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      Tuesday, October 03, 2006

07:20 AM - 10/03/2006

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #11!

click for bigger pic

Today's belly model is Mystie Maggie, the queen of the house (or so she thinks).


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05:06 PM - 10/03/2006

The topic: I think
I think I could eat sour cream by the spoonful.

      Wednesday, October 04, 2006

08:02 AM - 10/04/2006
We found nothing on our walk this morning

The topic: Lisa’s recheck

It was on Monday and I’m just now posting about it.

The vet was pleased with how well she’s doing. He had me look in her mouth, while he held it open.  She did lose a lot of teeth!  And where the teeth used to be, it was bright red.  He said this was good, the redness was localized, not streaming down into her throat like when she was first taken in. He feels that she’ll do well with a course of prednisone and he believes that will resolve the problem once and for all.  In some cats, it never goes away, but he thinks Lisa can beat this.

She’d gained 14 ounces since the surgery, that’s almost a pound in ten days!  She’s sure feeling better.

I take her back in on the 17th for another recheck, to see if the prednisone is holding off the immune system (which is what stomatitis is, an immune system gone out of control).

08:10 AM - 10/04/2006

The topic: l-Lysine
Remember my wondering about powdered l-Lysine, which would make it easier for me to give to the cats? Well, I did a search and came across some made just for pets! VET Solutions Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder, 600 grams And they like it! I add it to their food at night!

08:30 AM - 10/04/2006

The topic: Cat food

We’ve been feeding Felidae for a while now.  Last month, when I opened a can from a new case of the pink label food, I noticed chunks of carrots.  Hmmm.  They used to really like this flavor, more than the yellow label food.  Not anymore.  They scarfed down the yellow label and ate the pink label, but there was a substantial amount left over the next morning.  Felidae had obviously changed the formula.

Last month we started KittyMeeze on Wellness.  At first we got the little cans, three ounces?.  That wasn’t enough, so I got the next size up, six ounces or thereabouts.  It was nice because there were eight different flavors of the Wellness.  And the label stated “no grain”, which is a good thing.  Cats are carnivores, not grainivores. 

And the inside cats went nuts when we opened a can of the Wellness for KittyMeeze.  So, I decided to start feeding the Wellness to the inside cats.  When I went shopping Monday, I got a case of Felidae (yellow label), told the store owner that we’d get one more case of Felidae, because it will be free.  And that we were switching to the Wellness.  He warned me that Wellness has no free offers, but I don’t care, if it’s better for the cats, I’m all for it.  At this point, we’ll still be feeding the Felidae dry, but that might change in the future.

I really like the variety and I’m sure the cats will too.

      Saturday, October 07, 2006

12:09 PM - 10/07/2006

The topic: Can you help?

This was in my email:


"I love watching your web cams, and have enjoyed reading your story. Please keep up the good work. Since starting to watch your cats, I have found 5 new stray kittens. One about 4 months old the others about four weeks old. All are healthy and friendly. All need forever homes and I don't want to just take them to the shelter. Can you help me find them homes?"

These kittens are in the Boise, Idaho area and if anybody reading this wants to take in one, or two, or three, or more, please let me know and I'll contact Lorraine with your information.

12:45 PM - 10/07/2006

The topic: Damned spambots

I just left a message on one of their contact forms.

Is there a way to stop your spambot crawler from hitting my website? The pages it tries to hit are non-existent, because I had to disable them due to the extremely large amount of spam posted there by spambots.
I've got my robots.txt set to deny most crawlers, but your's ignores this (which is very, very rude). Because these pages no longer exist, your bots cannot post your spam, but your bots still show up in my visitors log. It's very time consuming to weed out the crap visitors (your spambots) from the legitimate visitors.
I'm tired of your insurance/mortgage/gambling/pharmaceutical referrers and would like to know how to shoot your crawlers way the hell into cyperspace.
Thank you.

10:04 PM - 10/07/2006

The topic: Aw, little Potter

We went to WalMart this morning after breakfast and picked up a few things.  When we got home, I put the bags on the coffee table, then started to put things away.  Stupidly, one of the plastic bags fell on the floor and I didn’t think anything of it.  I should have.

Potter immediately hopped over to see what it was and got inside.  The sound freaked him out and he started running.  Boy, was Brian mad at me. 

