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      Saturday, January 03, 2004

11:15 AM - 01/03/2004

The topic: Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Saturday, January 3, 2004  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I haven’t posted in a while.  Busy doing stuff that isn’t really important, I guess is why. 

We went to my mom’s for Christmas Eve, had a nice little Christmas with her.  We got her a DVD/VCR combo player and the first four seasons of M*A*S*H on DVD.  We also got her the obligatory canned Spam that she loves so much.  She always acts so surprised and mentions that she was “down to her last can”.  And we got her a Wal-Mart gift card. 

I was a little iffy on the DVD/VCR player, but it turns out she’s really happy with it.  Before the evening was through, she’d already planned on giving her old VCR to one of her neighbors.  I went over Saturday morning to set up the new player and showed her the basics.  She’s since learned more about it than I knew and she’s very happy with herself.  And she likes DVDs, says they don’t take up so much room and are lots easier to handle than VHS tapes.  She might even start buying some movies.  *grin*

Brian and I went up to Disneyland on Christmas Day, met up with some friends we met for person the first time on my birthday trip.  They gave us a wonderful Christmas bag, full of fun things to eat and toys for the cats.  I haven’t given the cats their stuff yet because I want to take pictures of them when they first see all the booty they got.  I’m so mean.  *lol*

The cats are doing as well as expected.  Annie is doing fine.  I got really tired of her peeing and pooping by the printer (my Epson 1160), so I moved it to the computer stand I got last year after taking my first color printer off of it.  It barely fits and it does work well where it is now.  I taped a pee pad against one side of the cubby hole where the printer was, since that’s where she was peeing all the time and a towel over that. Well, she still kept pottying in there, so I folded up the towel and only had it on one side of the area and the pee pad on the other.  Then Sagwa found this nice little place to sleep while Annie was on the towel under the monitor.  He’s taken it for his own.  Leaving the catcam chair empty once again.  I put Lisa in it yesterday and she stayed there all day, but she’s not there today.  I hope another cat finds it soon.  I did sprinkle some nip on the blanket with the hopes that some cat would take residence on camera.  So far, no luck. Well, at least there’s been no pee or poop anymore.

DeeJay isn’t doing well.  I don’t know what’s going on with him.  I search my memory for what Rusty and Lucky did, but he’s not doing what they did.  He’s getting fluids every other day now and mid week last week, he was eating up a storm.  He was even munching out at the dry feeder in the dining room, something I’ve not seen him do for a long, long time.  I don’t know if it was food overload or what, but he’s had bouts of diarrhea all week.  I never actually saw him pooping, but I was finding dried stuff on the floor in front of the litterbox in the laundry room.  Wednesday and Thursday, I did watch him go and although it wasn’t massive, it wasn’t loose, it was well formed.  Well, last night, he crashed.  Big time.  I saw that he had runny stools in the exercise room (he’s the only cat who uses that litterbox).  I gave him some Immodium A/D, he went to bed and within an hour, he was puking.  Brian got him off of the bed quickly, so there was nothing there to clean up, and I cleaned up what he’d done on the floor.  (It’s sure nice to have tile at a time like this.)  I got fluids ready for him (since his having the runs and vomiting were most likely robbing him of much needed fluid) and took him into the exercise room.  He got his fluids, was a little put out, but did okay the rest of the night.  This morning, I found more dried loose stool on the kitchen floor as well as some very bloody urine.  There was also bloody urine on the floor in the garage.  I cleaned it all up, washed my hands thoroughly and fed the cats their morning chicken.  DeeJay was thirsty this morning, but he did want to eat.  He ate a little Fancy Feast, he ate more Nine Lives.  He also pooped in the litterbox in the exercise room.  There wasn’t much and what there was was loose.  I started him on amoxicillan this morning and right now, he’s sleeping on the bed with a towel over him.  He’s more receptive to being covered this past month while he’s laying down.  I actually sat on the sofa with him on my lap yesterday morning with the blanket over him for over an hour and a half, a record for me.  He liked it.  I know the restful sleep isn’t hurting him.

