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      Monday, October 16, 2017

02:02 PM - 10/16/2017

The topic: I wish I drank


Because I'd be drinking right now.

So, we take Spot in to our regular vet. I tell Shannon, the receptionist, about Rory and the charges. She said she didn't see why we couldn't bring Rory over to our regular vet. She put a long note on Spot's check in sheet.

So, we go in to the examining room, waiting for the doc. Spot is right at home, except he really would like to jump down from the table. The vet came in, asked about what was going on with him, suggested x-rays and blood work to rule anything out. And we start talking about Rory.

The x-rays didn't show anything, so then it was on to blood work. He said "you go get the other cat instead of waiting here and just bring her here".  Before we were out of the examining room, I'd called the other place and told them we were coming to pick her up and bring her to our regular vet.

For some reason, Brian thought the $$$$ vet said MRI and I said "no, ultrasound". Once again, he kept fighting me on it, but I know I was right. (One of these days, he'll learn to let it go.) We discussed what the situation was and he said "bring her over here. I'll do the ultrasound and run the tests".

So, we go to the emergency vet (they're also a clinic, take appointments and walk-ins). I tell them who we are and that we're here to get Rory. I tell them I want copies of all of her test results for my vet. And we wait.

A tech came out and told us that they hadn't done the ultrasound yet (I side eyed Brian), it should be just a while. I told him "don't do it, we're taking her to our vet and he'll do it". That kind of surprised him and he went back to speak with the doctor. Then she came out and asked what we were going to do and I told her "take Rory directly from here to our other vet".  Not bring her home at all. So, she got instructions ready and they brought Rory out and I settled up the bill

We got a refund of $395 dollars. So, her care since Saturday morning was $1205.00.  A lot better than $3600.00.

On the way back to our vet, Brian said the reason he thought they'd said MRI was he couldn't believe the ultrasounds would cost $1600.00. "How can pregnant women afford that?" Yeah, because they aren't getting ripped off.

So, Rory is definitely feeling better, she was much more alert, but she wasn't eating for them. We got to the doc's office, brought her in, as well as all of the paperwork for her treatment thus far. Brian told me "I'll be right back" and he walked outside. Shannon came over and got Rory and said "okay, you can go now" and I asked if she was kicking me out and she said yes.

I walked outside and Brian was gone! Car and all. I called him, he'd come home to get the other carrier. Well, we don't need it just yet, come get me.

It's hot out there.

And now we wait.

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09:18 AM - 10/16/2017

The topic: Happy birthday to me.


I'm 64 years old today.

Spotty is having problems. He's peeing okay, but he's not moving too quickly. It's like (koff) his tummy hurts. I saw him poop and it was just a little drip. I scooped it onto a leaf and it was mucusy and just not normal.

I know that my vet is really busy now and it's hard to get in same day, but after Potter, we won't do drop off. I called and spoke with one of the techs and explained the situation. I guess the second vet doesn't work on Mondays, they've switched it to Fridays because they're busier right before the weekend. (They have hired another vet who starts next week.) The doc wasn't in yet, but the tech said he'd leave a note for the doctor and call me back. I also let him know we had another cat over at the emergency hospital.

Then the hospital where Rory is called. Another doctor talked to me and asked about doing the ultrasound and that Rory's heart was beating fast and, even though she didn't hear a murmur, that she felt an ultrasound of Rory's heart would be advisable. She asked about the dental and I told her that the doctor this weekend said she didn't think Rory was up to something like that at this point, because anesthesia. She agreed (then why bring it up? did she not look at Rory's chart?). She said that we could come visit Rory anytime between 8:00 this morning and 10:00 tonight. Then she told me she'd have someone call with a workup of a new estimate, for what they've done and for the additional work they're doing.

Both places had my cell number. Both places called my cell number.

The first was our regular vet. I was cooking breakfast, turned off the burner and picked up my phone. It didn't answer as easily as it did when I called myself and knew it was going to ring. I started tantruming, but I did get it answered before it went to voice mail.

Spot has an 11:30 appointment.

Then I went back to making breakfast and the cell rang again. I answered it. (Yay!)

The new estimate was $1,600.00. I said "okay".

So, trying to stay positive.

I woke up.

We went walking.

We're able to get Spot into his regular vet. Today.

I just called to clarify the new estimate. That $1,600 is on TOP of the $2,000. Anyone want to donate to her bill?  If you do, nuttybuddy @ catler.org. Remove the spaces. Use the "friends and family" option, so they don't take fees. Thanks.

Damn. Just damn. Not expecting that at all.

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