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      Friday, July 01, 2005

10:01 AM - 07/01/2005

The topic: If you’re feeling a little squeamish

then don’t click here.

(By the way, the lizard lived, I got it away from the kitty and carried it out to the front yard and released it there.)

10:26 AM - 07/01/2005

The topic: Handsome update

Well, there haven’t been too many Handsome updates lately, so here’s the latest.

He’s quit trying to beat the crap out of the other cats.  It’s been almost a month now.  Even Oliver has quit hissing and trying to smack Hans. It’s really nice, after all the fighting that went on before.

It’s my opinion that the testosterone has finally left the building.  And I don’t miss it one bit.

Of course, Hans hasn’t been feeling all that well, either.  The baytril did the job and I started him on l-lysine tablets, a half a dose at least once a day, which is 250mg.  That seems to be helping his body overcome the cold that won’t quit. 

He still drools a lot, which I hate, especially when I step in a cold puddle of it barefoot, but it’s becoming apparent I’m going to have to get used to it, because it never stops for very long.  Maybe a day or two at the most.  I’ll take the drool over the fights any day, that’s a fact.

And we can always tell when he’s feeling better.  He resumes begging in the kitchen and at the table.


Here he waits for something to drop as Brian makes his breakfast

I like it best when I see him sleeping somewhere, stretched out.  Like a cat who’s comfortable does.

11:01 AM - 07/01/2005

The topic: Pichurs

As you know, I love to take photos of the felines.  Well, some come out so good that I file them away in the filing cabinet in my head under “favorites”.  Here’s my newest favorite of Georgie:


I love the reflection of the sky, trees and mountain in his dark eye.

12:35 PM - 07/01/2005

The topic: Want to hear me sing?
Okee dokee. Turn your speakers on. Then, click here. jesterA

03:15 PM - 07/01/2005

The topic: My cell phone

I got a couple of new blinking/flashing antennae.  One has a cat on it.  Only problem is, I can’t get the old one off.

Anyone have any idea how to replace the old one with a new one?  I’d like to find some way other than a hammer to open the damned thing.


09:15 PM - 07/01/2005

The topic: Well, it’s getting late

The sun has gone down and it's cooling off. Brian and I are both back in the office, on our computers. He's surfing a tractor site and I'm posting here. I got the cats in around seven and we had a dinner of mixed salad with a sliced avocado and ranch dressing. Brian said it was nicer outside than in, so we ate on the patio. He was right, it was nice. DeeJay got his fluids earlier and all we have left to do is to give Richie his meds (I called the vet this morning and we're starting Opie on antirobe as well). The cameras are off for the night and hubby and I are going to watch a movie, something we've started doing on Friday nights. Tonight, we'll be watching "The Incredibles". We haven't seen it yet, but we've had it since the first week it came out on DVD. I like relaxing evenings.

The sun has gone down and it’s cooling off. 

Brian and I are both back in the office, on our computers.  He’s surfing a tractor site and I’m posting here. 

I got the cats in around seven and we had a dinner of mixed salad with a sliced avocado and ranch dressing. Brian said it was nicer outside than in, so we ate on the patio.  He was right, it was nice.

DeeJay got his fluids earlier and all we have left to do is to give Richie his meds (I called the vet this morning and we’re starting Opie on antirobe as well). 

The cameras are off for the night and hubby and I are going to watch a movie, something we’ve started doing on Friday nights.  Tonight, we’ll be watching “The Incredibles”.  We haven’t seen it yet, but we’ve had it since the first week it came out on DVD.

I like relaxing evenings.

      Saturday, July 02, 2005

10:20 AM - 07/02/2005

The topic: Does anything ever strike you as

incredibly funny and you can’t explain it to others because you can’t stop laughing?

I took typing in school, back in the dark ages, before word processing and electric typewriters.  I never finished the course because I was out of school for two or three months. (My back was broken in a car accident when I was sixteen; my parents and I were going camping and I got carsick unless I was sleeping and I was stretched out on the backseat - a drunk driver ran a stop sign and broadsided us.  My parents got out of the car, but couldn’t find me anywhere.  I was wedged on the floor between the front seat and the back seat. Somehow my parents managed to pull me out and minutes after they did, the car caught fire.  Anyway, I had seven thoracic vertebrae that were compressed fractured (I lost an inch in height) and a broken sternum. The drunk driver, who was uninsured and left behind a wife and three small children, was killed.)  But I could still type.  Every job I’ve had since involved typing.  I’ve done it for so long, I don’t even think about it.

But Brian never took typing in school. He’s a guy.  He took shop.

Fast forward to now.  He’s got a computer.  He bought his tractor via the internet.  He did all of his correspondance himself. I showed him how to use his email, I set up his accounts, showed him how to download pictures, resize them and send them as attachments.  I downloaded a spellchecker for his computer, so it would be easier for him.  He was doing quite well for someone who’d never taken typing. With two fingers. We used to laugh when I’d say with some alarm “where’s the fire extinguisher?” and he’d ask “what for?”  “Well, you’re typing so fast, your keyboard is smokin’!”

So, he’s getting more used to the keyboard, still using the two fingers, but he’s faster now, because he’s becoming more familiar with where the keys are.  I doubt he’ll ever be as quick as I am, but I’ve done it for so long, it’s second nature.

Yesterday, he noticed he’d gotten a private message on the forum he frequents.  It was sent on the twenty fifth of June.  Almost a week ago.  It was his first one and he wasn’t clear on what the blinking envelope icon meant.  So, he reads the message and figures out how to respond.  He starts typing.

Every once in a while, he’ll ask me how to spell a word.  Or did he spell it correctly.  And I’ll look at what he’s typed so far.  And it happened yesterday and I just started laughing, I couldn’t stop. He’s going “what? what? what’s so funny?”  And I was finally able to get the laughter under control long enough to sputter out “but I type really slow”.

This made absolutely no sense to him.  I pointed to the message he had typed so far. The last line was “I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you”.  He still looked puzzled.  I still couldn’t stop laughing. Then he put it together.  “I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I type really slow”.

I could see it dawn on him.  Then he started laughing, too.  We both laughed so hard tears were running down our faces.

It feels good to laugh like that.


10:58 AM - 07/02/2005

The topic: The backyard cam remote

Does anyone who reads the journal play with the remote?  For some reason, the past few weeks, that page quits working when I move the camera and I have to reload.  I see that the camera has moved, but it’s not showing on the actual page.

I was just curious if this was happening to anyone other than me.

Also, if you were having a problem with the live feeds on the cameras earlier this week, my ISP had changed my number again.  So, I had to go through and change the code on all five live feed pages so that it reflected the correct IP number.  Sorry about that. I should know by now to check that when that problem arises.

06:05 PM - 07/02/2005

The topic: Wanna see a picture of Brian’s tractor?

The one that we made four payments on before he got it?


