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      Tuesday, June 02, 2009

08:13 PM - 06/02/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #138!

So, I get the pictures ready this morning, right? And then I forgot all about it until halfway up to Anaheim.  Brian had to pick up some material in the L.A. area and he passes right by Disneyland on his way, so he dropped me off, went about his business, came back and we spent the afternoon together at the Happiest Place on Earth.

So, here’s the latest TT picture.  It would appear that we have a new constant tummy in our midst, once again, the tummy belongs to Spot.

click for a larger pic


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      Wednesday, June 03, 2009

10:05 AM - 06/03/2009

The topic: I woke up with a sore throat

Usually, it goes away after I’ve been awake an hour or so.  Not so this morning.  It still hurts.

It doesn’t help that I’ve cleaned up four places of massive amounts of cat pee, three piles of cat puke (one still warm) and one pile of cat crap.

It didn’t help when I was whining to Brian about not feeling well and wanting a hug while he was holding his cereal bowl.  That didn’t help because I knocked it out of his hand and it smashed to the tile floor and burst into a gazillion pieces. We were both barefoot and this was in the bedroom (he’d eaten his cereal in the office, in front of the computer and was in the bedroom to put something on his dresser on the way back to the kitchen). He picked up the big pieces, I put something on my feet and got the broom and dustpan from the office to sweep and he told me to get the shopvac.  I didn’t because there’s a fine vacuum in the closet right next to the bedroom floor.  I started sweeping a lot of the mess up and he told me again to get the shopvac and for the first time in our relationship, I told him to kiss my ass.

He didn’t like that at all, said it wasn’t constructive.  I said neither was his telling me to get the shopvac.  Then I got the vacuum out of the closet that’s right next to the bedroom and vacuumed up all the remaining (I hope) little shards of glass that remained on the floor.

I still have to empty the dishwasher and put the dishes from this morning in it, I have to clean litterboxes, I have to run the little Electrolux through the house and I should start some laundry.  I really should take a shower because I know that would make me feel oodles better, at least for a little while.

And all I want to do is to lay down and sleep.

      Tuesday, June 09, 2009

07:26 AM - 06/09/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #139!

click for a larger pic

And here’s Opie, caught on camera during a cat bath. In the back, is his sister, Daniece.  I have no idea what caught their attention, but I’m glad it did. 


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09:54 AM - 06/09/2009

The topic: Insurance.  Blech.

I got a notice from our health insurance provider that our rate is going up to $404 in July. 

Brian starts checking other places online.  I like our provider, it’s Aetna.  We have a PPO.  We don’t go to doctors often, we don’t hit ER for sniffles and sneezes.  We weren’t raised that way.  The last time Brian went was when he had chicken pox.  The last time I went was when Charlie bit me and I went to Urgent Care, not ER.

Aetna covers yearly physicals for both of us (which we’ve not taken advantage of) and covers my yearly gyno exam 100%.  And I mean 100%.  I don’t pay anything for the mammogram, the lab tests or the doctor’s visit.  That visit I had last month cost close to $800.00 when everything is added up and I don’t pay anything, no co-pay at all.  Nice.

So, we get rates for Anthem and BC and BS and this place and that.  The agents send these rates to Brian’s email.  Only one doesn’t send the rate.  He wants a face to face meet.  Red flag.  I told Brian “he’s a salesman and that’s why he wants to meet, to high pressure you”.  He ended up coming to the house on a Saturday.  He talked a good story and he left with checks, totaling over $500.00.  A membership in the NASE.  And first payment for the health care. 

After he left, I started comparing policies.  Crap.

I tell Brian “for less money with Aetna, we have a $5,000,000.00 lifetime cap.  This other company, $1,000,000.00 for less coverage.  With Aetna, we have a $5,000.00 cap on prescriptions.  With the other company, it’s $1,000.00.”  We get a lot less coverage for a fair amount more money.  And I told Brian I didn’t care for the hoops we’d have to jump through to get things paid.  I was liking this company less and less each website I checked out. 