Potter ran into the living room, into the bedroom, into the garage.  Brian tried to talk to him and calm him down, but didn’t have any luck.  I did.  I picked him up and removed the bag handle from around his waist and talked gently to him and put him on the loveseat.  He looked at me, jumped down and ran outside.  I was glad he hadn’t gone outside while wearing the bag.

I’ll have to be a lot more careful with bags from here on out.

10:08 PM - 10/07/2006

The topic: People who I’d never let have one of my kitty cats

So, we’re back from WalMart, stuff is where it belongs (plastic bags tied up and in the trash) and we decided to walk down the street to one of the neighbor’s who was having a yard sale.  I’d seen one of those big turtle kid’s sandboxes and thought it would be a swell litterbox.  Brian didn’t agree.

Anyway, there really wasn’t much there, but there were two old sewing machines in cabinets.  I didn’t need a machine, but I really liked the cabinets.  You can’t get them like that anymore.  These were real wood, not particle board like the ones I’ve had.  My old one disintegrated from cat pee and my new one is well on the way to being ruined, no matter how often I clean it off.  They were selling the machine and cabinet for $75.00.  I told her I just wanted the cabinet, she said “$10.00”.  That was a steal!

Brian was talking to the man of the house and I chatted with the lady of the house and her kids.  This was the place were Ciara originally came from, another domicile of cat lovers.  Except they don’t love cats the way we do.  They let theirs out at night and let them go free range.  She told me about a really friendly stray, black and white longhair that she fed, but one day the neighbor told her the remains were in their yard.  Coyotes.  I’d mentioned how many we had and that we had a couple of kittens.  The daughter perked up, how old were the kittens.  I just shook my head.  “We’re like a roach motel for cats, they check in, but they don’t check out”.  The father asked if we had any that looked like Bengals.

Sorry, guy, but I’d never give or sell a cat to a home who let them roam.  And didn’t get around to spaying one of their females.  Just not responsible owners.  There’s more to being a responsible owner than just feeding the kitty, ya know? 

Brian and I talked about it on the way home and he totally agreed.

10:16 PM - 10/07/2006

The topic: Speaking of coyotes

The moon must have brought them out last night.  It was horrible.

They started around 8:30.  Yipping and screaming.  The kept it up all night long.  It was so bad, I seriously considered closing the window.  At one point, one of our cats up in the bay window was growling at something outside.  I’d bet my next weeks’ lunches that it was a coyote in the yard.  I have to admit, I was happy to see KittyMeeze here for breakfast.

I hate coyotes.  I really and truly hate them.  I smiled when I saw one dead on the side of the freeway on the way to WalMart this morning. 

I hate them.

10:18 PM - 10/07/2006

The topic: Website crapola

Okay, the postcard portion of my website has been removed. Why? Because I can’t run the cards properly using the hotlink prevention. And if I don’t enable the hotlink prevention, I’m seeing that people are sending my pictures and posting my images on their websites, drawing directly from my site.

I hate seeing something I’ve worked hard on being sent via email, with no acknowledgement of where the picture came from. And sucking my bandwidth while doing so.

Unfortunately, this also affected the gameroom, so this evening, I moved all of the games over to the forum website. I got most of the coding fixed, so the games work, but there are some things that do not work any longer and they have to be removed. That wasn’t a job for tonight.

I found a software that I could open a main folder and it would look in all of the subdirectories to search and replace code. Boy, was that nice.

And in the place of the image that’s being stolen, I’ve made a nice little graphic.  I’m sure it will be a surprise for those who see it.  It’s an advertisement for my sites.


      Tuesday, October 10, 2006

06:45 PM - 10/10/2006

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #12

Click for a bigger pic

Today’s Tuesday Tummy belongs to little Rory.  Doesn’t that belly look soft?


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

      Friday, October 13, 2006

08:32 AM - 10/13/2006

The topic: Posting has been light

I’ve not been posting much because it’s that time of year again.  Yes, the time of year when another year of my life is gone, kaput, left the building.  And as usual, we’ve got a trip planned to the wonderful land of Mickey Mouse, the one and only original Disneyland resort.  We leave next Thursday and the house has to be in order.

It’s taking longer than it usually takes because we went to the Roadhouse Grill for lunch last Sunday and I sat there and mindlessly ate peanut after peanut.  This interfers (badly and painfully) with my intestinal functions.  Sometimes nuts do that to us older folk.  It’s not pleasant.  Luckily, it happened before the trip, not during, like happened a couple of years ago.  I can eat peanuts, especially if they’re covered in chocolate and come in bags.  But a bucket full of peanuts in the shell is not a good thing.  Yeah, they tasted great, I could have eaten lots more than I did.