He ordered it last January via the internet and he finally got the last of what he’d paid for last week.  I’m glad we’re done with that.  He is, too.

Yep, it’s a Mahindra and Mahindras are red, but they painted his blue to make the sale. And that was part of the reason it took so long to get here.  The weather wasn’t really nice on the east coast at the beginning of the year.

10:29 PM - 07/02/2005

The topic: Ya learn something new everyday…

Today, following links to blogs, I found out something very interesting about my dryer.

Well, this would work for anybody who uses fabric softener sheets in their dryer.

Take your lint filter out and clean it.  The sheets somehow get their coating over onto the filter and it will end up causing your dryer to not work as efficiently or even cost money in repairs, by burning out the heating unit.

There was a little test she said her repairman suggested.  Take the lint filter to the sink and let water run on it.  Does the water run through or sit on the filter in a puddle?  Mine puddled.  So, ya clean it with warm water and soap and a brush.  I did this and it was absolutely horrible.  All sorts of crud on it.

After I was finished washing, which took a while because there was a major buildup, the water poured right through it. You’re supposed to do this about twice a year.

If water can’t go through it, it’s makes sense that air can’t either. 

I’ll be curious to see if Brian’s wash towels have less lint now.  It’s something he’s been complaining about for a while, lint on the vehicles when he dries them.


      Sunday, July 03, 2005

11:23 AM - 07/03/2005

The topic: I must have been tired

Brian left for the property before sparrow fart this morning, taking a Bronco roof with him on the trailer (his brother found one for sale that had all the much needed interior molding that Brian will need when he restores his old Bronco).  I had gotten up at five to let the cats out and he got up at about 5:15.  He wanted to beat the heat up there and he’s got some painting to do and with the way the wind picks up in the afternoon, he felt it was best to get up there early.

I fixed his lunch and he got everything packed and off he went a little after six.  I had eaten a breakfast of cold cereal and I plopped my butt down in front of the television.  It was a little chilly so I got a blanket and put it over me, then I decided to lay down.  I had to move a couple of cats, but they resituated after I was all snuggled in.  I started watching “the Golden Girls” on Lifetime (satellite GB) and fell asleep.  I didn’t wake up until 9:30.  That’s almost unheard of for me. 

It was nice, but I’m still a little logie.  

12:06 PM - 07/03/2005

The topic: You just have to know when to ask

We belong to CostCo. And in late spring, CostCo sends out coupon books that take you through the summer.  The coupons are dated, on a week by week basis. 

Last week, there was a coupon for fifty dollars off on a 19” LCD flat screen monitor.  Now, it’s not the best that you can get, but it’s nicer than what I’ve got.  If we were gazillionaires, I’d probably want something much nicer, but for now, this would be a huge step up from what I’ve got.

My old monitor has had this line running through it for a while.  My old monitor was a 17” Sylvania CRT and it was heavy and it was deep.  Annie used to hide behind the monitor because there was nothing there.  Then I got some new speakers for the old computer and the subwoofer went back there and there was no longer any place for her.  That’s when she decided she could slap any cat that bugged her and it’s working nicely.

But it’s always been hard to work with anything in that corner because of the bulk of the monitor. 


I’ve been asking Brian ever since that coupon was in the book if I could have the monitor.  Everytime we went to CostCo, I go look at it.  He’d go with me and just shake his head.

Brian didn’t think that I needed a new monitor since the old one was still working.  He did say if we took the old one back and got our money refunded (why?) we could get the new one.  Now, I can’t see trying to get money back on a monitor we’ve had for a couple of years, that’s just wrong.  He did it with his fax machine because it never did work right, but the monitor did.  I gave up.  For the moment.

So, the monitor coupon runs out today. 

Yesterday, before we left for breakfast, Brian’s cell rang.  It was his brother, alerting him to the fact that he found the Bronco roof.  Two hundred bucks.  I don’t say a word.  When we got home, Brian cleaned up needles from the street to use on the bank. Then he left to get some hoses for his paint gun.  He had to have them special made and he needed them for today, when he paints up at the property.  Harbor Freight had them for cheap but every single one they had was kinked and when you unkinked the hose, it cracked.  That’s not going to work with any kind of liquid.  So, he had them made. Cost fifty dollars. 

Then he washed the Escape and when he was done, it was time to go shopping.  I took the monitor coupon out of the book and showed it to him.  He said with a sigh, “Okay”.

I got everything switched out last night and today, after I clean the rest of the house, I’m going to tackle the office.  And this week, maybe I’ll pull out my work table and get my filing caught up.  Just so my new monitor looks nice and neat in my corner.  big grin

We are really pleased with the resolution. Of course, I’ll have to order a cover for it. One of the things that I didn’t like is the accompanying instructions say to set the resolution at 1280 x 1024.  Not going to happen.  I can’t see a thing at that setting, so I set it to 1024 x 768.  I checked my stat tracker and that seems to be the most popular screen size that visitors are using.  I used the 800 x 600 for so long that this is a big step up for me.

So, you see, it’s all in the timing.


02:59 PM - 07/03/2005

The topic: Happy Holiday
For a message from the cathouse, please click here.

      Tuesday, July 05, 2005

10:06 AM - 07/05/2005

The topic: Quiet weekend

Brian didn’t get home until almost ten Sunday night because he stopped and got ice cream at my suggestion.  Neither of us had eaten dinner, I had a tuna sammich around 2:30 that afternoon between vacuuming and floormating, didn’t get done cleaning until eight o’clock. 

I just didn’t have time. 

Yesterday, he slept in, then got up and washed his Bronco and I did laundry.  When he was finished washing, he came in and we started watching U.S. park travelogs on the Travel Channel, then he made BLTs for a late lunch. 

So, it was ice cream for dinner last night.

The ice cream he bought was Starbucks, I think.  It was on sale and he got two quarts.  One of Mud Pie and one of Coffee.  Sunday night, I got the Mud Pie and he started on the Coffee.  I had enough before he did and put the remainder of the Mud Pie into the freezer.  He put his leftovers in the freezer when he was done. 

So, I ask last night “You want ice cream?”  He said “sure, but let’s switch” meaning I finish the coffee and he finished the Mud Pie.  I pull them out, the coffee feels MUCH lighter than the Mud Pie.  I weigh them.  No wonder the bum wanted to switch.  There was over 16 ounces of Mud Pie left, only 9 ounces of the coffee.  He just laughed. I laughed, too, as I spooned Mud Pie ice cream into my container of coffee.

The bum.

Brian’s nieces are in town for about nine days and Brian’s mom had called up last week asking if we’d like to go to dinner either Sunday or Monday night.  I said Monday would be better because Brian would probably be up at the property on Sunday.  That was the last I heard of going to dinner. 

Around six last night I asked “so when is your mom going to call about going to dinner tonight?”


Good thing she didn’t, I wasn’t really hungry.

