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      Tuesday, August 04, 2009

09:36 AM - 08/04/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #145!

And I got this of the big guy, Marco, yesterday.

click for a larger pic

He was out rolling around on the patio.  Earlier he’d been playing with a beetle.  It’s nice to see a big cat play and not just lay around.


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      Sunday, August 09, 2009

12:48 PM - 08/09/2009

The topic: It’s been so hot

I haven’t been back in the office much.  As a matter of fact, I set up the computer with the usual three cameras yesterday to reboot, which turns off the cameras, upload the final pictures, then shut down for the day.

I’m hoping this helps keep the office cooler (not running the computer did seem to help when I went in there in the evening) and drop our electricity usage. 

And I’m okay using the laptop in the family room. It doesn’t put out nearly as much heat and out here, I’m more aware of housework that needs doing or kitties that need some attention.

12:58 PM - 08/09/2009

The topic: Cats under the weather

Bobby hasn’t been feeling well.  He’s always been on the small side, but I was concerned that he seemed to be losing weight.  His fur was shiny and his eyes bright, but he’s just been a little off.  I hadn’t seen him eating and I tried giving him some canned food and he half assed licked at it, then walked away.  I started him on amoxicillan and yesterday thought maybe his stomach was upset (I saw him eating grass) and gave him a quarter of a Pepcid AD tab in a gelcap. Yesterday afternoon, he was feeling a little better and I got him to eat a very small amount of Hill’s A/D food.  Today, he’s feeling a bit better, actually jumping on the counter wanting more to eat.  I gave him another Pepcid, it won’t hurt him, but could help keep his tummy settled. 

I was so concerned Friday, that I told Brian if he didn’t start eating I’d have to take him in, which I really didn’t want to have to do since Bobby does not travel well at all.  But whatever was going on with him, it seems to not be so bad today, I’ll keep watching him and giving him food on the counter until he’s back to eating dry food.

Oliver has also been acting strangely.  Today, he just seemed so hungry so I gave him his own can of food in the bathroom.  He’d already eaten half of one, and wanted more.  He ate about half of this, then came back out to the family room.  He stood on the coffee table and his head started this twitching, a familiar twitch because Mickey has done it and I’ve got meds in the frig for it.  It’s some sort of crud deep in the ear canal.  So, I gave Oliver some of that. He wasn’t happy, but right now, he’s sleeping soundly on the loveseat, doesn’t look as nervous as he did earlier today.

I hate it when a cat isn’t acting right.

      Tuesday, August 11, 2009

09:29 AM - 08/11/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #146!

This morning I was emptying my cameras' memory cards and found this sweet picture of Miss Elizabeth sleeping in the family room window in the afternoon sun.

click for a larger pic


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

09:43 AM - 08/11/2009

The topic: I’ve been watching Pancho

and he has a slight limp, favoring his right front paw. It looks a little swollen to me.

We’ve found him at the top of the back door a couple of times, when it’s opened all the way and it’s a long jump down.  So, I’m thinking maybe he sprained it jumping down.  If it’s not better next week, I’ll be taking him in to the vet to have it checked.

09:46 AM - 08/11/2009

The topic: Jackie, the husband

I know I’ve mentioned before how if you could attribute human traits to the cats, that Jackie and Katie would be married.  And the past few years I’ve realized that they’d be old style Mormons, with the addition of Little Bit as a second wife.

Well, yesterday I was in the family room, watching Jackie walk across the tile into the living room area.  Katie was fast asleep on the top of the kitty center that Brian made years ago, the center that has baskets and blankets and towels for soft sleeping. There is a big pillow on the top and it’s a prime spot for a cat.  Anyway, Jackie saw her and started trilling and talking to her.  I watched her open her eyes and look down at him.  He kept talking, she sat up, and jumped down. 

Then I watched him walk across the tile to the garage door, Katie by his side. 

Later, I saw Katie, Jackie and Little Bit all lazing on the cement at the side of the house, outside of the garage.

And I’m thinking his relationship with Little Bit has her mellowing towards us humans quite a bit. If he’s around, she just stays put when we walk by, watching carefully.  Observing how she’s finding new places in this house after all these years, that there’s more to it than just the living room and bedroom. She saunters across the family room like she’s done it for years.  When I feed the cats at night, she hangs by the open door.

