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      Wednesday, March 04, 2009

09:52 AM - 03/04/2009

The topic: The Skippy plan


So, Skippy continues to steer clear of the humans.  Jackie has learned if he gives chase to Skippy, at least one human shall give chase to Jackie, with a spray bottle of water in hand. Jackie doth not like getting hit with a jet of water.  When he hears the squirt mechanism, he runs into the house.  *laughing*

Anyway, Skippy is trying to get into the house at night, via the cat door in the garage.  Tonight, we will not set the door to in or out only, it will have full swing.  And we will set one of the traps in front of it, covering it with a towel.  So, when Skippy tries to enter tonight, he will be successful.

And tomorrow, Skippy will get his first ride in my car.  We’ll take him to the same place we take the ferals, not our regular vet, because he’s not fond of working with ferals, but the place where we took Wally.  If Skippy were more human amenable, I’d have no problems taking him the the regular vet, but this other place works with the county on feral neutering (not that we are asking for a discount), and we feel they’d be better equipped to handle a cat who might have problems with being handled.  And we’ll have him tested for disease, shutting the barn door after the horses have gotten out, since our cats have been in the yard with him for the past couple of weeks. *sigh* Not much we’ll be able to do about that.

And with any luck, by tomorrow evening, Skippy will be back here.

Brian’s going to get the trap down tonight when he gets home and I’ll probably have him get the big crate, too, the one with the shelf and the rope that I can hang a towel on, for some kitty privacy.  Who knows, maybe once back, Skippy will realize that he’s in a safe place and has no need to be frightful of us.

Some recent Skippy pictures:

Skippy at the very end, that’s Pete in front of him, keeping watch.

click for a larger pic

Skippy sleeps

click for a larger pic

Skippy wakes up; the scratch is Jackie's fault

click for a larger pic

Of course, when I started taking pictures, the other cats came out to watch. And Rory decided she was going to kick the snot out of her brother, Ron Howard

click for a larger pic

Skippy makes sure he's safe

click for a larger pic

I took the next two from the extra room window. Skippy is up on the bank. He knows I'm there, but he knows I can't get to him.

click for a larger pic

click for a larger pic


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He reminds me so much of Handsome, must be the big head and same expression in his eyes. BTW, his one eye doesn’t look as bad as the first photos when you discovered him, could it be getting better? Good luck with everything, I hope he knows you mean no harm and it’s a smooth capture & neuter.

Posted by Melanee @ Wednesday, March 04, 2009 - 3:11:10 PM

Such a beautiful boy!  I hope all goes as planned tomorrow.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Posted by Trudy @ Wednesday, March 04, 2009 - 5:43:30 PM

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