10:45 AM - 07/05/2005

The topic: Lizards

Lizards, lizards, lizards.  To see a lizard, click here

Note, the lizard has no tail.  I wonder if that’s the tail I captured last week?

11:20 AM - 07/05/2005

The topic: It just dawned on me

I don’t have anything I have to do today!  No laundry, house is clean….



11:50 AM - 07/05/2005

The topic: More stuff Handsome likes to eat

11:55 AM - 07/05/2005

The topic: Besides finding a worm and a

grasshopper on my tomato plant this weekend, I also found three little tomatoes! 

I watered it last night with Miracle Gro.

Pepper plant is coming along nicely.

      Wednesday, July 06, 2005

08:53 AM - 07/06/2005

The topic: More stuff Handsome eats
Canned Mandarin oranges, although he doesn't seem to like the juice they're packed in.

06:03 PM - 07/06/2005

The topic: I don’t feel so good

I woke up this morning with a major case of bloating.  I’ve had this problem on and off for years now.  It hit me last year on the first day of our annual big Disney trip.  Not fun.

Even though it was in the mid 80s this afternoon, I was cold.  Right now, my face is burning up and my feet are freezing.  I hate this.

I’ve been sleeping off and on all day and occasionally come back to check my email.  Imagine my surprise to find an email from Cox telling me that I was in danger of having my account suspended because I was using too much upload bandwidth.  I do some checking and find out that the account I’m paying for has a 10GB per month limit.  There’s a daily breakdown for the past week.  At the rate I’m sending files to my websites, I’ll have used 20GB by the month’s end.

So, I check their website, figure I might as well upgrade to the next level.  I call.  “I’d like to add another computer (by the way, I’m paying for two right now and your website says I’ve only got one) and upgrade to the next level.” 

I’m asked if I’m using a router, because they show I’ve only got one computer hooked up.  “Yes, I am.”

“Well, then, you only need to be paying for one computer.”

So, I’m given a credit on that and then they add the charge for the upgrade.  It will end up costing eight dollars more a month.  But I don’t think I’ll be shut down.  I asked if this was just a recent thing (since their phone queue was so long) and she said “yes”.  I kind of laughed and said “I bet you’re getting lots of calls!”  “Yes, we are.” 

I guess they’re trying to catch people using personal accounts for business.  I guess if I was charging to look at the cameras, that would be a business.  But, I’m not. 

Anyway, that was my fun afternoon.

Now, if this darned headache would go away…..


      Friday, July 08, 2005

11:20 AM - 07/08/2005

The topic: It’s time for a new contest

Okay, here are the rules:

—>The story must be based on the picture shown (it doesn’t matter who the cat is)

—>The story must be exactly one hundred words, no more, no less so COUNT!

—>The story must be posted using the comment box, any other type of submission will be ignored

—>The contest is open until this post scrolls off of the main page

—>Don’t forget to include a way to contact you

Okay, and here’s the picture that needs a story….


The winner will get to choose from any of the notecards available over at my store, lisaviolet designs.

Good luck and have fun!

12:13 PM - 07/08/2005

The topic: Richie is at the vet

today, getting that dental.  The antibiotics and prednisone really worked because his breath didn’t reek anymore.

Last night I pulled up all of the food before we went to bed and this morning was no fun at all.  Cats all over the bed, trying to wake us up and be just adorable and loving.  “We love you, mom, see how much we love you?  Would you feed us now?”

This morning I got up around five and opened the doors for them to go out, then went back to bed.  Around six I got up and fed KittyMeeze, started up the computers, turned on the cameras and when I looked at the desk in here, I counted seven cats just waiting.  I figured ‘forget this’ and went back to bed.  Where I stayed until a little before eight.

Cats kept coming in, though and tried to get me up. At one point, Oliver smacked them all off of the bed and Brian smacked Oliver off of the bed.  (Not smacking hard, just kind of pushing him along until he had no choice but to jump.)  He was right back up.

I got up, dressed, ate breakfast, called my mom, found Richie sitting in the hallway, picked him up, told Brian to hold him once he was dressed.  While Brian laid on the bed with Richie on his chest, I got the carrier. And took it into the bedroom, sat it on the bad, opened the door and Richie immediately tried to get away from Brian. 

His cries once in the crate about broke our hearts, he sounded so very sad.

I just hate knowing that he has to go under.  It’s always a scary worrisome thing.

But they should be calling me this afternoon and I’ll be able to bring him home.  I also have to pick up more antirobe, since the one container isn’t enough for two cats.

I hope that this will be the end of this for him.


Well, I called the vet about twenty minutes ago (a little after two) and Richie had some teeth extracted.  *sigh*  I guess some of them were loose and the vet felt it best to pull them.  So, besides antirobe, he’ll also be on pain medication.  Brian was pretty bummed, he said “he’s so young”.

      Saturday, July 09, 2005

07:58 PM - 07/09/2005

The topic: In hopes of saving bandwidth

I’ve made some minor changes to the cameras.  The streaming feeds will now cut off at one minute.  I did this because it’s just too easy to leave the window open, get sidetracked and not watch the live feed.  And in doing so, use (waste) my now limited bandwidth.

The patiocam, backyard cam and officecam now upload at forty-five second intervals instead of thirty second intervals.  And the weather station uploads every fifteen minutes instead of every ten minutes.

I’ll see if this makes a very big difference.  If it does, I might be able to adjust things a little differently.  I don’t think the weather page gets all that much traffic, though.  People might go there to look at the camera, but I don’t think the actual weather stats make any difference to anyone but me.  *lol*

I’ve spent the past few days searching bandwidth monitors and I settled on BMExtreme.  Luigi was very helpful in getting it set up and that made a big difference to me.  I liked the customer support.  I had contacted a couple of other places and they never responded. Their loss.


      Monday, July 11, 2005

02:19 PM - 07/11/2005

The topic: In memoriam

When I first started on the internet, I met a fine lady by the name of Dorissimo. Well, her name was Doris, but Dorissimo was her internet name, like my real name is Dianne, but my internet name is lisaviolet (no caps).

Doris was an upstanding member of the online feline community and she started her own website, eventually getting her own domain, Dorissimo’s Domain.  I remember when she started up at Simplenet after I sang their praises.  I remember when I explained certain things like making the Miva bulletin boards to work, she’d say “I’m too old, I’ll never be able to do this…”  But she did.  She was able to do it, because she was a very smart tenacious woman.

She was also very clever with graphics (she was a Mac advocate).  I remember how I sat here and tried to do some of the stuff she did on her machine and never could get it right (I celebrated when my PC graphic programs integrated layering capability). 

She and her husband Tim had many cats. Doris was able to use the name Opie long before I was and she was so excited to let me know.  The cat she identified most with was Bitsy, who lorded it over all the other cats in the house, having them at her beck and call.  It was a sad day for all when Queen Bitsy went to the Rainbow Bridge, but Doris kept her spirit going on her website. Although the real Bitsy had died, Queen Bitsy lived on. 