I like these changes.

09:57 AM - 08/11/2009

The topic: I heard from my mom again

Well, not directly.

But it was in a dream and someone walked up to me and handed me a box, similar to a jewelry box.  It was black leather.  I opened it up and it was filled with beads.

And the woman said to me “your mother said it’s time for you to start beading again”.

If you remember, I quit last year after doing something to my right thumb that made it almost inusable. I think I did it packing up her place. It’s been almost normal for three or four months now and I’ve thought about making stuff, just didn’t have the will.  Now I do.

I pulled my bead cart into the family room yesterday and looking at what I’d been working on before it became too painful to do so, I was amazed at how nice some of these necklaces and earrings are.

I was telling one of my friends about it yesterday and since I suck at marketing, she’s going to help me.  Way cool!  My store site doesn’t get much exposure, that’s my fault, I know it doesn’t.  I’d rather bead or take pictures than market. Maybe by this time next year lvdesigns will be a cool thing to wear.

      Saturday, August 15, 2009

07:58 AM - 08/15/2009

The topic: For review “Delgo”


When a rebellious boy forms a forbidden friendship with a spunky princess, hostilities between their two kingdoms escalate, setting the stage for an exiled Empress to exact her revenge in Delgo, debuting on DVD August 4 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Starring a talented voice cast including Freddie Prinze Jr. (Scooby Doo), Jennifer Love Hewitt (“Ghost Whisperer”), Val Kilmer (The Doors), Chris Kattan (“Saturday Night Live”), Kelly Ripa (“Live with Regis and Kelly”), Anne Bancroft (The Graduate) in her final film appearance, Lou Gossett Jr. (An Officer and a Gentleman) and Burt Reynolds (Smokey and the Bandit) among others, Delgo takes place in a magical world where two civilizations, divided by fear, and two hearts, guided by love, have one chance to save their world. With the help of a devious traitor and two bumbling servants, an exiled Empress (Bancroft) kidnaps the Nohrin princess (Hewitt) and frames a Lockni teenager, Delgo (Prinze Jr.), for the crime, igniting a war between their people. Desperate to clear his name and rescue the princess, Delgo and his faint-hearted friend Filo (Kattan) join forces with a disgraced Nohrin commander (Kilmer) to prove Delgo’s innocence, rescue a princess, reveal a traitor, end a war and unite the peoples of the land before it’s too late.

I watched this yesterday.  I don’t remember having heard anything about it when it came out.  I don’t remember ads on television for it.  I don’t even know if it did play in theaters or went straight to video.

I wish I had kids or grandkids to get a different perspective on it, but honestly?  I didn’t care for it at all.  The animation was clunky. The best animation was the wings.  The storyline was okay, it had a message to it as so many kids movies do. 

It just really reminded me more of a long Saturday morning cartoon than a full length feature film. Truthfully, I thought I’d like it more because of the actors voicing the parts, but it just didn’t do anything for me.

Unless you’ve got kids or grandkids, my advice is to pass on Delgo.

      Wednesday, August 19, 2009

08:19 AM - 08/19/2009

The topic: Note to self

The next time you think you want to go to Disneyland to see something “special” during the summer and you make reservations months in advance, make sure that the day you go up isn’t the first day of the lifting of the blockout dates for the cheap APs (the less money you pay for your passport, the more blockout days you’re hit with…).  Most of the APs (annual passports, did you know there are 800,000 plus?) have the summer blocked out.  From mid-June to mid-August.

The blockout was lifted on Sunday.  The same day we arrived.  Sunday and Monday it was a zoo. And the reason we went up, to see the new Fantasmic dragon, well, the dragon (they call him Murphy) has been down since the first week of the new show.  A disappointment to say the least.

When we went Monday morning, we headed to Big Thunder.  Down.  Then to Pirates.  Down. Then to Tomorrowland.  Star Tours. Down.  Buzz Lightyear.  Down.  The Matterhorn wasn’t running.  And it was wall to wall people.  We had breakfast at the Riverbelle Terrace, then left for home.

All in all, a disappointing trip.

09:07 AM - 08/19/2009

The topic: One great thing about getting home

And there are so many, because I truly believe there’s no place like home….