The next day (Sunday), I emailed the agent via Brian’s email and posing as Brian, requested the checks back. I said “please mail them back and if you can’t, I’ll pick them up Tuesday.”  We didn’t hear from the agent.  Brian called him Monday and left a message.  “I’m picking up material in the Los Angeles area tomorrow and will stop by your office to pick up the checks since it’s on the way”. 

He calls Brian back “sorry, already sent the checks in, let me see what I can do with the rate”.  Okay, this guy is going to lower the rate to match what we’d pay Aetna. What else could he possibly take out of what little was covered?   Because everything was done with riders.  You want cancer coverage? That will be an extra $$ per month.  You want urgent care coverage? That will be an additional $$ per month. It was like buying a car, but having to pay extra to get an engine and tires and seats and a steering wheel.  All things that should be included in basic coverage, were not.

We already knew we weren’t going to deal with him.  He called while we were on our way up to Disneyland and Brian listened, said “let me think about it”.  There was no thinking needed.  The answer was no.

A couple of nights later, Brian said “put stop payments on those checks; I don’t want to have to fight to get the money back once they’ve got it”.  I did.  At a cost of $30.00 each.  Good for six months.

This morning, the phone rings.  It’s from the NASE.  They want to speak to Brian.  He’s not home. Are you his wife?  Yes.  She tells me who she is.  I told her we didn’t want their service, that I’d sent a message to the agent the next day asking for our checks back. She said “oh, I’m sorry, that hasn’t come through yet, I’ll take care of this”. 

Guess who is very, very glad they spent $60.00 to save months of hassle?

I called our old agent this morning and told him what had happened.  He told me that years ago, the guy who ran that company had called him, asking him if he wanted to be the top agent, overseeing all other agents, in California. Before he accepted, he told the owner “send me a copy of your policy”. The insurance company owner hemmed and hawed, but finally sent one.  Our agent read it over, called the owner back and said “I can’t in good conscience sell this.”  The agent compared HealthMarkets to Shaklee or Amway.  A pyramid company. 

I’m really, really glad we decided not to go with them.  Because you just know something bad might have happened.  And their deductible isn’t on a yearly basis, but a per incident basis.  What you’ve paid out of pocket to reach your deductible doesn’t build up with HealthMarkets.  So, if you have a gallbladder operation and it costs $20,000.00 (I have no idea what it costs, I’m just hypotheticalling number and surgeries here) and you reach your yearly $8,000.00 for the year, the heart attack you have six months later, well, you’ve already paid your total out of pocket deductable. But not so with HealthMarkets. Since it’s per incident, you still have to come up with another $8,000.00.  Of course, I’ve way oversimplified it here, there’s the co-pays, the percentages of coverage and other things to be considered, but there’s that “per incident” vs “per year” basis. 

What a PITA.  You know? Makes my head spin.

      Wednesday, June 10, 2009

02:39 PM - 06/10/2009

The topic: I love it!

I think cooking is one of my joys.  I just wish I could eat more.  *laughing*

Last night, we had salad.  CostCo has these huge bags for under three bucks.  Just your basic iceburg lettuce, carrot and red cabbage variety. Sometimes we have it like that, other times I add to it.

Last night, I added to it.  I chopped up some red onion (nice bite!) and avocado.  We had a bag of pre-cooked sliced chicken breasts in the freezer, which I defrosted and heated up with barbeque sauce.  Tasty.

Added that to the top of the salad.  Brian had ranch dressing and I made my own vinegraitte.  I used red wine vinegar, olive oil, crushed garlic, red onion, oregano, pepper, and lime juice.  My hand blender died. So, before I could finish my lucious salad dressing, I went to Wal-Mart, got a new one (paid twice as much as I expected to, but they didn’ t have just the blender, it had attachments which might come in handy someday…yeah, right), came home and blended the heck out of those ingredients.

Dinner last night was very good. 

Don’t know what I’m going to make tonight, probably something easy, but tomorrow night, I’m going to try my hand at fajitas.  We’ve got some New York strips in there, I might make steak fajitas for Brian and chicken fajitas for me.  I have to make up a marinade and get the meat soaking tonight. Those New Yorks have too much fat in them.  I know they’re supposed to so they’re more tender, but I just do not like fatty beef.  One reason I don’t eat ribs and I’ve quit eating prime rib.  Ribs are too much work to get anything worth eating and with prime rib, by the time I’ve cut all the fat away, there’s not much meat left.  I can thank my maternal grandmother for this. She convinced me when I was very, very young that the fat was actually rubber.  Not something I had or have much interest in eating.  Grosses me out to this day.