So far, I’ve gotten all of the cat furniture vacuumed, the floors all washed,  the blinds washed and the equipment covers in the office cleaned.  I should do the windows, they won’t take that long.

The transfers for the shirts are done, I have to cut them out.  Problem is, the blank shirts haven’t gotten here yet.  Boo!

It’s supposed to rain this weekend, too.  Maybe I’ll do the windows later today.

08:40 AM - 10/13/2006

The topic: Bladder infection

Brian alerted me to Katie peeing in his bathroom sink.  It had blood in it.  So, she’s on amoxicillan.

I ordered some more of those Pill Pockets online earlier this week and they arrived in two days.  They are wonderful for cats who won’t be pilled.  Like Katie. I think she’s starting to feel better.

08:42 AM - 10/13/2006

The topic: Is it hot in here

am I a little hoochie mama?

I think Rory is in heat.  It’s affecting all of the cats and it is not fun. The boys are in “there’s a little queen in the house” mode and the girls are busy marking territory.  Like the headboard above my head, urine dripping onto my pillow. 

I called the vet’s office to make the appointment for both Rory and Ron Howard to get fixed the week we get back from our vacation.  I didn’t want the sitter to have to deal with Rory’s stitches.  But he’ll be gone that week, back to work on October 31st. There is a replacement vet for that week, but I’d rather have my regular vet do the surgery.  So, we’ll have to live with this for the remainder of the month. 

Where did I put those Feliway diffuser refills?

      Tuesday, October 17, 2006

07:34 AM - 10/17/2006

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #13!

For today’s Tummy Tuesday, I’ve reached back in the archives, to July 21, 2001.  When Angel was a baby.  What a cheesecake pose!


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

      Thursday, October 19, 2006

10:21 AM - 10/19/2006

The topic: We leave this afternoon

And we’ll be back on Monday, the 23rd.  The cameras have been shut down. 

The cats will have a petsitter taking care of them, staying the night, so all should be well.

See you soon!

      Tuesday, October 24, 2006

07:49 AM - 10/24/2006

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #14!

click for a larger pic

Today’s tummy picture is taken from the archives.  This is Gracie Anne, on top of the old freezer in the garage.  A fine soft belly this girl has.


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!

      Thursday, October 26, 2006

08:41 AM - 10/26/2006

The topic: Da poop looks like poop!

A couple of weeks before we left on our trip, Lonee’s stool started to get softer.  The closer it got to our leave date, the runnier it got.  At one point, it was nothing but brown water, nothing solid at all in it.

I warned the sitter about this.  The night/morning before we left, it dawned on me that it was most likely the food.  We get Felidae and the last bags we got had odd looking kibble.  It looked puffier than before. At two Thursday morning, I got out of bed, got the crockpot out, filled it with water and added four frozen chicken breasts.  I set it on high and by the time we got up Thursday, it was cooked. 

I let it cool off and put the breasts in a ziploc bag and put it into the refrigerator.  I gave Lonee a little bit of chicken and she ate it right down. 

I called the sitter a couple of times a day to check up on Lonee’s stool and the sitter actually went the extra mile by injecting an anti-diarrheal into the chicken, to help firm up the poop.  My big fear was dehydration.  When we got home Monday, there was only one pile of poop in the laundry room.  It was dried out, but it was obvious it had been watery.  After we unpacked and got settled in, we went to the pet store to find a different food.

We bought a bag of Innova.  Lonee likes it, the other cats are pretty much “eh” about it, which is a good thing.  This makes it easier to give to her without other catly interference.  I’ve also started using this in place of the Felidae for the nightly feed.  Since Lonee likes the wet food at night.

This morning, for the first time in weeks, Lonee’s stool was more firm than anything else. There were a few drips around it, but it was looking much better than it had in weeks.

I started walking through the house chanting “da poop looks like poop! da poop looks like poop!”  I even got Brian to go back and look at it. 

If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about.  That feeling of relief that it will be okay.

Lonee’s coming out of hiding now.  We see her drinking from the water bowl in the window and the water bowl on the counter.  It’s good to see her on the road to recovery.