Gilligan is back!  After being gone for months and months and months! There was some concern that he’d been hit by a car and was no longer alive, but Brian and I had seen him a couple of times on our walks.  Now he’s back here.

I hope he stays here and hides in the juniper on OUR bank, like KittyMeeze does at night.  I hope he doesn’t want to cross the street anymore. 

And don’t start saying “why don’t you bring him in?”  Because it would be too hard on the both of them to dump them in an environment with all these other younger, stronger cats.  Just pray he stays out front.


Well, he didn’t stick around, I watched him walk down the street and around the corner.  I found it odd that he moved to the middle of the lane when he passed the juniper on the corner, where so many cats have called home throughout the years. Might it be because Notwally lives there on occasion and Gilly just isn’t up to defending himself?  I just don’t know.

Anyway, I was able to get a couple of pictures of him while he was here (I took them through the bedroom window).  Since he didn’t move much, I’m only posting one, they’re all pretty much the same. I noticed that he has the same profile that Lonee Gail had.  And he’s also got that same black spot on his nose that she had, the one that would go away for a while, then come back.

click for a larger pic

I also got a couple of KittyMeeze. His tail is normal now, remember how worried I was that it was broken and would cause long term health problems?

click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic

11:40 AM - 08/19/2009

The topic: Some new photos of Pancho

Isn't he stunning?

click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic

06:45 PM - 08/19/2009

The topic: Brian says “don’t take the picture!”

But how could I resist?

click for a larger pic

He's got Richie, Daniece, Miss Elizabeth, Oliver and Potter (at the end) visiting him.

      Thursday, August 20, 2009

10:22 AM - 08/20/2009

The topic: Unbelievably, I’m still

drained from the overnight trip to Disneyland.  Well, I admit the week before I did a lot of cleaning, pulling furniture out from walls and washing the floors underneath, thoroughly vacuuming the cat trees, but still, this seems like a long time recovering.  Maybe because I’m not doing anything to get my blood moving.

We haven’t walked at all this week (if you don’t count all the walking Sunday and Monday) and I really should start riding my exercise bike again.

So, I’m going to take a shower, get dressed, then go shopping!  Doesn’t that sound like so much fun? 

We need dry cat food, we need milk and wet cat food and hot dogs and cheese and bread and potatoes and avocados and and and and….

Santee, here I come!

Then I shall lay down on the sofa and sleep some more. 

cwm33 <----that's me without the little stream of drool at the side of the mouth....

03:53 PM - 08/20/2009

The topic: :Facedesk:

I made it all the way to Santee without a problem.  Before I left, I made sure I had the UPC symbols and sales receipt from the last two bags of Felidae kibble we got.  Because the car was in the shop, we took the truck.  Brian had put both in the car, so that was good.  I saw that if I bought three more bags of kibble, we’d get a free one.  Nice.

And I mentally figured out which ATM card to use at the pet store and WalMart (needed fabric softener, neutra air refills and a non-chlorine bleach powder).  DH is working a little more, but it’s still not steady, so juggling bank accounts is still one of my jobs.   I made sure I had my eyeglass prescription (found out Sunday night the transition lenses I got are not really comfortable for night time vision, work great as sunglasses) because I needed to get a new pair of glasses to wear over my contacts.  (I explained all of that in an entry last month.)

All set, get to the car, get behind people who have nothing better to do but impede my progress, it’s part of the “annoy the hell out of Dianne” conspiracy.  The traffic light gods weren’t particularly stinky today, must have other people they hate more than me, which was alright with me.

I get to the pet store, tell them how many bags of food I wanted, they were carried to the front counter, the card filled out, total rung up and I reach for my wallet.  It’s not there.  I left it at home.  Argh.  Just argh.

I said “I’ll be right back” and I left.  Went home, still had a fairly easy drive, got my wallet and went back to Santee (this time, the traffic light gods took notice of me and let me barely reach the lights and they’d turn them amber….rat bastards).  Paid for the cat food, headed over to WalMart, was annoyed (that conspiracy again) to see that they didn’t have Biz in stock, ended up with Purex.  Then over to CostCo.

Found an acceptable pair of frames, not really sure if I care for the design on the side, but I really liked the way they felt on my fat head.  Didn’t look like little tiny glasses with the arms stretched to the limit, they looked like they were made for me.  Got those ordered, then did my shopping and came home.