I was honestly surprised to find her age.  When she first told me, I thought she was pulling my leg.  When she died, she was in her late 70s.  Her husband, Tim, said she died doing what she most loved, playing on the computer.  (No doubt readying another gala at the Castle.)

If you’d like to leave a message on Doris’ guestbook, you can do so at Queen Bitsy’s Registry.

If you’ve never taken the time to visit her webpages, please do. As I understand it Tim will be leaving them up for all to see.  If you do go, make sure you’ve got lots of time. There is a lot to see. 

Tim requested that if you would like to do something in Doris’ honor, make a donation to your local animal welfare group.  If you would like to send something to their home, send it to:

Tim Edwards
PO Box 138
Morgantown, IN 46160

Any monetary donations will go to pay for Doris’s extensive website.

For those of you who are wondering about the Kitty of the Month Contest  it will still be ongoing.  I spoke with Tim this morning and it is his wish that it not be discontinued.  Maybe it won’t be as well done as Doris did it, but we’ll try. 

Goodbye, Doris.  We’ll miss you.  You were truly a Queen in your own right.  And if there truly is life after, as you believed so strongly, feel free to send a message.  I’ll be listening.

With much love and sadness,


02:52 PM - 07/11/2005

The topic: Cats in the news

Dangerrrr: cats could alter your personality.

Ah hahahahahahaha!

All I can say is "catspit! I ain't no sex kitten."

      Thursday, July 14, 2005

10:29 AM - 07/14/2005

The topic: DeeJay

DeeJay has had a bad few days.  Tuesday, he did something to his front left leg and when he walks, his knee sticks way out to the side.  It doesn’t seem to bother him and it also seems to be getting a little better.

If memory serves me, Boney’s legs did this same thing.  It isn’t affecting how he gets around, so I’m not really worried about it, not right now.

Yesterday, though, he was throwing up and towards the end of the day, he looked really bad.  His stool got progressively worse throughout the day and last night, it was horrible looking.  Very watery, a translucent tan color.  He didn’t have much of an appetite, either.  He usually comes into the office several times a day in search of food and he wasn’t in here once yesterday for food.  When he did come in, I’d let him at the bowl and he’d maybe nibble one or two pieces of kibble, then just stop.

I gave him some flagyl last night and this morning I’ve got him back on Pepcid.  I’m thinking it’s working because he hasn’t pooped since sometime in the night and he just came back here wanting food.

I know one of these times there’s a possibility he won’t “get over it” and I’m steeling myself for that time.  But the bad days haven’t been coming so often as they once did and I’m hoping he’ll be with us for a while longer.

If you get a chance, could you send a good thought his way?

12:44 PM - 07/14/2005

The topic: Caught cha!

Laurence, who keeps so many of us entertained with his isfullofcrap blog, made an interesting entry this morning.

So near and dear to my heart.  Pond scum credit card thieves.  How nervy of them.  I wonder if the jerk who signed up for Asian porn with my credit card called to complain when he no longer could view his favorite channel.

I still haven’t gotten a refund for the two months of service he did get to enjoy.

04:05 PM - 07/14/2005

The topic: Crap, crap, crap, crap

On our walk this morning, I mentioned to Brian that he was sweating.  He looked down and there was more than just moisture on his sweatshirt, there looked to be dried fecal material, diarrhea style.

He said that must have come from Potter this morning. 

Then this afternoon I put some fuzz into the trashcan in Brian’s bathroom and Wally was curled up in a ball next to Brian’s toilet.  I picked him up and his pantaloons were covered with wet feces.

What’s going on here?  DeeJay, Potter and now Wally?  What on earth did they get into?  I gave them all some of the leftover lemon chicken last night, I don’t think that bothered DeeJay because he puked it back up.  But maybe the lemon just didn’t set well in the intestines of these other two.

It didn’t bother Handsome one little bit.

Well, I went to the vet’s office today to get more fluids and needles and while I was there I picked up more flagyl.  I did the dehydration test on Wally and I also took his temperature and he passed on both tests. 

I hate this.

      Sunday, July 17, 2005

11:29 AM - 07/17/2005

The topic: It’s hell getting old

I’ve noticed I don’t have the area of arm movement I once had.  I think that the older you get, you quit using muscles because it hurts to use them. They hurt because you never use them.

A vicious cycle.

The week before last, I had the intestinal pains.  The beginning of last week was too miserably hot to do anything.  I hate having the house shut up, but I had to have the house shut up to keep it from getting too warm indoors.  Our electric bill is astronomical anyway, so I do what I can to not use the A/C, like pulling blinds (we’ve also got blinds on the outside of some of the windows), shutting the house up early, running the attic fans from early morning, the ceiling fans the same and I’ve got one small Vornado fan I run, which I move as needed.

The house is very dark and it’s very noisy and it’s very depressing.  I need light, I need air. And all of that darkness and noise doesn’t do much to offset the humidity, that you need the A/C for and the A/C doesn’t come on until the temperature inside hits 78?.  Last week was very humid.

It started drying out Thursday and Friday would have been a great day to get things done, except I did something to my back and my right butt cheek hurt like hell.  And if I was standing or walking for too long, it started to hurt the front of my right leg.  We went to the chiropractor Friday afternoon, we had originally planned on going shopping afterwards, but we just came home.

Yesterday morning, I felt much better, but as the day wore on, it got worse.  I absolutely HATE this.  Brian is at the property this morning and he’ll be going shopping by himself.  If my back feels up to it later, I’ll straighten out the extra room and Brian is going to start doing the AbRoller again and while he does that, I’ll be using the CardioGlide.  If we do that in addition to our morning walks, it certainly won’t hurt us and I know I’ve got some atrophying muscle groups that can use the additional work out.

I’d love to be in better shape, but it’s so much work.  Eating right is so much work. When I met Brian, it wasn’t.  I had one meal a day.  Lunch.  When I got home from work, I did stuff like clean house or windows or I mowed my lawn.  I kept busy.  I didn’t think about food.  I ate when I was hungry and sometimes I was too busy and I just didn’t eat. 

I don’t think being healthy should be so hard to do.  I don’t think keeping busy should be something I have to work at, I think it should just happen.  It’s not like there aren’t plenty of things to be done.  I think I should just have more energy, it should just be there because I want it to be there. 


01:36 PM - 07/17/2005

The topic: Update

I was paying that “I know I’m going to lose you” special attention to DeeJay Wednesday and then on Thursday with Wally.  Thursday, DeeJay was a little bit better and I figured out what the problem was.  I make Brian’s lunch and he said Monday that he thought I’d be making a roast for his sandwiches.  Heh.  Seven at night, he wants me to cook a roast for his sandwiches.  So, I clean out the crockpot (we had lemon chicken for dinner), get a roast out of the freezer, put it in the crockpot and set it on high.  Next morning, walla, lunch meat. 