I did call Felidae.  I was told they hadn’t changed the formula, but sometimes cats develop an intolerance to something in the food. They’re going to send samples of their other food to me.  I like Felidae for the cats, they’ve done well on it.  But I can’t have this happening again.

08:59 AM - 10/26/2006

The topic: There’s no place like home

We had a great time on our little vacation.  Of course, with that many people, there’s always a bit of drama.  And, hopefully, we all learn from the drama and choose to do things differently next year.

We wanted to get out of the house by one Thursday afternoon, but didn’t leave until four. That was okay, gave us time to get to the hotel and get ready for dinner.  Unfortunately, the place we’d wanted to eat had the entire bottom floor rented out for a special party.  Turned out to be Herbalife.  But we got seated upstairs on the balcony by 9:30.  And Brian slipped the waiter some money before hand, so we got pretty good service.  We started off with two pitchers of margaritas.  The food sucked, we should have just gone with appetizers, not meals.  They had horrid black beans and horrid green rice.  Nasty, nasty, nasty food, but the margaritas were really good. We went through five pitchers. Afterwards, Brian was wound up, kept jabbering.  We walked DownTown Disney, trying to get him to unwind. We went back to the hotel and I got the internet up for him.  I took my makeup off and went to bed.  I couldn’t sleep, finally nodded off after 2:30.  The rest of the weekend was pretty much like that, until I got on the other side of the bed, the same side I sleep on here at home.  Funny how well that worked. 

Mickey’s Halloween Treat was fun, Brian and I went as farmers.  John Deere baseball caps, red thermals, bib overalls and boots.  Unfortunately, I’ve never thought to stretch out the boot on my bunion foot and I was hobbling shortly into the night.  But I tried to keep up with everyone.

The BayPeople were the best.  They were dressed in Disney character costumes.  Too funny to see those duck butts sticking out. 

Saturday we wore our matching shirts and pinwheels. Saturday night, we closed down two bars.  The Uva Bar in DownTown Disney closes at midnight, so we went to what used to be the Lost Bar at the Disneyland Hotel.  By the time that closed, there were only four of us left. Susan, the very beautiful Tessa, Brian and I.  You know how they always have drunks hanging on one another saying “I love ya, man”?   That really happens.  *grin*

Sunday was pretty kickback at Disney’s California Adventure (had a most excellent meal at the Trattoria), I got to talk to Crush (the tortoise from “Finding Nemo”) and we went on a few rides.  Then we headed over to Disneyland when DCA closed at six, had some nasty pizza (way, way too thick) at the Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. Then Brian and I went on Space Mountain and held hands the entire ride. 


We went over to the Tiki Room, which I hadn’t seen in quite a while.  One part of our group was already in the show. We got on the next.  One of the group was here from Texas with her husband.  She made it last year and talked him into going this year.  Her online name is “Tikky”, which is why I really wanted her to see it.  She loved the show, her husband loved it more.  He got up and started dancing!  She had to pull him down at least twice.  It was a riot.

The last ride of the trip was on the train and we said our goodbyes to our friends.  I sure hope the Texans can make it next year.  They’re so much fun. 

Monday morning we did the shopping we’d planned on doing (gifts for our moms and the sitter’s family) and made it home in very good time.  A little over an hour and a half.

Next year, the trip won’t be for four nights/five days. That’s just too long. And it won’t be on the weekend, it will be during the week.  When the parks are not so blasted crowded and they close earlier.  And with the earlier closing, we should be able to get to bed earlier, get up earlier and get to the parks earlier and ride more rides.

      Friday, October 27, 2006

09:21 AM - 10/27/2006

The topic: Lonee poop

The Lonee poop is normal!  It’s good!  It doesn’t look weird at all!

Woohoo!  This is a great thing to see when it’s looked so nasty for weeks.

09:23 AM - 10/27/2006

The topic: I broke this journal yesterday

I broke it real bad.  I tried adding the included forums, because I paid for them and might as well get some use. 

But I did something wrong along the way and it took over three hours for one of the experts to fix it yesterday.  He told me “don’t EVER do that again”....

I would promise, but I don’t know exactly what I did.  But at least it’s up and running now.

I have to change the look of the forums, so it still might be a while before they’re up and running.

09:26 AM - 10/27/2006

The topic: Fixit surgeries have been cancelled

There’s something going on with Rory.  It looks like she’s having a hard time swallowing.  She’s eating okay, but then she kind of gags or coughs.  It might be her adult teeth coming in.