And this time, the traffic light gods went a little easier on me and I didn’t have a lot of morons to deal with. You know, the people who go 30mph in a 45mph and there are no other cars around but you.  Behind them.  Of course.

Got everything unloaded and now have my feet kicked up.

Oh, another sucky thing. We have our water delivered, Silver Springs. We’ve had it delivered since we bought this place.  Brian’s folks got it so he just continued the tradition.  Well, it’s up to nine bucks a bottle now and we go through about two a week.  And the next delivery was supposed to be yesterday.  We ran out of drinking water yesterday.  Brian’s fed up.

He’s now looking for a small home filtration system.  He wants to put it in the garage and have it run to the frig, so the water will be cold. And we can make our own ice cubes again.  That should save money, once it’s paid for itself.

      Friday, August 21, 2009

03:56 PM - 08/21/2009

The topic: Well, that was fun

We had some major thunder rolling through a while ago.  Cats were pretty scared, I shut the windows and doors, just leaving the sliding door to the patio opened just a little bit.

Daniece sat under the coffee table and just growled. I think she’s under the loveseat now.  We had a few sprinkles, not much.  We really need rain. Looking at the radar, there’s a lot of green off of the coast.  I hope it comes inland.  We’re over five inches below normal for this year.  Rain is needed.

      Saturday, August 22, 2009

08:47 AM - 08/22/2009

The topic: When I was at CostCo

the other day, I needed to get bread.  I got a two pack, whole wheat, split top.  And then I saw this other bread that just the name started me salivating.

It was Milton’s Blueberry bread. I bought a loaf.

When I got home and everything was put away, I opened it and ate a piece.  Didn’t toast it, didn’t butter it, just ate it.  And it was good.  So good, I had another piece.  I’ve done very well at limiting myself.

So, I tell Brian when he got home “hey, try that bread, it’s really good”.  He tried it. He liked it.  He said it tasted like blueberry muffins.

Last night, after our sad dinner of tortilla chips with melted cheese and refried beans (he’d been thinking about making tacos, but got home too late and the corn tortillas hadn’t defrosted completely; but truthfully, I do really like the tortilla chips and cheese, could eat that a couple of times a week for meals), I caught him eating blueberry bread.  I asked him “are you eating two slices at a time?”  He said “yep”.

I had to laugh.

08:52 AM - 08/22/2009

The topic: We’re having typical August weather

this year.  So far, this is the only month that’s doing what I expect from the weather.

The spinning low pressure is bringing up the monsoonal moisture from Mexico. Of course, by the time it gets here, it’s all over but the shouting.  You know, the thunder?  We had a few sprinkles overnight, might have scattered showers this morning.  It’s cloudy, but there is blue sky. 

It’s not hot, it’s 69° outside, 76° in the house (should go turn on the whole house fan), but it’s as humid as hell.  I just got done wiping down the office floor with vinegar. Not the whole floor, just the bad areas where the cats like to spray (I really need to take this room apart and clean like I did the other rooms last week), and I was dripping like a leaky faucet.

I kind of like this weather when it’s not in the 80s or higher.

09:10 AM - 08/22/2009

The topic: Dear members of the neighborhood Feral Cat Killing Coalition,

Let me take this time to let you know how happy I am to hear that the rats and mice are ruining your stuff.  You know, the desert toys you keep outside, your boats, your campers….

I only found out in the past year that it was done and who was a part of the trapping. 

And having the mice and rats kill your stuff?  Good.  Just good.

You fuckers. I loathe each and every one of you.  I’d love to put a ad in Craigslist for people using mice and rat hav-a-heart traps to bring their catch over here and let them go in your yards.  And that’s surely one of those things that would come back and bite me in the ass.

So, I’ll just sit here and laugh as nature runs it’s course.

By the way, did you know that we don’t have many mice and rats in our yard?  Wonder why.

10:16 AM - 08/22/2009

The topic: Happy happy joy joy

Looks like I have to go back to Santee today.

Earlier this week, when I was getting the last cat in, there was a young possom walking along the fence.  Now, if you’re familiar with possoms, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you aren’t, let me explain.  Their coats aren’t really thick.  You can see their skin easily.  And I shined the flashlight up at this possom and saw a chin and neck loaded with fleas.