Other than that, I just can’t believe how much pleasure I get out of cooking.

      Thursday, June 11, 2009

07:48 AM - 06/11/2009

The topic: Termites

We have termites in Brian’s shop. We’ve got them in the house, too.  In the garage.  We need to have the place treated, but we’ll need to do something without poison.  Because of the cats, we can’t move them all out and have the places tented.

So, we’ve got termites in the house.

We’ve also got them in the plum tree.  They were bad a few years back and Brian treated the tree. Well, I noticed yesterday that half of the tree has no buds or leaves or anything on it. And the hole in the bottom is much larger with all that termite powder below it.  There is no fruit this year. Not that we ever ate any of it.  I’m not big on plums.

Anyway, eventually he’ll take the tree down. And I suggested planting an avocado tree there.  He concurs.  Said “that would be a good place for one”.  Yay!  Avocados I’ll eat.

07:58 AM - 06/11/2009

The topic: Between Brian and the cats

I could use another washer and dryer.


Or 48 hours days.

Or I just won’t sleep anymore.  It’s not like I wake up rested when I do.  Look at all the stuff I could get done if I didn’t sleep.

08:03 AM - 06/11/2009

The topic: I didn’t cook last night

I talked Brian into getting Mexican food.  He had the #5 daily special.  Three rolled tacos, rice and beans and a soda.  I got the tostada supreme, no meat.  It’s a fried flour tortilla, with beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream on half and guacomole on the other half.  I offered Brian half of it, but he didn’t want any. Said he was full.

I stupidly at the whole thing.

At nine last night, it hit me.  The indigestion.  Took three hours to go away.  I felt so crummy I considered putting my fingers down my throat.  I haven’t puked in fifteen years.

Like I said earlier, who needs sleep?

I’m not having breakfast this morning.  No room.

      Friday, June 12, 2009

07:51 PM - 06/12/2009

The topic: They’re remodeling DCA

Some of the stuff is going to be pretty nice, but some of the things they’re doing, I can’t say as I’m too fond of them.  Here are some before and after pictures.

The original Mickey head on California Screamin’. The ears used to have lights around them.

click for a larger pic

The new, not improved.

click for a larger pic

It's just so....plain.

click for a larger pic

The original Sunwheel.

click for a larger pic

The new, Mickey head.

click for a larger pic

I really think the new Screamin' is very, very bland. Not exciting in the least. In a word? Bleh.

      Saturday, June 13, 2009

10:42 AM - 06/13/2009

The topic: I was playing with my camera

And I took a bunch of pictures of myself.  Felt kind of silly, but it was fun and I liked one of them.

I’ve replaced the goof picture of me down below with a more recent one.

      Tuesday, June 16, 2009

09:28 AM - 06/16/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #140!

A tummy not often seen on Tuesday, today we have Miss Elizabeth, snoozing in the family room window.

click for a larger pic


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      Wednesday, June 17, 2009

01:24 PM - 06/17/2009

The topic: Three years ago today

I had an eye exam at CostCo.  Got my first set of multi-focal contact lenses.  And a prescription for progressive lenses.

What are these types of lenses you ask?

The multi-focal contact lenses are interesting.  One lens is for close-up.  For things like reading.  The other lens is for distance.  And the eyes adjust to this.  The progressive lenses, for me, where three in one. The top part of the glass is for distance, say driving or a movie.  The center was for work mid range, like being on the computer and looking at the monitor. The bottom part was for reading.

I bought the first set of contacts at CostCo. There were six right lenses and six left lenses.  Right for reading, left for long distance (this is how I remembered which was which, kind of like how I remember how to set the table; left has four letters, so the fork (also four letters) goes on the left, knife and spoon each have five, as does the word “right”).  The dominant eye wears the distance lens. I bought two pairs of glasses at Wal-Mart, because I didn’t care for the frame selection at CostCo. 