I started her on amoxi this morning, wrapped in a Pill Pocket.  She ate it right down.  But if this doesn’t help, of course we’ll be headed to the vet.

12:37 PM - 10/27/2006

The topic: Nestles’ cookie dough

We bought a jug of this for the sitter, but she didn’t make any cookies at all.   My mother-in-law mentioned making cookies for her oldest brother-in-law (Brian’s father’s brother) and Brian said she said that Lou was getting really thin.

I just cooked up the entire container of cookies (got burnt once).  We’ll keep some here and send the rest over to his mom, who can share them with Lou.

My opinion on the cookies?  Not as good as made from scratch.

      Saturday, October 28, 2006

02:12 PM - 10/28/2006

The topic: Cathouse forums


I added a new forum for the cathouse.  The link is above. 

If you’d like to discuss entries in this journal or the cats or whatever, feel free.

You’ll have to register to post.

      Sunday, October 29, 2006

05:41 AM - 10/29/2006
The current weather is Cool and dry....static dry

The topic: Rory update

Yesterday she was coughing and a couple of times coughed stuff up.  Of course I had to feel it for consistency.  Phlegm. 

This morning, she’s sneezing more than couging (so far) so I’m betting she’s got a little kitty cat cold.  Allergies were also mentioned.  With this dry air and strong breezes, it’s quite possible.  She still has an appetite, it would be easier for her to eat if the little vacuum cleaner would leave her in peace, but he smells something yummy and has to make it his very own. 

She played a little bit with her brother last night, but that made her cough and that’s when the phlegm came up.  She’s been getting 250mg of l-Lysine twice a day to help her immune system work this out. 

The poor little baby girl.  She just feels so punky.

05:51 AM - 10/29/2006

The topic: Lonee update

She didn’t poop at all yesterday.  But this morning, there was a good sized pile in the laundry room.  The majority of it was solid, with a small amount of thick gravy like stuff.  I’d like that gravy like stuff to go away.

We went to the pet store yesterday and got a bag of the Felidae chicken and rice for the feeder in the dining room.  The other Felidae will be used in the other feeders, the two small ones in the garage and the big one in the office.  It was strange, the cats hardly ever ate from the one in the dining room once we set up the one in the office.  When the one in the office would be almost empty, we’d just bring the one from the dining room in here and put the other one out in the dining room and fill it, so the older food got eaten first.

The cats don’t mind the Innova Evo, but they don’t like it as much as the Felidae (I can tell by the occasional piece of kibble in the bottom).

I’m curious how Lonee’s stool will be tomorrow.

05:56 AM - 10/29/2006

The topic: Heartburn

Those cookies gave me bad heartburn.  We went to breakfast yesterday morning, then mid morning I had a cookie.  Just one.  Within the hour, I had sharp pains in my chest.  I recognized them as heartburn (I’ve gotten them off and on since teenage years).  I took a Zantac 150, drank some water with baking soda in it to make me burp (and get rid of the gas in my intestines).  That helped. We didn’t eat until late and after dinner, I had three more cookies.

Within the hour, the heartburn was back.  I told Brian to get rid of the cookies, take them over to his mom.  He said “but if they make you sick…”  No, they won’t make people sick, just me.  There is something in those cookies my system complains about, it does not like.

I think I’ll stick with homemade.

06:23 AM - 10/29/2006
I'm watching the Weather Channel

The topic: Poll!

I wish it stayed standard all year long.  I wish it didn’t change at all.

Read more about it here.

06:32 AM - 10/29/2006

The topic: What to do?

I’ve still got about three quarters of a ton of laundry to do.  I haven’t gotten back into a routine yet.  Last year, after our Disney trip, I needed a lot of time to decompress.  This year doesn’t feel like that at all. 

I just wish I could get my butt in gear and do that darned laundry.

Maybe I’ll do it today.  Brian left early this morning for the property.  That’s how he decompresses, he goes up there and works on his tractors or works the land.  It’s been too dry to work the land, all it would do is kick up a bunch of dust, so he’ll probably look for dead mice in his trailer and work on the equipment. 

When he left, he took the cookies.  I hope he dropped them off at his mother’s, although it was pretty early (the time changed this morning, you know).