When I went inside, I remarked to Brian that now I know where the cats get fleas.  And I made a mental note “have to apply Advantage soon”.

So, this morning, Brian’s sitting at his desk and he’s petting Charlie. And he picks something off of Charlie and exclaimed “that was a flea!”

I’ve started the Advantage administration, but I only had four big dog vials.  I’ve gone through two and a half already, I’ve done eleven cats.  Looks like we lost the smaller cats and now have heavier cats who need the full dose. Of course I won’t be able to do all of the cats, like Little Bit or Jackie.  But when the fleas jump off of them onto a new host, they’ll die.

I don’t want to leave the house. I told Brian (who’s headed up to the property right now) and he said “would you go to CostCo and get the stuff that’s on the list?”  What stuff!  I was just there two days ago!  “Oh, this and that, you know….”

Sigh. This is so much fun.  It’s just a happy happy joy joy experience.

      Tuesday, August 25, 2009

07:34 AM - 08/25/2009
I'm listening to the whole house fan, the vornado fans, the ceiling fans...

The topic: I’m melting, I’m melting….

From my weather page. we're the "western valleys" "near the foothills" area (http://weather.lisaviolet.com):

Tuesday...Patchy early morning low clouds and fog in the western valleys with local visibility one quarter mile or less at Times...Otherwise mostly sunny. Highs 85 to 90 in the western valleys to 90 to 95 near the foothills. Light winds becoming west 15 mph in the afternoon.

Wednesday...Mostly sunny. Highs 88 to 93 in the western valleys to 92 to 97 near the foothills. Light winds becoming west 15 mph in the afternoon.

Thursday...Mostly sunny. Highs 85 to 90 in the western valleys to 94 to 99 near the foothills. Light winds becoming west 15 mph in the afternoon.

Friday...Mostly sunny. Highs 85 to 90 in the western valleys to 93 to 98 near the foothills.

Saturday...Partly cloudy in the morning...Becoming mostly sunny. Highs 86 to 91 in the western valleys to 94 to 99 near the foothills.

Sunday...Partly cloudy in the morning...Becoming mostly sunny. Highs 83 to 88 in the western valleys to 90 to 95 near the foothills.

Monday...Partly cloudy in the morning...Becoming mostly sunny. Highs 78 to 83 in the western valleys to 86 to 91 near the foothills.

Right now, it’s 74° in the office and 65.5°. I’m working on lowering the temp in the house with the fans so it will be nice and cool when I close the house up later.

It was so hot yesterday, the pool pump stopped working a couple of times.


08:15 AM - 08/25/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #145!

Today, we have a candid shot (aren't the all?) of Spotty stretched out on the bed. I love how it's like he's always lived here.

click for a larger pic


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

08:17 AM - 08/25/2009

The topic: View from the front yard

click for a larger pic

A little closer:

click for a larger pic

It looked like Marco got so loose, limp and relaxed up in the bedroom window, that he rolled over between the big pillow and the windows.  It didn’t seem to embarrass him to be caught like this at all.

08:34 AM - 08/25/2009

The topic: This guy does this every night
And I've learned to walk around it when I get the cats in:

click for a larger pic

      Saturday, August 29, 2009

08:54 AM - 08/29/2009
I'm listening to Sleepy Tigers - Her Space Holiday

The topic: Catchy tune

Do you ever hear a song on a commercial and really like it?  Not a song you remember from your past, but a song you are not at all familiar with? 

Like the HP commercial that had the Kinks song “Picture Show”?  I downloaded that album because I liked that song and even though the Kinks were the kind of music I listened to in my formative years (lol), I’d never heard the song.

Well, Cox Communications has a commercial where someone is giving a surprise party for someone.  I think the gist of the commercial is this person got her SO cable service or upgraded cable service with a high def television.  He comes in and it’s “surprise!”

There’s also some cute little CG things running around, getting everything set up. And I fell in love with the background song.  Did some research, found it.  And right now, you can download it for free from various places on the internet.  If you want to hear it, just click on the “what I’m listening to” link at the top of the page.

Oh, you can see the lyrics here.


      Sunday, August 30, 2009

09:07 AM - 08/30/2009

The topic: Mystie has a mouth problem

Last night, I was petting her, scritched her chin, the rubbed her cheeks.  She ran off.  I was able to get her to come to me again and I tried to look in her mouth. 