Well, I didn’t wear the contacts all the time. I would have liked to, but I found them bothersome when I was driving, since the left lens wasn’t as strong as it would have been had I just had regular lenses for distance.  Because of the multi-focal aspect, both sides were adjusted a little so that I wasn’t tripping over stairs and my feet and cracks in the sidewalk.  So, things in the distance were still a bit fuzzier than they needed to be and I still had to hold the package a little way away from my eyes to read what it said.  I quit wearing the contacts on a regular basis.  Last month, I decided to give them another try.  And I’d forgotten that I had killed one of the left contact lenses. I think my hand wasn’t completely clean of something and whatever was on it, ate into the lens and it became blurry.  I opened up my little container that had the most recently used lenses in it, and much to my dismay, realized that you do not store your contacts in the case upside down in a drawer.  They were completely dried out.  I looked for the lenses still left from my original prescription. In the box that had the left lens, which with regular use, should have been emptied two and a half years ago, were two lenses left.  For the right, I had three.

I opened one of each and got them in my eyes.  Cool.  Then yesterday, when I was trying to put the left one in, something happened to it.  I don’t know if it got scratched somehow, or maybe ripped. I could see something wrong with the edge when I held it up to the light and I tried rubbing it out a couple of times with saline, but that sucker was really uncomfortable when I put it in.  I had to open up the last lens.  Which left me two fresh right and no fresh left.  I figured it was time to call and make another appointment.  I went in today at 11:15.

Now, I had a scathingly brilliant idea, I just hoped the doc didn’t laugh me out of the examining room.  Because I really like the idea of contacts. It was nice to be able to read something close and look up and read something clearly in the distance.  I explained to him what I was thinking and he said it was doable. And he made the prescription for my right (reading) contact lens a little stronger, so I could read closer. My left stayed the same.  He put a pair of contacts in my eyes. Then, he did a little more testing.

I got what I wanted.  Besides the new contacts, I also got a prescription for new glasses. These will be worn only when I’m wearing my contacts. They will correct the strength of the contact lenses so that I’ll be able to see distance equally well with both left and right eyes when wearing the contacts. They will be for when I’m driving or going to the movies or walking around Disneyland.  He kind of didn’t get why I wanted to do this. Which makes me think he’s never worn makeup with contact lenses.  (I didn’t wear makeup today, because it’s a PITA to deal with contact lenses and makeup.  At least it is for me.  My routine is shower, scrub face, then when I’m out of the shower, put on wrinkle crea

anti-aging lotion (we used to call it “wrinkle cream” way back when I didn’t need it), wash my hands thoroughly, put lenses in, then put on my makeup.  When I take the lenses out, then I take the makeup off.) He asked “why don’t you just take the lenses out and put your glasses on when you go to a movie?”  Doesn’t that sound so simple?  Well, number one, I really don’t want to have to mess with taking my lenses out at a movie theater, then put them back in after the movie.   Number two, I don’t carry a purse.   Number three, I don’t want to have to wear glasses when I’m out shopping or whatever.  Just have the glasses on when I’m in the sun.

My eyes, distance wise, haven’t changed since my first prescription, back in the early eighties; I can still see fine with those glasses, the sunglasses I have in my car and in my truck are the same ones I’ve had since 1988.  I’ve got a clear set and a set of transitions from the nineties that still work well.  And the progressive lenses I got three years ago still have me seeing clearly.  The only change since my first pair is I need something for reading. I’ve probably got over twenty pairs of reading glasses throughout the house. In my bathroom, here in the office, in the family room, in my jewelry drawer, in the cars…I even got some pretty nifty reading sunglasses at peeperspecs.com for when I’m down by the pool. 

Anyway, I got my prescriptions.  I went over to the eyeglass center at CostCo and actually found a pair of frames I liked.  I bought two of them. One as sunglasses and one as transistions, so I can wear them indoors or out.  I don’t know how those frames will look with clear glass, I guess I’ll find out soon enough. Now that I think of it, they might look dorky.  Oh, well. *lol* I also bought new contact lenses. 

Total cost today was a little over three hundred and fifty dollars.  It cost me over four hundred just for two pair of glasses three years ago at Wal-Mart.  That didn’t include the cost of the contacts or the eye exam.  Today’s did. I wish CostCo had had frames I liked three years ago.

