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      Saturday, March 10, 2012

09:23 AM - 03/10/2012

The topic: I’ma so happy!


Over twenty years ago, we tried growing an avocado tree. It died.

Ever since, I’ve asked for another fairly regularly. We like avocados. We buy avocados at CostCo and they range anywhere in price from $4.99 to $7.99 for five, depending on the time of the year. Sometimes we use them all, sometimes we don’t. But we for sure use at least a hundred dollars worth of avocados a year. Easily. If we had our own tree…...

Last year, they had some at CostCo, for less than twenty bucks a piece. We saw them, there weren’t many left, but Brian said that they wouldn’t fit in the car, he’d bring the truck back the next day. Well, he didn’t do it the next day, he did it the day after that and they were all gone. I knew that would happen, there were just a few left when we saw them.

So, he said he’d get me a couple from a nursery in Temecula. He said the trees there are bigger and cheaper. Okay.

Fast forward a year. Still no tree. We went to CostCo Thursday night. I got excited.  “Brian, look! They’ve got avocado trees again!”  He said “where would we plant one, there’s no room for one. No, we’re not getting a tree.”   Damn it.  I told him “okay, now I’m going to pout”.  And pout I did. He said “I’ll get you a tree from Temecula”.  I replied “so, there’s no room for a tree from CostCo, but there’s room for a tree from Temecula?” Shaking head and rolling eyes.

And then we went and bought a bag of avocados for $4.99. And I said “if we had our own tree…”

So, yesterday afternoon I ask him if he has any ideas for dinner. Sometimes, the hardest part of preparing meals is what do I prepare? And he suggested going to the Lakeside Cafe for dinner (we had a coupon for unlimited fish and chips, which comes with a salad and a roll).  Then we could go to CostCo and GET AN AVOCADO TREE!  YAY!

So, we ate dinner (we didn’t finish, came home with noms for the cats) then headed over to CostCo and we got to get TWO avocado trees!  He knows exactly where they’ll be planted and said “I know they’ll get too big to keep the cats in, but by that time, we probably won’t be here anymore”....not dead, relocated to Ranchita. When he was checking out the trees, one of the employees walked by and said a day earlier someone came in and bought ten of them! Then another lady, a customer, said something about how big they get, “by next summer…”  I don’t think they grow quite that fast. *lol* Brian and I gave one another looks, like ‘what is she talking about?’

And we’ll also get another tree from Temecula.  He showed me where he wants to plant that one.  In the middle of the yard so that when it’s summer, the tree will shade the office (the hottest room in the house).

I’m so excited and happy!

Our own avocado trees, this will save us a bunch of money.

I’ve already got a couple of pictures, I’ll take more as they go into the ground. Brian said I should dig the holes so I’ll get a greater sense of accomplishment. Yeah, there ya go, spin it, baby!

We have a lovely many year old avocado tree, and it’s never produced a single fruit till last year and those weren’t edible. So last year we bought another from Costco…so hopefully we will start getting fruit.

It will be several years before you have fruit, you might be in Ranchita by then. :/

Posted by Fud @ Monday, March 12, 2012 - 2:54:32 PM

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