In bed, I could hear him tossing and turning, I asked if he was awake, he said “yes”.  I suggested he get up and take his shower and get going.  He thought that was a good idea.  I got up, too, and made the bed.  Then I went to the freezer and took out a roast and put it in the crockpot on high.  Tonight, we’ll have roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy and peas for dinner.  The last ten roasts I cooked ended up in his lunch.  I thought having one for dinner would be nice. 

So, he’s gone, I’m here by myself.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of interference on the satellite dish.  AWACS and radar.  San Diego is a military town, Navy and Marines.   It’s very irritating.  The picture and sound keep dropping out.  I think I’ll watch some DVDs today, ones he wouldn’t be interested in.  Or maybe I’ll sit in my rocking chair and read.  Or maybe I’ll dork around on the internet all day.

I should really do laundry.

I can’t find my contact lenses.  I wore them to Tortilla Joe’s on Thursday night and I know I packed them when we came home.  But I don’t know where I put them.  Maybe I’ll look for them. 

Maybe I’ll go back to bed.  *yawn*

07:56 AM - 10/29/2006

The topic: Ponderance

Why do commercials use 70s music for background so often?

Is it because so many of us relate to those tunes?  Is it because they were so good?

      Monday, October 30, 2006

07:16 AM - 10/30/2006
We found nothing on our walk this morning

The topic: Reflecting on the recent trip

Thinking about Mickey’s Halloween Treat, it was okay.  I don’t want to do it again.  It was really more for kids.  There are a ton of treat stations, where they hand out candy.  Some of it good, some of it crap.  If it wasn’t chocolate, it was crap.  I remember sitting in front of Screamin’ with some of the other members of the group, going through my treat bag and pulling out the candy that was crap and putting it in their bags.  And some of them gave me real candy, chocolate, in return.

My butt really didn’t need all that chocolate, but I finished the last of it Friday.

I think having the places that serve alcohol open would have made it a lot more fun.

A few margaritas would have made the bunion pain disappear.  Margaritas are magic.

07:21 AM - 10/30/2006

The topic: Scratching my head over Lonee

Well, her stool has gotten progressively runnier since we’ve been back.   One day of perfect was it.


I’m wondering now if it’s the wet food I put out at night.  Process of elimination again.  It would be much easier if we had just the one cat.

07:24 AM - 10/30/2006

The topic: Rory

Watching the progression of her cold has been enlightening.  It hit her just like they hit me.

First the sore throat for a couple of days.  Then the coughing up of phlegm.  Now, she’s got a full on head cold, sniffles and sneezing.  She looks so sad.  But at least, she’s not resting with her head fully extended now. And she’s sleeping more soundly.

Good thing I canceled her spay surgery.

07:26 AM - 10/30/2006

The topic: Yesterday was not wasted

I did one load of laundry and put the rest away. 

And USA network had a “House” marathon! Ten episodes.

I watched.

08:11 AM - 10/30/2006

The topic: Kitty Movie Monday

Potter has finally found a playmate in little Ron Howard.  The loud noise that ends the play is my butt hitting the barbeque grill. 


Be sure to visit the original Kitty Movie Monday over at Laurence Simon's TBIFOC.


This movie was made with SwishVideo

08:51 AM - 10/30/2006

The topic: Wah!!!

Lonee just pooped again.  Up on one of the cat beds.  It was ba-a-a-ad!  Crockpot is out, frozen chicken breasts are cooking as I type this. 

Then, Bart starts coughing, I check him out, he’s puked on the sofa!  Wah!!  And the pillow!  Bigger wah!  Somebody, call the wahmbulance!  Take me away!

Three new loads of laundry in less than ten minutes…..

Boohoo boohoo!  Poor me!

09:34 AM - 10/30/2006

The topic: Sad news


We went to CostCo Saturday and they had NO sour cream! 

Oh, I want sour cream.  I want to make baked potato soup!  I add more cheese than their recipe calls for and Brian says it’s delish.  The first time I had it was the Carnation Cafe up at Disneyland and liked it so much I decided to make it here at home. 

The recipe was in one of the cookbooks I got from AllRecipes.com and I tweaked it a little.  Last week, Brian told me he liked mine better than the one at Disneyland.

To borrow a line from Marie Barone “that’s because mine is made with love”. 

Gosh, I’d sure like a big spoonful of sour cream right now.



11:50 AM - 10/30/2006

The topic: “The network with the least dropped calls….”

You sure couldn’t prove it by me.  Calls drop like crazy when I call Brian at work and at Disneyland, there were a couple of cells I couldn’t even connect to before losing the connection. And one of those cells was also on Cingular.  I could call one partner’s phone no problem, but I couldn’t call the other.  Even when they were standing close to one another.