I know he most likely won’t be with us much longer.  I told Brian this morning that I sure wish when they were ready to go, they’d just go, like Maggie did.  I wish we didn’t have to make that horrendous decision.  It’s so hard.  And once it’s done, it’s a thing of “did we do the right thing?”  I hate playing God, I really, really do.  I just looked in on him and he’s curled up on the bed, the towel draped over the lower part of his body.  He’s got his face under the towel, I can see his ears and his back.  And along his back, Opie has stretched out against him.  They both look so relaxed and content.  I hope this is just a bump in the road for DeeJay and not the final mountain.

There’s so much I want to do.  I’d really like to learn how to make DVDs to show on my television.  I got a DVD burner for my computer last month (before we ran out of money…whoops!).  It has a $30.00 rebate, but I tossed the UPC code.  If anyone out there can get me the UPC code from a box of an external Iomega Super DVD multi disk burner USB 2.0, I’d sure appreciate it.  I kept the box all month long, waiting until I’d tried out the machine.  Then it was Christmas, and after Christmas I got rid of all the boxes, not even thinking about needing a code for a rebate.  *sigh*

I also found out last night that bennydakat.com isn’t working.  After all the crap I went through back in November with the website host, this happens.  I can’t access that site and even though you can still see it on the internet, I don’t have access to the lisaviolet.net directory.  Highly irritated, I looked to see when I’d renewed the service with him.  It was last November.  Not sure how long my credit card company allows disputes, I called them.  I got the two charges put into dispute.  No way am I even going to mess around with him this time.  The frustration just isn’t worth it.  There’s no phone number to call, he’s in Puerto Rico, I think.  He doesn’t respond to emails and I’m not even going to try this time.

While I was on the phone with the credit company, I found out that they had my phone number wrong.  They wouldn’t tell me what it was, for security reasons.  Well, I was online, so I checked out the information they’ve got for me.  It was an 866 number.  A toll free number. That was really strange.  The only thing I can think is when my identity was stolen (this is the same credit card company) last year, that the thief changed my personal information, which includes my phone number.  When the company transferred my information to a new account, they also transferred the incorrect phone number.  It’s fixed now.

I’ve got so much I’d like to get done.  I’ve got nine calendars to finish and send out.  That I hope to have done by the end of the day.  I want to teach myself how to make DVDs so that I can have slideshows on the television.  I want to sew.  I want to finish the sofa covers that I started over a year ago.  I want to make more CDs.  I want to get the area down by the pool finished (and what I did last year needs a lot of work, too).  I want to make candles (I ordered more scents, figured I’d get this spending bug out of my system by the end of the year).  I want to get my photo gallery set up on my website.  I want to go through all of my photos.  I want to clean litterboxes on a daily basis, without even thinking about it.

I want to lose the ten pounds I put on since our trip to Colorado.  I hope it comes off as quickly as it went on.  Then I want to lose the rest of the weight I wanted to lose, then more.

Oh, a week ago, Brian was off with his brother and I had to page him. I’d found a leak in the ceiling.  It was dripping down in the hallway closet.  Brian had to go up into the attic and after hours of me draining the hot water heater and him using a torch and solder on the leak spot (it was right against some wood and the wood is burned) without any luck, he came down and I emptied the closet.  He sawed a hole in the ceiling and fixed that leak in no time.  But he was really, really sore the next couple of days from being so squished in the attic. 

And our eighteenth anniversary was last Wednesday.  New Year’s Eve.  I made a roast and got all the trimmings.  I was going to make a little cake and hot fudge sauce for ice cream.  The last good meal of the year.  Well, we had to go someplace and when we got home, I went into the kitchen to start the cake.  And the light over the sink came on.  Damn, I said.  Brian asked what it was and I told him that the lights both went out at the same time.  He came in to change them and I tried another switch.  It wasn’t the lights.  The breaker had gone off.  It was early evening and we both went outside to check it out.  We couldn’t get the breaker to stay on.  It was late afternoon and Brian went down to Ace Hardware, but they were closed.  He went by his brother’s hoping he had an extra breaker and he didn’t.  So, he ended up going to Home Depot.  We changed the breaker in the dark, me holding the flashlight so he could see what he was doing.  He switched it and it popped right off, but then it took hold the next time.  The only thing we can figure is one of the outlets was ruined by the cats.  Brian was going to fix it that night, but electrical is a scary thing and he changed his mind.  So, it still has to be fixed, but he’ll get it done.

