars on the credit card.  Of course, it couldn’t have been Brian, there’s nothing he needs at Petsmart.  All of our pet purchases are bought at a mom and pop petstore or CostCo.

I call Petsmart to dispute the charge.  She says to make a police report.  I said I’d just file a claim with the credit card company.

I can do this online.  I start it, get to the list of what’s been charged, say I don’t recognize it and it comes up with the Petsmart in Santee.  What?

Before I finish, I call Brian.  “Did you charge something at Petsmart last week?”  “Yes.” “What?”  “This doggy door I’m putting in…..”

“The next time you go someplace like that and charge something, would you please let me know so I don’t make a fool of myself?”


He’s not on my most favorite person list right now anyway (I hate that he lets people just walk all over him), this sure doesn’t help.

      Tuesday, September 29, 2009

09:07 AM - 09/29/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #149! (and a Skippy update)

I have to admit, I just love this face....

click for a larger pic

I really, really do. I took that minutes after I got a picture of his tummy, my sweet little Skipper.  He’s feeling much better this morning.  I think he might have had a couple of different things going on, he’s been sneezing and I think he’s got a little anal irritation.  I saw some stool yesterday that I believe to have come from him (it was fresh and he was the only cat in the area) and it had a little blood at the end.  Not an uncommon occurance around here, due to the bugs they eat, the lizards they eat, the birds they eat, the grass they eat, even passing fur can sometimes cause this. And he passed some pretty noxious gas.  koff koff

Anyway, he ate almost a half of a can of Fancy Feast yesterday afternoon, then he drank some water, then went back outside. When it was time for kitties in, he went into the bedroom and just laid on the bed. Still not completely comfortable, but he did look better.  Brian and I had filet mignon and salads for dinner and I cut some of my meat into small bite sized pieces and brought it in to Skip on the bed.  He liked it, ate every single one. 

When we went to bed, he left the bedroom and went into the office where I saw him eating kibble. Then he drank more water and came back to bed.

He’s not completely back to normal, but he’s getting there.

Thanks to you all for your good wishes, prayers and healing thoughts.  I really do love this guy, I can’t believe how much I worry about him.

click for a larger pic


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

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