At the bottom of the crockpot were all of the beef juices.  I wisely put the crockpot down on the floor for the kitties to partake of this wondrous treat.  Which I’ve been paying for ever since.  DeeJay’s stool looked like brown water, I swear to God.  Thursday it started forming a little better and Friday it looked even better.  More like chocolate fudge pudding that’s set.  (I love my feces to food analogies.)  Wally was doing badly Thursday, it hit late morning, but I gave him a pepcid around three Friday morning (you know how it is when you have a sick pet, you can’t sleep) and he’s doing a lot better, too.  He was actually eating and keeping it down by late Friday afternoon.  I learned a lesson, no more mass quantities of beef juices.

Today, everyone is back to normal.  Well, Potter still has nasty dirty fur, but other than that, he seems to be okay.

      Monday, July 18, 2005

10:03 AM - 07/18/2005

The topic: Whooda thunk?

You can compare apples to oranges.

I’ll be damned.

10:17 AM - 07/18/2005

The topic: Okay, I know it, I admit it, I’m spoiled

Every once in a while, Brian and I have talked about laptop computers. We never looked at them, just kind of talked about what it would be like to have one. 

Well, the Disney hotels all have high speed internet access.  The last couple of times we went, we said “gee, if we had a laptop computer, we could go online”.  Well, I said “if I had a laptop computer….”

A couple of weeks ago, Brian said “maybe we should get a laptop before our trip in October”.  So, the next day, I checked our handy dandy CostCo coupon book and found a coupon for up to $400.00 off of Dell computers online.  I went to the CostCo website, printed out some of the laptop pages they had and decided on a Dell Inspiron 6000.

It shipped last Friday.  I also got a nice Targa case on eBay, a brand new one. 

I’m think I’ll use the new laptop for making movies.  It won’t be bogged down with all of the software I’ve got on this computer and it should work a lot more quickly.  Besides it’s more powerful.  I’ll disconnect my external Sony DVD burner off of this computer and hook it up to the laptop.

I’m really excited!

Brian did say “now, you have to learn how to use the cameras you’ve got”. 

Okay, I can do that.

10:38 AM - 07/18/2005

The topic: Were kids always this stupid?

I don’t remember anyone trying anything so blatantly foolish when I was growing up.

The Pass-out Game

11:08 AM - 07/18/2005

The topic: And the winner

of the last contest is Lia.  I never dreamed it would be so hard to choose a winner, the entries are all so good and creative.

Lia, go over to the lvdesigns.com website, choose a set of notecards and fill in the form and use the payment option as “check” and I’ll take care of the rest.

      Wednesday, July 20, 2005

11:27 AM - 07/20/2005

The topic: White days

Woke up to a fairly nice day, but the clouds are coming in and it looks like it’s gonna be another white day.  Yesterday was a white day.  I think today will be a worse white day.

Along with the clouds, that are thin and high and hiding the blue of the summer sky, comes the humidity.  Right now, at 10:22 by my computer clock, it’s 80.4 outside with a 29% humidity outside, 54% inside?  That can’t be right.  It’s much nicer inside than out.  House is closed up, fans are going.  That’s really odd.  It seems much more humid outside.


Anyway, it’s just one of those days that’s ugly.  I don’t like white days.  I just don’t like them. It’s like walking around in a fog.



11:45 AM - 07/20/2005

The topic: This and that

My back is feeling a little better today.  I overdid Monday and when my sciatica acts up, sitting for any length of time is killer.  My right butt cheek just starts screaming.  Prolly wouldn’t be as loud if I lost some of this excess fat I carry with me wherever I go.  But then it just keeps hurting.  I’ve found that walking like a duck with my buttocks sticking out seems to help a little.  But it isn’t pretty.

I pretty much took it easy yesterday.  My new laptop came in and I waited a while to hook it up, savoring the fact it’s here.  Then I got it hooked up to the internet and plugged into the wall.  I couldn’t get it connected to my LAN.  I figure I’ll just call one of the tech numbers I’ve got.  Let’s see, there’s CostCo, Dell and Microsoft.  I’m sure one of them will be able to help.  I’ve not called yet because I’m afraid I’ll get one of the techs who lives in India or some such outsourced tech place and I won’t be able to understand them and I’ll be here so long on the phone that my right butt cheek will start singing the blues. 

It was nice getting all of the filing caught up on Monday, now I have bills to enter, some to pay and then I’ll be caught up.  Wow, what a concept.  Caught up with my work.  It hasn’t been that way since last year.  I wonder how it will feel?

The work I’ve got won’t even take two hours to do.  So what have I done this morning? 

Well, I washed the dining room window, for one (if you watch the occasional cam, you might have seen me).  I made the bed.  Straightened out the covers on the sofas in the family room.  I’ve got a load of towels in the washer.  I changed the towel covering Brian’s files (cats piss on it).  Got the dishwasher emptied.  Made Brian’s lunch. Took some pictures of a grackle/crow/obnoxious bird in the plum tree and Richie trying his best to get to it.  Took some pictures of the clouds coming in to make a white day. Made the bed.  Washed my dresser mirrors.  Read the newspaper.  Talked to my mom on the phone.  Checked the cell minutes online. Petted some cats.  Cleaned up a nice sizable barf which looked to have a primary ingredient of white fur.  Read Lair’s blog. (The only one I read with any regularity.) Cleaned all of the kitchen counters.  I added the cat whiskers stacked on top of the television in my cat whisker collection bag.  I gave Handsome an l-lysine tablet (he started to drool again). I guess I did everything I could to not have to sit down here do the paperwork.  Which won’t take that long.  *sigh*  I don’t know why I procrastinate about it.

I guess I could go brush my teeth.  And clean the litterboxes. That might give me a few more minutes to keep from doing what should already have been done.

I know, I’ll brush my teeth, get this loathed paperwork off of my desk, then do the litterboxes.  And if my butt cheek is feeling normal, I’ll call tech support.  Wish me luck.  I’m really not good with foreign accents.



12:10 PM - 07/20/2005

The topic: Sick kitty

Well, Walter turned some sort of corner last night.  Yesterday, I was pretty concerned, I had those thoughts of him having some sort of intestinal blockage (think hairball) that was causing him to puke up whatever he ate and pooping out just clear mucus.  The clear mucus brought to mind a fellow, a friend of a neighbor way back when, who loved to go into great detail about his private eliminations after a few days of fasting.

So, I look at what Wally had shat out and I’m thinking to myself “this cat ain’t eatin’, this cat ain’t eatin’ at all”.  This doesn’t set well with me, the queen of what’s there to eat.  I gave him fluids yesterday morning, 120CC.  I also gave him an amoxi pill that he puked up within a couple of hours.


He did eat a little Fancy Feast that I had added water to and pureed with my little handheld mixer.  But he puked that up before too long.  Out of desperation, I started him on ferrum Phos tablets (homeopathic meds) late yesterday afternoon.  My mind just kept going back to a blockage.  And the possibility of surgery to take care of it.  I was getting pretty scared.