Brian said later “we must have really pissed someone off to have such bad luck….”

Maybe it will be better this year.

      Friday, January 09, 2004

10:15 AM - 01/09/2004

The topic: Well, DeeJay is better

Friday, January 9, 2004  DeeJay is doing much better.  I guess he just had a pretty bad urinary infection and the antibiotics have knocked it down.  His appetite is up, I weighed him last night and he’s put on a couple of ounces since last week.  So, that’s good news.

Everything else is kind of slow.  I did get nine KOTM calendars sent out Monday.  I have four more to make.  I should be able to get those out tomorrow. 

I’m going to get Marco, Sagwa, Potter and Wally’s pages up today.  I took pictures of them yesterday to use.  I’d also like to have individual pictures of the cats up on the “meet the cats” page.  Lots of folks use that page to see who’s on camera.

Brian trimmed the plants back quite a bit in the entrance last weekend and it’s much roomier.  The only thing I’ve noticed is that the ferals don’t hang around as much. But then, it’s been pretty cold, too.  They might have found a warmer place to hang out.  But I still see all three of them at various times throughout the day.  I haven’t seen the tortie in a couple of weeks, but I know that means nothing. Ha!  I just took some mail out to the mailbox and heard a little sneeze.  I investigated and Little Bit and KittyMeeze are curled up together next to the cathouse by the garage, in front of the entryway.

I unhooked the zip drive from the Gateway.  I had to toss out two more disks because of it.  I hooked it up to the Dell.  Just what I need, two zip drives.  *sigh*  I can access these drives from the Gateway, so it shouldn’t be a problem to run things.  Last weekend I also copied all of the programs on the disks that I could access information over to a CD.  Then I formatted the zip disks.  I did a search and came up with a great page for XP users.  Karen’s Power Tools.  I downloaded the program to print out my directories.  So, I know everything that’s on a disk.  And I’m also going to print out the order/registration mails that I got and put those in the binder along with the disk index.  Should make life a little easier.  I found out that Roxio will do something to a disk so that you can play an unfinished one on a different player without any problems.  Good thing. 

Have you ever bought something because someone else had it and you liked it?  Like a movie?  When we were in Lake City last Thanksgiving, we watched the movie “Chicago”.  The music was catchy, but I was glad we hadn’t gone to a theater to see the film.  Anyway, I got a special at Columbia House and bought the CD for my sister-in-law (who loves the movie, but doesn’t want to marry it).  I also got one for myself.  So, I sit here at the computer, listening to the soundtrack in the background.  And I start envisioning that part in the movie.  And I start wishing I could see the movie again.  So, I took some of the money my mom gave me for Christmas, and bought it.  I’m watching it right now.  Those actors have some impressive sets of pipes, I’ll tell ya. 

Speaking of movies, I’d really like to see Calendar Girls.  Now, I’ve gone to breakfast by myself, but so far, no movies (although I’m working on it).  My mom won’t go because the movies are “too loud”.  Honestly, I think it’s more a thing of she can’t sit still for that long (remember, I’ve mentioned many times what a nervous person she is).  She let me know after A Beautiful Mind that she didn’t really want to go again.  So, I called my mother-in-law once I saw that the movie was playing at a theater near us.  When it first came out it was a limited showing at a theater farther from here than I want to drive.  We’re going to go see it on Tuesday afternoon.  Kewl.

And next Thursday, I take my mom in for her yearly mammogram.  Her appointment is at noon and she could drive by herself, but that’s a bad time of day for finding a parking spot.  She has high blood pressure and it’s better that I take the stress than she.  I can just drop her off at the door, then park and meet her inside.

I finally got on the scales this morning.  ARRGHH!!!!  Scary, scary, scary!  I’m up nine pounds from the week before our Lake City vacation.  Well, it went on quickly, hopefully it will go off just as quickly.  I’d like to be down to the goal I set last year by the end of March.  I have to get busy if I’m going to make it.  It’s sad how easily I fell back into the nibbling mindset.  We walked occasionally, but finally started back on five days a week this week.  I wonder how much I weighed last Friday.  I know I’ll weigh less next Friday.  That number on those scales was certainly a wakeup call.