Oh, and if you need glasses or contacts and you’re a CostCo member? Get your prescription filled there.  Earlier this week, when I realized I had no more left lenses, I checked 1-800contacts for my prescription. Baush and Lomb SofLens multi-focal. It’s $327.92 for an eight box order ($327.92/16=$20.49 per lens).  Today, at CostCo, for those same lenses, I spent $69.74 ($69.74/12=$5.81 per lens).  Big difference and well worth the trip to CostCo.

Oh, and remember the reason I had to go to begin with? Because I ran out of left lenses?  The doctor gave me two.  So I’d have two full sets of replacement lenses. Wasn’t that nice of him?

      Sunday, June 21, 2009

12:31 PM - 06/21/2009

The topic: How are you with friendships?

I’m not real good at maintaining them.  I think it has to do with my childhood. You know, having no brothers or sisters and moving every two and a half/three years. I never kept in touch, just found new friends.

And, even though I’ve lived in the same twenty mile radius since my dad retired here to San Diego, I still don’t have any local friends, beyond Brian. I was friends with the neighbors for a while, but one started nagging me about the trees every time we talked (I told her to take it up with Brian, but she just kept on my ass about them; what did she expect me to do, threaten to divorce him if he didn’t cut them down?) and the other one started to smother me.  She’d come over here and just wouldn’t leave. I’d have work to do and she’d just hang around.  We’d still visit occasionally.  When they built the garage in the back yard, we had their dog for months because their yard was open.  They gave us one small bag of dog food and NEVER visited their pup.  When the fence was back up, they took her back.

I asked her once if she’d check in on the cats when we went up to Disneyland for the night. She said she would. She didn’t. She asked if I was mad, I should have been honest and told her “yes”, but I just said “no, but I wish you’d let me know you didn’t want to do it, I’d have made other arrangements” and pretty much quit talking to her.  My cats are my babies, don’t try to teach me a lesson and put their safety on the line.  It wouldn’t have taken fifteen minutes of her time.

I’ve made some online friends, and become good in real life friends with a few of them.  But I notice that I still do the same thing that I’ve done my whole life. If I feel smothered, I’ll walk away. (At one of the Disney meets, when I was in a bad mood and wanted a little space, one followed me to the restroom to make sure I didn’t go back to the hotel and leave the group; she waited for me outside - smothered, the end!) If I feel like I’m the only one making any effort to keep the friendship going, I’ll walk away when it finally dawns on me.  People grow apart, I understand that. I respect that.  If I feel like the only time someone has any time for me is when they’re bored, I don’t put much effort into keeping it going.

I’ve got a couple of friends now that I consider good friends.  We don’t talk on an everyday basis, but I know if there was anything I ever needed, they’d be right there for me. And I’d be there for them, should they need my help.

I like that.

05:27 PM - 06/21/2009

The topic: Looking through my

“supply” closet this morning, I found a bag with something interesting in it.  It was my first digital camera!  A Hewlett Packard and that thing is HUGE!  The pictures it took were smaller than a meg, if I remember correctly.  The glass on the little screen in the back is broken, I vaguely remember that, but don’t remember how I did it. I even had extra memory cards in the bag.

But that was pretty neat to see. I showed it to Brian and he laughed at how big it is.

After that camera, it took me a long time to be convinced that digital cameras would ever catch on, because the quality of the picture was so bad.  *lol* Boy was I wrong.  And I’m glad. I heart my digital cameras, that’s for sure.

06:16 PM - 06/21/2009

The topic: There are some movies out

that I’d really like to see.  And instead of just hoping we can both go see them (Brian’s schedule isn’t written in stone), I figure I’ll just go alone. Because some movies just seem to be more fun on a big screen. I’d like to see Hangover and Night at the Museum and Up in 3D.

Brian doesn’t work tomorrow, so I think we’ll go see Up tomorrow morning.  I’ll most likely go watch the others by myself, but that’s okay, I’m there to watch a movie, not visit, you know?