So, yesterday evening, he puked twice.  Each time bringing up a little fur.  I checked on him a few times during the night and this morning, he was laying on the condo in the family room.  I tempted him with some of the Fancy Feast I was taking out the KittyMeezer.  He wasn’t tempted.  This wasn’t a good thing, believe me.  I thought he’d been acting a little better yesterday, but turning that delicious little nose up at Fancy Feast did not set well with me.  After feeding Meeze, I got the ferrum phos bottle and shook it.  He looked interested.  I popped a couple of the pills into his mouth.  Then I went into the kitchen to put the bottle away and clean cat pee off of the counter (massive amounts this am).  I went back into the family room and Wally was gone.  I checked the garage, wondering if he was in there puking or pooping out that clear gel poop.  Nope. I came back inside and saw him at the cat feeder.  Cool.  He was eating!  I went back to bed (I got up to let the cats out and feed Meeze) and Walter came in, purring and kneading.  Good sign. Real good sign.  I fell back to sleep with a positive feeling that Wally was going to be okay.


He has been in the office nibbling on the kibble and I haven’t seen him cleaning his butt (which he’d been doing quite a bit because of whatever that was he was pushing out of it) or puking so far this morning. Fingers crossed the corner was turned. 

One of the things about a sick kitty is do you take him to the vet?  Or wait it out?  So often these things self resolve and it’s hard to make the call.  I do know if he hadn’t gotten better today, tomorrow we’d be at the vet’s office.  He just never looked all that sick. His eyes were bright and he had no fever (I checked each day).  He just kept puking and had odd stool.  I think if he’d actually looked like he felt bad, he’d have been to the vet right away.  But he didn’t do any of the hiding out, hunching over, you know, the stuff you know indicates a cat who feels like crap.

I’m glad the bullet passed us by.

      Friday, July 22, 2005

03:11 PM - 07/22/2005

The topic: Butt’s better!

So, yesterday was the first day since a week ago Thursday that my butt didn’t hurt.  I figure I could sit in this chair forever. 

I got my morning stuff done, ate lunch, got some water and set up my little portable table and set the laptop on it, got my phone and started on the long process of getting the new computer to see the old computers and vice versa.

The first couple of hours were spent trying to actually speak to someone.  The phone number on the pages I received with the computer “was no longer in service”.  I called Dell, finally got through to a support person, gave him my information (he was very, very hard to understand because of the heavy accent) and he said “Oh, this is the desktop division, I’ll have to transfer you to the laptop section.”  Fine.  He did and when I explained my problem to another tech, this one didn’t have the heavy accent, he said “Oh, I’m sorry, this is the desktop support I’ll have to transfer you.” 


I ended up hanging up while on hold, thinking I’d maybe try something else.  Bad idea.  What I thought of didn’t work and this time, I couldn’t even get to any type of support.  I’d try the extension the tech had given me and would end up with that extension wasn’t active, please call this number. And I’d do that, punch in the extension number and get the same damned message.

Then I tried their online help. And that was no help.  At all.  Minutes are ticking by and I’m happy my butt isn’t hurting.

Now, everyone I spoke with told me that if the problem wasn’t hardware related, there most likely wasn’t anything I could get for free. They all pushed the “helpdesk” option, which you can pay for per incident or by the year.  I was so frustrated, I ended up calling them.

And wouldn’t you know it, I got someone who types like Brian. Or at least he seemed to.  He was a nice enough guy, don’t get me wrong, but I swear, Dell should really have better people on the front lines considering how much money they’re making.  The guy would put my information in, then tell me “it’s asking me for this” and I’d have to give him something else.  I did have the option to pay by credit card or by using my Dell Preferred account.  Seeing as I was on a portable phone, I opted for the Dell account.  Per incident was $59.00.  A year’s worth of service, which would cover all of the computers, would have been $189.00.  I don’t need a year’s worth of service. The other computers are working fine.  They have been, some for years.  I don’t need technical support insurance for them.  I don’t need a year’s worth of support for the laptop.  I JUST WANT TO GET MY NETWORK SET UP!

We finally get everything set up so that I can finally be transferred to a technician.  And back on hold I went.  I got so annoyed with the recording butting in to the music, repeating the same thing every thirty seconds or so.  Five minutes was bad, ten minutes was worse.  And I was on hold longer than ten minutes.

But eventually a human voice came on the line. One with an accent, but a Canadian accent. Woohoo!  This will knock at least an hour off of my time, that’s for sure.  I explain the problem and it took him almost two hours to finally get me set up.  There were a couple of problems.  We both found out that the Network Wizard is different for XP Pro and XP Home.  And it might not work at all for Win98 SE.  We could the the laptop to see the IP numbers of the other computers, but it wouldn’t recognize them as workgroup computers. And we tried this and we tried that.  I had to make a recovery disk, because Dell doesn’t send them anymore.  You make your own, a one time deal.  Don’t lose it, because if you do, you’re SOL.  But we did finally get it working and I had hung up the phone by 5:15, just in time to start dinner.

I still had problems though and I finally figured out that the Norton software that came with my system probably was at the crux of the problem.  Because I never put the setup disk into the Win98 system and it was seeing the entire LAN when I disabled Norton.  Funny, huh?  All that time I spent working on it and it was most likely the virus software.


I had set aside today to get the graphic software installed in the laptop because I figured it would be better to use for making my movies.  Of course, I couldn’t find the disks I needed, this is what happens when you’re disorganized.  I ran an upgrade disk and when it finally started to work, I was given the message “can’t find previous version on this system” so I had to go through my CDs and my zip disks.  I finally found it, got the older version up and running, then installed the upgrade.  Of course, now one of the bundled programs that came with the early version won’t work.  Keeps telling me “there’s no room on the drive”.  Excuse me?  I’ve got 80Gig of space, there damned well better be enough.  I gave up on trying to install it. The DVD software works fine, just not this one set of special effects.  I can live without it for now (but I will contact the company from whom I bought it to see what they advise).

So, I start up one of the software programs and try to view one of the previous movies I’d been working on.  Crud!  It won’t work on a network.  I had to disconnect my external hard drive from the main computer and hook it up to the laptop.  Then it worked.  Lovely, just lovely.  I got the peripherals I’ll need for movie making moved over to the laptop.  I haven’t decided what to do about downloading pictures from my cameras.  I want to keep the cameras connected to this computer, but I don’t want to store the images on this system.  Maybe what I’ll do is download them here, then move them to the external harddrive on the laptop every couple of days.  I don’t know, but I know I’ll figure something out.

I always do.

03:12 PM - 07/22/2005

The topic: Stuff Handsome eats
Peanut butter

03:15 PM - 07/22/2005

The topic: Advantage

Brian complained about fleas the other night.  I checked my Advantage stash and needed more.  I went to the vet’s office yesterday and got seven large dog tubes for under $65.00.  When I got them last time, on a Sunday, from the vet hospital we took Annie to earlier this year, I was charged $103.00 for six large dog tubes.  You do the math.