I want to eat!!!!!!

      Monday, January 19, 2004

05:12 PM - 01/19/2004

The topic: I’m cold…..

Monday, January 19, 2004  Damn, I can’t believe how cold I feel.  It’s 74? here in the office, plenty warm, but my fingers, nose and toes are like ice cubes.  I hate this.  Unless I’m in the direct sun, I’m freezing!

Things have been pretty slow around here.  Brian went and looked at a new used Bronco yesterday, because a rebuilt tranny for my Bronco is going to cost around a thousand dollars.  That’s not to install it.  He was pretty jazzed about the Bronco he went to look at going by what the owner said to him on the phone.  But when he got home, he was pretty disappointed.  He said it was no better than the one we have.  So, he made the decision to just pay to get the one we’ve got fixed.  Hopefully, I’ll have it back by the end of next weekend.  I really miss it.

Oh, my dogs, Marco just pooped and it’s horrible!  He has the stankiest poo of any of the cats and he always seems to use a litterbox nearby to me.  *koff*  *hack*  *koff*  Fresh air, I need fresh air!

I got a new photo album script and once I get it going (it’s taken all day to get it running and to kind of figure it out) I should be better at updating my pictures.  All pictures will be in a central location, the cat pictures, sunsets, Disneyland…..  I’ll keep the pictures that are already up where they are, just add the new ones to the photo album.

I have to go change the sheets. The top afghan is clean now and the spread is in the washer.  Some cat puked all over it today. My money is on DeeJay.  But it could be someone else.  It seems if I miss a day or so of giving him the Pepcid A/C, his tummy really bothers him.

We also have a little bit of diarrhea going through the house.  Potter had some nasty stuff for a while, now, while it’s still runny, it’s not nearly as nasty.  At one point, it was very, very watery and bloody, now it’s darker and thicker (isn’t this such a wonderful topic?).  I was thinking it was because the cats were getting the outfront kibble at night when Brian was getting the outfronts dinners ready, but it’s been close to a week now that he stopped.  I don’t know what else it could be.  There’s nothing new environmentally, there’s no standing water around the pool or anything.  I’ll just have to keep an eye on things.

The movie was really good.  I’m glad we went.

I started back counting points last week and lost a pound.  Yay!  I’m down forty pounds.  Still up eight from November, though.  I’ll lose it.  I’ll be honest here, my pants are getting mighty uncomfortable.  And I won’t buy bigger sizes.  Nope, I’m not gonna do it.

I’m having a really hard time getting bennydakat.com moved.  I put in the dispute with the credit card company and haven’t heard back, so I’ll most likely get the credit.  I doubt they’ve heard from him.  He probably doesn’t even care anymore.

Annie is doing okay.  Yesterday, she did her business, then came back up on the desk and went nuts.  She really wanted to play.  I think that’s so funny.  We’ve had lots of cats who seem to have a much lighter load and get playful after a good potty.  It was nice seeing Annie having so much fun.  I had to watch her carefully, though, because she wasn’t paying attention and almost fell off of the desk a couple of times.  She hasn’t peed in her little cubbyhole in over a week!  Very pleasant. She’s going under Brian’s side of the desk, not in the litterbox.  I wish she’d go in the litterbox, but I think her fear of the box is very deep.  From a time when she’d get ambushed on her way out.

I just made the bed and Wally helped!  He was chasing around and then did a stretch on his back so I could get his belly.  He’s such a sweetie.  I’m also giving Marco extra attention, hoping to bring him around.  I think it’s working.  Oh, did I mention that I got their websites up last week?  They aren’t very long, but they’re there!

Brian was remarking on how much some of the cats seem to miss Junior.  Opie, Richie, Sammy, Daniece all have been affected by his loss.  They’re much more needy.  Sammy and Daniece are spending a lot more time inside (usually on the bed).  It’s pretty sad.  Someday we’ll get them new puppies.

Katie has been coming to bed in the wee hours and wanting to be petted and loved.  She cries and purrs and this morning, was licking me wherever she could find skin.  I wonder what’s up with her.

