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      Sunday, October 22, 2017

11:25 AM - 10/22/2017

The topic: More energy!


I don't know where it came from, the walking or the mega vitamin D, or just because, but I have more energy.

I'm actually doing things, not just staring at the wall, wondering what I should be doing.

For instance, I did a load of pants this morning, jeans and sweatpants.

Then I hung them on the line! We're in for a couple of days of hot weather (talking 100° plus days) and the pants should dry quickly.

I ran Botti yesterday, stacked chairs and step stools away from his path.

I just feel like being more active. Not like training for a marathon active, but just more like doing something. It's kind of nice. I'd probably feel like doing even more if it wasn't for this stupid cold. Nose isn't as runny, but there's the cough....

I know when the heat hits, I won't feel like doing squat. lol

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the morning walk
10:44 AM - 10/22/2017

The topic: We started walking again last Monday


Because of those lab results we got from our blood tests a couple of weeks ago. We didn't walk Friday, so we walked yesterday. We won't be walking tomorrow, so we walked this morning.

At the midway point of our current route, there is an elementary school. On a small, what used to be quiet, residential street. A couple of years ago they made that school a charter school and now there is all sorts of traffic in the morning and afternoon, from parents bringing their kids and picking up their kids.

Last year, some residents put up those "slow" signs because people are assholes and don't care about speed limits on residential streets. Too involved in their own lives to care about those around them. We used to have some major potholes on our street, a real pain, some were two feet deep, but after over a decade of potholes and complaints, they got taken care of after this charter school went in. Because the school traffic wouldn't use our street as a route because of the potholes and it caused a major bottleneck going the other way. And the traffic started coming up our street as well. Our nice, wide, quiet street. I miss those potholes.

Anyway, these little signs are made of corrugated plastic or something similar and one had been pulled from the street sign. It just hung there. Every day this past week, Brian would set it straight. And the next day, it would be just hanging again. I told him yesterday he should bring a zip tie. He said "I thought about doing that".

This morning, he brought the zip tie.

It will be interesting to see how it is on Tuesday.


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