So, I’ve got about fifteen cats done so far.

What fun.


      Saturday, July 23, 2005

12:27 PM - 07/23/2005

The topic: The weather

Would someone please inform Mother Nature that it’s July?  Not August?

Oh, my God, this weather is miserable.  July is supposed to be hot.  Which it is.  And dry. Which it isn’t.

Yesterday was a right day.  It was as it should be in July.  Temp was high 90s.  Humidity was in the mid teens.  That’s how is should be. 

Then last night, something woke me up a little after two.  Then I saw a flash.  I look out the bedroom window, wondering if it was someone’s headlights.  I look to my right.  Nope, nothing.  Then, I see a flash to my left.  I quickly look in that direction to see a very well defined bolt of lightning.  Then, seconds later, I hear the crash of thunder.  I wasn’t the only one. The cats were very aware of the lightning and thunder and while some of them took it in stride, some of them didn’t.

Pete was terrified.  He kept coming into the bedroom and crying at the door.  I’d call him to the bed, but he’d run off.  One of the white girls, I don’t know if it was Daniece or Mystie, I’m thinking it was Daniece, kept running through the house.  There was a lot of meowing.  I know that some cats took cover under the bed, because I’d hear them bumping the wood with their heads.

I got up and grabbed the flashlight to check on them.  There were no cats in the family room, on the sofas. None. There are usually three or four, at least.  But this morning, there were none.  Annie was doing fine in the office, but Lisa was nowhere in sight.  I’m thinking she was under the bed.  I checked the garage and the cats were where they usually are.  No big deal in there.  But then, the blinds were pulled and there were no great flashes of light.  All the cats in there seemed to be doing fine.

DeeJay stayed in his place on my pillow.  Phoebe came into the bedroom to take advantage of two humans awake, going from one of us to the other, getting body rubs and scratches behind the ears.

When I got back into bed after my rounds of reassuring the cats that we’ll be alright, I went back to bed.  Some of the cats followed me and they snuggled against us in the bed.  I lay there, watching the flashes and counting the seconds until the thunder.  One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand, five one thousand…..  You know the drill.  Usually, they were about ten miles away.  Sometimes, they were closer to twenty miles away.  A couple of times, they were too close for comfort.  Only one or two miles away. 

Would we be alright?  Anyone who has read this diary on a regular basis knows how active my imagination can be.  So, I’m laying in bed, counting the seconds and thinking of the trees.  I visualize the neighborhood.  Is there anything taller around?  I can’t see it.  Then my thoughts turned to “what if one of the trees gets hit by lightning?  What would happen? Would it fall over right then?  Would we have a chance to get out in time?  What would the cats do?” 

Brian said that Richie wasn’t scared.  I ask how he knew. Well, he’s up in the window, watching.  After an hour of the noise, the rain started.  And it poured. I always thought once the rain started, the lightning and thunder would stop.  Not so last night.

According to my weather station, it rained .28 of an inch this morning.  That’s unheard of at this time of the year.  It just doesn’t happen.

The lightning and thunder went on for a good two hours.  The rain tapered off.  I fell asleep after four, my arm around Mickey.  I woke up sometime around six and let the cats out.  I went back to bed.  We didn’t get up until after seven.

The cats seem none the worse for wear.  I know they didn’t like it last night.  There has been a little more puking today than usual.  From the heat?  I don’t know.  I just know that we’ve got plenty of water out for them and for the cats who choose to be inside, it’s nicer with the air conditioning on. 

And for the cats who choose to lay under bushes and in cat houses outside?  Well, they’ve got lots of water, too.  And they’re more than welcome to come back inside.

      Sunday, July 24, 2005

10:56 AM - 07/24/2005

The topic: Helping cats

Every once in a while, I hear of something horrible that has happened to cats in a shelter.  Shortly after I first started surfing the internet, it was the Noah’s Ark Tragedy in Fairfield, Iowa.

So, when I found a post by Rahel (who won the first Picture Story Contest) posted a link to The Cat Welfare Society of Israel, my heart just broke.  Because the same type of horror happened there that happened in Iowa.  But it was much worse.  If that can be imagined, it was much worse.

Well, on August 6th, there’s going to be a twenty four hour blogathon.  And the participants have chosen charities.  Laurence Simon, who is the madman (just kidding, Lair, you know I love ya, ever since you said you’d hit that nun for me) behind the only blog I read with any regularity.  That would be This Blog Is Full of Crap.  I first became aware of his site because of a link to my catcam page.  I checked out his kitty cats, then I checked out his blog.  Some of the political stuff was way over my head, still is.  I do love his little stories with Bush as the main character (illustrated with actual photos).  I loved his pictures and his words about his much beloved cats. 

Well, you might recall that last month, his cat Edloe, that beautiful large grumpus of a cat, passed away after a short illness.  And Laurence will be in the blogathon and he’s chosen The Cat Welfare Society of Israel as his charity, in memory of Edloe.

I know that there are many organizations here in the U.S. that can use help.  But this time, I’m pledging for the Israel cats.  Because they’ve touched a place deep in my heart.  And because it’s in memory of Edloe. 

For more about how to register, check out Nardo goes nuts.  There are many fine charities available to choose from.  As of right now the number one and two spots for the blogathon pledges are for cat societies.  The first is Laurence’s charity of choice, the second?  Alley Cat Allies.

What does that tell you about us cat lovers? 

That we rock.

Go.  Do it.  Make a pledge, help a cat.


Wally says “Fangu”


      Monday, July 25, 2005

01:29 PM - 07/25/2005

The topic: Lia chose

The “Richie on a Stump” notecards.

Good choice:


There are twelve notecards, thirteen envelopes in each set and they come in a box with a clear lid.

Congratulations, Lia

Stay tuned for the next contest.

      Tuesday, July 26, 2005

02:48 PM - 07/26/2005

The topic: the weather
I'm melting, I'm melting.

02:59 PM - 07/26/2005

The topic: Walking tally

This morning we found .52.  We’re rich.

Of course, we wouldn’t have found that much (Brian found a penny, I found the rest, I’ve got awesome coindar) if we’d taken the route we’d intended on taking when we walked out the door.

At our first turn, there was a cat in the street that had been hit by a car.  It was too late to do anything.  I couldn’t walk that way.  Not twice.  We turned around and took another path this morning.  (Kitty treats and special smurgles for all of our kitties today).

I’d already spotted a nickel, then I found two dimes and a penny.  We walked the short circle, then up by the school.  When we were walking up to the school street, I found a quarter.  Then a little later, Brian found a penny.