I added a new five day forecast to the weather page.  It draws it’s information from Gillespie Field, in El Cajon.  It’s not even three miles from our house as the crow flies.  Before, the five day forecasts were drawn from Lindbergh Field in San Diego, by the beach. The weather is much different here, twenty/twenty five miles from the ocean.  We get a lot more sun and it’s a lot hotter and a lot colder inland.

I took my mom in for her mammogram last Thursday. After, she bought me lunch at Chili’s.  I had a cajun chicken sandwich with fries.  I let her have my fries, they were awful. Way too spiced up (read that “salty”).  The sandwich was really good, though.

I hate reality television.  Won’t watch it.  And tonight, that’s all that’s on.  That and reruns. Puke.

Well, time to go check the dryer.  The spread should be pretty close to dry by now.

      Thursday, January 22, 2004

01:07 PM - 01/22/2004

The topic: Winter weather

Thursday, January 22, 2004  Well, it looks like we’re in for another day of Southern California winter weather.  Haha.  It’s probably gonna be in the mid-80? in the sun today.  Mid-70? in the shade.  It’s clear, not a cloud to be seen from my vantage point here on my butt in front of my monitor, looking out the window. 

I can see the leaves blowing on the tree, the leaves that haven’t yet fallen.  I like the sound they make when they rustle.  Before too long, I’ll have all doors and windows open to let the fresh air in and the stale air out.  Ah, I love this kind of winter day.  It makes me feel alive.  I don’t mind the rain.  But I do hate the clouds that hang around forever, without any precipitation.  I don’t like it hazy, either, where the sun is almost there, but not quite.  That’s a twilight zone feeling.  But days like today…..ahhhh….so nice…..

It almost feels like spring.

Speaking of spring, the time of new life, it would appear that Little Bit is again in heat.  There are catfights outside of the house at night.  At least, these cats aren’t as noisy as Repete could be.  There are massive amounts of cat fur in the driveway and in the gutters going up the street. Brian said he saw a cat who was similar to Wally the other night.&nnbsp; For some reason, KittyMeeze isn’t hanging around during the day.  He’s here in the morning, then gone the rest of the day, doesn’t come back until evening.  Well, Tuesday he stuck around, sleeping with Little Bit all day in the entry way.  They were cuddled up together on one of the blankets we’ve set out for the ferals.

And the cats are so busy copulating and fighting, that they’ve not eaten much this past week.  *sigh*  Too busy to eat at night, too tired during the day.  Silly cats.

Argh!  Cat Fights II just got trolled.  Kids.  I denied access to that IP to all of my sites. And I also reported him to his IP.  He was a pretty nasty little thing.  You know what gets me about these types of trolling incidents, is they invariably tell folks that they should “get a life”.  Well, heck, Pete, who are they to tell others they need a life?  I mean, going around posting nasty things to people you don’t know on boards that you obviously have nothing in common with is any kind of life?  Or are they too stoopid to see that?  *sigh*

Oh, look!  Clouds!  We’re supposed to get rain this weekend.  As long as we do, I don’t mind the clouds.

Yanno, for Marco being a bottle fed cat, he sure doesn’t like being touched much.  And don’t even try picking him up.  He hangs around, but you never know exactly what it is he wants.  Unless he just wants food.

We went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon and he asked how we’d been.  I told him I was crabby.  My back was out in a couple of places (most likely one of the reasons I’ve been having morning headaches).  Brian had a few problems, too.  But I told the doc that I missed Brian being gone.  *grin*  Brian just looked at me, shocked.  I mean, I was getting really used to him being gone on the weekends to the property.  Since we went to Lake City, he hasn’t spent the night up there once. And his day trips are rare.  So, I think I’ve been getting crabby.  And it doesn’t help that he hasn’t been in the greatest of moods.  Going to the property always seems to get him in a more better frame of mind.  It’s like all of the crap he has to put up with down here gets bottled up inside of him.  Then he goes up there and he can empty that bottle.  He lets loose with some physical work he really enjoys.  So, he’s in a better mood and I’m in a better mood because I get some alone time, some me time.  Sure, he goes to work during the day, but he calls home for this or that. 

Oh, my, it’s really getting cloudy!  Whew!  Windy, too!  Doors and windows are still open, though.