      Monday, June 22, 2009

08:55 AM - 06/22/2009

The topic: No movie today

Brian didn’t make it up to the property this weekend and didn’t get the trees watered. Since he’s going to be busy all week with work (yay!), no time the rest of the week to get up there and do it. Today was the only time he had. 

He wouldn’t be back here in time to head on over to the theater, so we’re going to try for next week. 

Besides, there’s an auditor coming Wednesday for workmen’s compensation and I have to get the house decent. It does help that I keep up with it more regularly than I was.

11:09 AM - 06/22/2009

The topic: I was on the phone

to Disneyland and Rachel just kept meowing and meowing.  For those of you who check in on the catcam during the day, you’ll be familiar with her little tortie tabby face.   She considers the chair her’s.

And if she gets up to eat or go outside or for whatever reasons she gets up and another kitty takes her place, she doesn’t like it.

She talks and talks to you, complaining about how unfair life is.  She’ll even sit by it at times and look up into it, just so you know what the problem is.

I just pick her up and give her lots of smurgles until she squirms to get down.

      Tuesday, June 23, 2009

08:53 AM - 06/23/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #141!

Sunday evening, some kitty puked on the middle of the bed. Well, not quite middle, it was over to my side.  Since we didn’t get to bed until eleven, I didn’t feel like stripping the sheets and changing the covers. It was in a spot that I could easily avoid (the solids were easily removed, but there was a lot of watery type stuff that went through the fabric).  I put a big heavy towel between the sheets so it could soak up the mess and keep my legs from that area.  Icky, I know, but when you’ve had as many cats as long as we have, some things just don’t bother you as much as they used to. If it had been pee, it would have been a different story.  I would have slept on the sofa.  *lol*

Then yesterday morning, before we got up, Mystie full on peed against the headboard on Brian’s side of the bed, soaking the top corner of his pillow. Obviously, yesterday turned out to be a bed clothing laundry day. I stripped the bed of everything but the mattress pad and washed it.

Bart and Spot didn’t care.  Spot didn’t mind at all, as you can see by his stretched out, snoozing body.

click for a larger pic


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      Tuesday, June 30, 2009

07:14 AM - 06/30/2009

The topic: Ponderance: Thoughts about Michael Jackson

Okay, so Michael Jackson was, at one time, a very talented artist.  There’s no denying that.  He was a very talented artist for many years.

But then, for whatever reason, too much money, too many fans, too much pressure….too much of everything, I’d venture to guess, he cracked. Something snapped.   He bleached his skin (I never fell for the medical explanation), he ruined his good looks with too much plastic surgery (there’s that “too much” phrase again).  He used his money to change who he was and it backfired.  His life became something of a freak show. He moved to the planet Pop and declared himself king.  From his child molestation charges, his children (who can forget him dangling the baby over the balcony?), just his entire life became one big “ewww, how creepy”.

Then he died.  Did he die young?  I don’t know, it certainly seems to me that he lived more in his life, freaky or not, than I ever will, even if I lived to be five hundred years old.  Celebs are coming out of the woodwork about what a great guy he was, how he’ll be so very, very missed.  I saw interviews with people on the street “where were you when you heard the news?” type of questions.  My reaction to this was “WTF?” The radio stations have his music back in rotation now.  And I wonder a couple of things.

Before his death, when was the last time you heard any of his music on the radio?

And if you’ve got albums or CDs of his, before his death, when was the last time you listened to them?

I’ve got a couple of his CDs and I have no idea how long it’s been. 

I won’t miss him. For me, his candle blew out a long time ago. He lived a life of excess and now it’s done.  There is no more.  His music will live on, his videos will live on, but they’ve been around for a while now. There has been nothing new for years.

I only hope his children can now live a “normal” life.  I hope they don’t become the center of a new media driven freak show.

Goodbye, Michael.  I pray you finally find the peace in death that you spent a good part of your life searching for.

06:09 PM - 06/30/2009

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #142!

Better late than never and I got the perfect opportunity for a great tummy picture this afternoon.  After much “come on, Skippy, roll over, you can do it ” (I knew he could do it because he was doing it before I ran into the house to grab the camera), hd finally did it.

And here we have today’s tummy!

click for a larger pic

Nice belly, eh?


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