I told Brian “wow, we could buy a donut!”  He laughed.  Then we started talking about the olden days (one of the perks of approaching senior citizenship).  Brian is the keeper of the coins on our morning walks and this morning, he was jingling like crazy. It reminded me so much of my father and I told him that.  My father always jingled when he walked.  When Brian empties his pockets at night, he puts all of the change in our change bottle (thank God for that, we lived on that money last year).  My father didn’t, because he worked where there were vending machines and he needed change for the day.

My grandfather, on the other hand, kept his money in a little coin holder.  I asked Brian if his grandpa did the same thing and he seems to think he did.  We figure this is because money was pretty dear back then. money meant more.  Today, that fifty cents would buy a donut.  Forty or fifty years ago, it would have bought a whole lot more than that.  And it was probably close to a day’s pay, for that matter.  Now people drop a penny or two and figure it’s not worth the effort to pick them up. 

Their loss is our gain. *lol*

      Thursday, July 28, 2005

01:56 PM - 07/28/2005

The topic: Gah, the cats drive me nuts when I’m busy

I realized last week that the main catcam site wasn’t showing up at all on Google.  It was there somewhere, but not at number three, which upset me.  I went about a hundred into the listings, and still no cathouse catcam. 

So, I got this scathingly brilliant idea to see if there was any type of catcam domain left. And yes, there was, catcam.us and I snatched it up.  I’ve spent the past twenty four hours getting all of the catcam stuff moved.  Right now, I’m waiting on the author of the online counter to send me the script (I purchased another one for the new site). 

Of course, I had problems, isn’t that always the case?  And I get so irritable and the daggum cats decide they have to be right here.  Are they doing what they cat to calm me down?  It doesn’t work and I try to explain this to them, but they just keep coming back for more.  They can sure try one’s patience.

I know there’s at least one place I have to change code, that’s on the weather page, but I’m not in the mood right now.  Maybe later.

Oh, the catcams can be found at http://www.catcam.us.  I did find instructions for redirecting subdomains this morning, so you should be automatically redirected.

      Friday, July 29, 2005

05:04 PM - 07/29/2005

The topic: Contest!

Okay, here’s the latest 100 word story contest picture:

Same rules as usual:

  • The story must be based on the picture shown (it doesn’t matter who the cat is, if you know who it is, forget it for the contest)
  • The story must be exactly one hundred words, no more, no less so COUNT!
  • The story must be posted using the comment box, any other type of submission will be ignored

Once again, the prize is a set of notecards from my store.  Printed on heavy faux linen paper, a dozen cards, thirteen envelopes all wrapped up in a nice little box with a see through lid on it and tied with a bow.

I’ll be choosing a winner on Monday, August 15th.

Have fun!


      Sunday, July 31, 2005

10:06 AM - 07/31/2005

The topic: Cat rescue

I’m making this entry because I’m really annoyed right now and if I posted it where I really wanted to, I’d be in a boatload of trouble and I just don’t have the time or energy to deal with that right now. 

Last week, my friend Jen, the one who, with my friend Fud, came down from Los Angeles to pick up Little Bit’s first litter.  Now, Jen has been in rescue for many, many years and she’s dealt with her fair share of bad adoptions.  And because of these bad experiences, she’s very careful of who she adopts to.

Last week, she became aware of a post on a forum where someone was telling the people there that she had a friend who had gone to a shelter and been turned down because her husband was in the military and because he was deployed.  They were making arrangements for the one woman to go to the shelter and lie, get the cat, and she’d give it to her friend.  Jen posted the link to this post, asking for help from other rescuers. 

Jen posted and tried to explain why the shelter would have these rules.  Because they care about the cat.  Didn’t matter.  These people got defensive and really came down on Jen hard.  And the few people who tried to further clarify what Jen had said, were ridiculed.  What a bunch of nasty, nasty women.  When it was clear that they didn’t care, Jen posted over at the other forum that she was contacting all the rescues in the area to warn them of what was up.  Someone from that board (an “Acmerat” if you will) warned the plotters what was up.

They got the cat.  One of the women from that forum went over to the board where Jen had posted asking for help and gloated “we got the cat, nannee nannee boo boo” and left an email address.  Jen at yahoo. com.  I’m sure they hoped that Jen would get a bunch of nasty email.

So, this morning, I went over there and read what they’d had to say and they were, for the most part, being shitheads in regards to Jen.  So, I came to her defense.  And then they got on me. The worst one was someone using the name “pope1982”. 

I ended up removing the text of my posts.  Looking at the majority of the other messages, this is mostly a dog board.  And dog people don’t understand cats or cat people.  Some might, but most don’t.  And I’d have more luck talking to Mother Nature and asking to turn down the heat than to get through to most of those brickheads.

If any of you are curious, here’s the thread Jen posted about : The plot

Here’s the thread where they got the cat: they lied like a dog

I just hope if that woman’s cat ever needs a new home, these supporters are right there to take it in.
And pope1982?  Kiss this—-> moon


I left a message over there with four links.  The catcam, my website, my photo album and Benny’s forums and they removed two of the links.  The links for the catcam and album were left, the others were removed.  I said I didn’t want to post there because I don’t do well around dog people. I’d continue the discussion elsewhere. 

They were removed because they were considered “advertising”.  Okay, a link to my webcam is okay, a link to my website is not.  A link to my family album is okay, a link to my forum is not. 

And there are rules.  One of the rules is to treat others with respect.  But I guess that doesn’t count if you’ve been there a while.  The moderator said they need more cat people there, that I might reconsider not sticking around there.  Uh, sorry, but with the welcome I got, there’s a better chance of me waking up tomorrow with a body like I had thirty years ago.  If you want new people to stick around, don’t start throwing rocks at them.  Kind of defeats the purpose, you know?

10:28 AM - 07/31/2005

The topic: What I learned last week.

Nutrical is not something that more is better. 

I found out DeeJay really likes it.  So, I gave him some Thursday evening.  I gave him some Friday morning. And again, Friday night.  It’s good for him, right?  It’s a diet supplement and he’s so very thin, it can’t hurt.  Right?

Wrong. Oh, my God, so wrong, wrong, wrong.  The poor guy had the bad runs all day yesterday. They started Friday night.  He wouldn’t eat for me yesterday morning so when Brian gassed up the car yesterday morning on our way to breakfast, I went into the nearby Vons and bought nine jars of baby food.  When we got home, I gave Deej some chicken and he lapped up about a quarter of what was there and got tired of it.  During the day I tried it some more and he ended up eating almost that entire jar, plus part of a jar of beef. 

He also ate his treats when I gave him his fluids early yesterday afternoon.

When I was getting the condiments ready for dinner, he was in the kitchen begging for food.  When I refilled the food dispenser in the dining room, he ate dry food.

So, I think he’s feeling better. He ate some baby food this morning and lapped at the water I put on the dry.  He’s sleeping now.

I guess that Nutrical also acts as a laxative.  And that’s not good with him because he has no colon.  *sigh*  I’ll give him some every three days or so and not a lot.  He does like it.  But too much of a good thing is a bad thing.  I can swear to that. crazy

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