Mickey finally realized that there’s some sort of good food in the exercise room that he can’t have. And he’s not particularly happy with this turn of events.  He’s been sitting in front of the door, crying for hours on end.  Shut up, Mickey.  You aren’t getting any.

Ah, I’m losing my train of thought and my hand hurts.  Maybe I’ll post more later.  Maybe not.  There’s really not a lot going on, anyway.

      Tuesday, January 27, 2004

09:27 AM - 01/27/2004

The topic: I wonder if the cooler weather

Tuesday, January 27, 2004 I wonder if the cooler weather has something to do with my urge to eat.  It’s not that I’m hungry, not at all.  I just want to munch.  More so on cloudy days than sunny.  I was doing so well until our vacation back to Colorado….yesterday was my best day at not eating since, I think.

My Bronco is back!  My Bronco is back!  I drove it yesterday and it was like heaven.  I was so glad to have it back.  I drove it down to a local Office Depot.  I had the windows down…brrr..too cold, put the windows up…too warm.  I had Leo Kottke playing (Standing In My Shoes...excellent, most excellent, some great guitar, if you like great guitar).  At Office Depot, I got a CD cleaner machine (not a CD fixer, but a little thing to clean them, my old one bit the schnitzel), some really cute cards (they have the funnest cards there), sent some stuff back via their UPS (the Wavecom SR and that glossy paper that doesn’t work at all with an inkjet printer), and a new keyboard.  I just couldn’t help myself. The keyboard is really nice.  I liked my old one, it worked well, but parts of it were broken off.  One of the little legs that hold the back up and one of the connectors for the wrist rest were broken off.  I had cardboard wrapped in tape stuck to the back to keep it even.  The new one is black, it’s sharp looking. It’s a Microsoft Multi-media keyboard. (I ordered a keyboard protector yesterday afternoon from protectcovers.com, my last cover came from them and it did an awesome job of keeping the keyboard clean from spills, cat hair, bread crumbs, and other stuff, I highly recommend them for anyone who has a keyboard in a home environment.)  After I’d settled up, she asked “is there anything else?”  Argh!  Yes!  Yes!  One of the main things I’d gone for.  W2s!  I need to get all that end of the year payroll stuff done by the end of the week and I needed W2 forms for the laser printer.  Sheesh!  What a pain in the butt that would have been, to get home and realize I had to go back.

We’ve got a cold virus running through the population.  Now Mystie has it.  Potter was the first a couple of weeks ago.  None of the cats are really lethargic or ill, just a little sleepier than normal and, of course, diarrhea.  I’ve heard Georgie sneezing a little bit, but other than that, everything seems to be not really bad.  They’re all eating normally and having active periods during the day.  The only other symptoms is the eyes don’t look quite right. Sammy was rubbing his the other night, so whatever it is makes their eyes itch.  Just like humans, there’s not a whole lot you can do, just rest, plenty of fluids and eat right.  Which they already do.

A few weeks ago, Brian’s brother found out that he is having some sort of kidney problem and to watch what he ate.  Like no processed food.  Well, because you don’t know exactly what you’re getting when you eat out, they started bringing their lunches. Which I was pushing for Brian to do last year, because they don’t go dutch when they eat out, Brian was buying three days a week, Mark would buy two.  I figured if Brian brought his lunch, he’d eat better and we’d save money.  Well, nothing came of my brilliant idea, but now that Mark has to be careful (and who can blame him?), they’re taking their lunches.  And guess who fixes Brian’s?  Not Brian. Me.  While he’s taking a long leisurely shower, I’m slaving over a hot toaster.  *lol*  I am curious to see if he starts losing weight now that he’s limited to what I put in his lunch. 

Well, I guess that’s about it for now.  I have to clean the litterboxes, run the vacuum and then start on the end of the year payroll stuff.  After that, I’d like to work on my new photo album.  I’ve got some to share and I’d really prefer having them in one directory.  I’ll be keeping the old family album as is and use the new album for future images.  It should be a lot easier for me. 

Here’s a picture I took Sunday.  Brian was gone with his brother on Saturday helping him with a windmill. After that, they did some stuff at the property.  Brian was beat on Sunday.  We did a little shopping and when we got home, he was sitting on the sofa.  He kept telling me he wasn’t going to sleep.  Yeah, right.  What do you think?




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