I saw that her top right canine tooth was dark brown at the bottom.  She ran off and wouldn’t come to me again until this morning.  I haven’t looked in her mouth today, I’m keeping my fingers away from it, since I know there’s a problem and looking at it won’t make it better.  I tested her with an empty pill pocket, she was able to get it in her mouth and she can chew okay.  So, then I gave her another with an amoxicillan in it and she ate that with no problem.

Ideally, Clincamycin would be the best for her and I’ve got some, but it’s very foul tasting and I need to be able to get her when I take her in to the vet.  So, I started her on the weaker antibiotic.

I spent a lot of time this morning looking at her face, trying to see if her face looks swollen.  It does, around her nose. 

I know that family has a history of tooth problems, Richie and Daniece (who are Mystie’s nephew and niece) have both had teeth pulled. So, I’m hoping that’s what the problem is and it’s not something horrible like Pepper had.  I hope the swelling is just from infection, not from a tumor.

I’ll call the vet tomorrow morning and see how soon they can take her in.  The earlier the better.  Keep your fingers crossed for our snarky, bitchy little Mystie.  Thanks.

      Monday, August 31, 2009

08:05 AM - 08/31/2009

The topic: Cats and the cloak of invisibility

You know what I’m talking about.  When a cat goes missing and you know they’re around somewhere?  Yet they aren’t in any of the normal hiding spots?

We’ve had record heat here. I’ve been shutting up the house in the morning before it gets real hot outside, to keep it cool.  A couple of days, I even ran the air conditioner.

Saturday was miserable.  It didn’t cool off until late, late into the evening.  I usually open up the house when the sun goes behind the hill, because it cools considerably once there’s no sun.  Saturday wasn’t like that.  There was only a small window when I opened the house up to get the cats in.  Almost all the cats were in, a few remained outside. Unfortunately, one of those cats was Little Bit. 

I tried to get her in, corralling her if you will, but it didn’t work.  Brian stood guard at the door, and bless his heart, he’s good at opening the door to let a cat run in, but he doesn’t have the knack of not letting cats out.  Twice he opened the door and twice Little Bit avoided the door and each time a cat got out.  I finally said “the hell with it, she can stay outside”.  And I got the remaining cats in for the night.

I saw her early yesterday morning.  I don’t remember if it was when I opened the doors to let the cats out or later. But I do remember seeing her and I do remember opening all the doors earlier than usual and I do remember going back to bed.  I don’t remember seeing her the rest of the day.

Of course, it was a hot day, the house was closed up.  But mid-afternoon I started to look for her with no luck.  Brian had left early for the property (to change out the pump on the windmill) and when he called around 7:30, I told him I couldn’t find her. 

Now, I was 99.5% sure she was still in the yard or in the house.  I was worried, but I wasn’t scared, if you can understand the difference. I wasn’t in panic mode, I just wanted to get a visual of her.  But Little Bit is called Little Bit because she’s so, well, little.  And she can be places and climb places that the other cats can’t because she’s so small and lightweight.  I’ve seen her in trees that the other cats have no chance of climbing.  She could fit through the openings on the original fence modification. She’s just a tiny cat.

I left the door open for her.  And the other cats took advantage of this, they liked being outside in the cool night air.  Not something they usually get to do.

Brian got home and he went outside and looked around.  I said “it’s your opinion she’s still here? She didn’t leave?” and he said “she’s stil here someplace, you know how cats are, one minute they’re there, the next minute they’re gone. She’s just got a new hiding place.”

I kept going out with the flashlight and looked in the places I’d already looked. Finally, around 12:30 this morning, I saw her.  She went into the doghouse on the bank. I came inside and laid on the sofa, dozed off for about fifteen minutes, then went back outside.  I climbed up on the bank and looked in the doghouse.  No Little Bit. Came in the house and she was inside.  So, I got the other cats in and finally went to bed at one this morning. 

I got up around five, opened the doors to let the cats out, then went back to bed.

And now, I can’t find Little Bit.

08:44 AM - 08/31/2009

The topic: Dental tomorrow

For Mystie Maggie.

She’s not drooling at all this morning, it must be feeling a little better.  It should be feeling a whole lot better by next week at this time.

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