Anyway, I contacted Cingular this past weekend when I couldn’t get through to Brian.  This was their response this morning:

Thank you for taking the time to e-mail Cingular Wireless regarding not being able to complete calls. I am happy to help you with your inquiry and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Calls not going through or not completing can be caused my numerous factors. Low network signal, high network congestion, and the number you are calling not being connected properly to the network, etc. The best way to avoid this issue would be to turn your phone off and back on often. This gets your equipment connected to the network and registered often. Those that you call that have cell phones should do this often as well to make sure they are connected properly. If the issue is low signal or network congestion, unfortunately, turning your phone off and back on will not help those issues. I will notify the department that works on the website concerning the 404 pages being reached. Please visit our website at http://www.cingular.com for the latest pricing plans, phones and promotions. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. We know you have a choice in the wireless industry and thank you for choosing Cingular Wireless! Sincerely, Ray D------ Cingular Wireless Online Customer Care Professional

So, I guess what I have to do is to tell everyone “hey, keep turning your phone off and on, that shouldn’t use any extra battery power, here in the middle of the Magic Kingdom!”

Yeah, right.


      Tuesday, October 31, 2006

05:48 AM - 10/31/2006

The topic: It’s TUMMY TUESDAY #15!

click for a bigger pic

Once again, reaching into the archives, we find Sammy asleep on the bed.  And a fine Tummy Tuesday model he is.  Soft, silky and oh, so lovable.


If you’ve got a Tummy Tuesday blog entry, feel free to post the link in the comment section or trackback to this entry. And if you put a link back to this page, then more kitties will get to show off their tummies!


07:04 AM - 10/31/2006
We found a quarter on our walk this morning

The topic: Kitten update

Rory seems to be much better, all over her little cold.   She was actually trying to climb into the frig last night, back to normal.

She let me pick her up this morning and hold her on my shoulder.  She purred and gave me her little “meows”. 

This is very nice.

07:06 AM - 10/31/2006

The topic: And then there’s Lonee

Well, she had some loose stool last night, not as bad as earlier in the day.  And this morning, it was still loose, but more of it was formed.

Last night, I didn’t put any of the wet food/water/dry food mix in the dining room, where she eats.  We’ll see if that could have been the cause of her problem. 

I don’t like to see blood in it, because that means her little colon or bottom is getting pretty irritated.

08:42 AM - 10/31/2006

The topic: Ya gotta love a guy

who announces to the entire world that he likes cats. And just like my favorite boy blogger, he describes himself in the third person.

That third person thing is kind of fun. Go ahead, let the voices in your head have their own turn!

08:57 AM - 10/31/2006

The topic: It works!

Tired of cleaning cat pee off of the counter multiple times a day and also cleaning the stuff off of the stove, I stationed a couple of those SSScat things in the kitchen. 

It is annoying when they squeal and spit when you walk by or have work to do (I just turn them to the wall), but it’s nice not having copious puddles of piss in the burners and in the counter corner, where it’s really hard for me to reach (being short is such a joy at times).

So, the humans at the cathouse give the SSScat canisters two thumbs up. The cats, on the other hand, would just as soon piss on them. But they aren't gonna try! :agree:

09:06 AM - 10/31/2006

The topic: Lisa is a little lost right now

Marco has been in her chair for over an hour now. She wants it back. After a half hour of circling her chair, she just climbed up to the officecam bed.


10:10 AM - 10/31/2006

The topic: On a forum this morning

some guy who uses the same journal script that I use, posted about Comments vs Forums for his readers.  I posted about what I did this past weekend, adding the forums for anyone who is interested in further discussion about any of the journal topics.  Fly bys can just comment, then leave, no reason to register or take it further.

Then he says that the problem with the fly bys is that he doesn’t get their email addressed to send them site updates and information.  What? 

My little head voice started screaming “SPAMMER!  SPAMMER!”  I posted back that personally the only kind of email I like is the email that gives me a delivery schedule for something I’ve ordered.  “News” or “site info” emails are unwanted and filtered directly to trash.  I don’t want them and I won’t read them.  Then a moderator followed up with pretty much the same sentiment I had.  I can just imagine all of the webmasters who read his post thinking the same thing.

It came down to email harvesting, was my gut feeling.

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