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      Thursday, October 05, 2017

08:43 AM - 10/05/2017

The topic: So, last weekend we got the new printer


And Sunday I set it up. It took a while, I was setting it up wirelessly and for some reason, my computer wouldn't see it. The laptop would, Brian's did, but this machine did not.

After a couple of hours of uninstalling and re-installing the software, using the printer's set up capability and the USB option, I finally got it working. Then I started cleaning stuff up.

Since the catcam hasn't been up for a couple of years, people just weren't watching it anymore, I got around to pulling down all of the blankets and sheets around the chair that kept the light from shining from the office in the dark. The light hasn't been on in a while now. I pulled down the PVC pipe that Brian put up to keep the blankets up.

By now, the room had really opened up. A lot more airy and a lot more light. I had planned on getting the chair out of here, but figured maybe I'd just put one of the clean covers on it. I did and Mystie spent some time in it. I'm going to leave it there.

I know I've complained about having to do the maintenance cleaning on the Epson R1900 so often. Well, one of the problems is the sun hitting the ink in the afternoon. I realized I could move the printer stands back about six inches and the sun would no longer hit the ink bottles on the side of the printer, they'd be in shade. I was quite proud of myself when Brian, ever Mister Negative, shares his concerns. When the R1900 is on, the paper feed sticks up in front of the cabinet.

Him: Won't that interfere with opening the drawers?

Me: What?

Him: How will you be able to open the drawers with the printer there?

Me: It only affects the top drawer and that's only when the printer is on and the paper guide is in the up position. Pretty simple to just slide it back down. Not a problem.

(The top drawer has the ink for the printers.)

He thinks he's made his point. He does that making fun of me stumbling over my words thing that people like to do that makes you want to punch them in the throat. And I wasn't stumbling. I was making my point.

Me: When was the last time you opened that top drawer?


Me: (doing that annoying thing of making fun of him stumbling over his words...backatcha, honey)

Him: Um, never? I was just looking out for you...

Yeah, thanks. I've got it under control.

Anyway, last week I had the hardest time getting the R1900 to clean and the nozzle check sheet never came out perfect. I ordered a kit to clean the nozzles. Then I did some research (gotta love Google). Turns out cleaning more than three times in a row can make things worse (really? I never noticed...) And to let the machine rest for six hours after you've cleaned it three times and it still doesn't print right. So, I did that over the weekend and it gradually got better. Then I got pre-occupied with Mystie and only did the nozzle check once a day.

And guess what? Without any cleaning, each day it's a little bit better. It's almost the way it should be. That's a good thing.

So, enough about the printer.

I'm actually all caught up with paperwork at this point. All new customers set up, shipments invoiced and bank account reconciled.

It's kind of nice.


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06:39 AM - 10/05/2017

The topic: We said goodbye to Mystie yesterday


She's had an ongoing loose poo problem for a while. Probiotics helped somewhat, but not one hundred percent. We just dealt with it. She was bathed about twice a week to keep her cleaned up, in the morning when we first got up, lights were turned on and floors examined and cleaned before anything she'd left was stepped in.

It's just what we did. Our morning ritual.

Last weekend, her belly got really big. She looked pregnant. She had some sort of nasty stuff leaking out of her butt. Her fur was all yellow around her genital area. I tried my best to keep it cleaned off, I was concerned with urine scald, like on babies in diapers. And her back legs were extremely bowlegged and much weaker than they'd been. The gas she passed was most foul.  She couldn't jump up on stuff.

I gave her milk thistle and digestive enzymes on the advice of a friend. I gave her 60CC of fluids twice a day, but she couldn't stay hydrated. She couldn't eat. She wanted to, but she had a hard time with it. Baby food worked for her. I put it in a shallow dish (actually the top of an old Tupperware bowl) and kept the other cats away while she lapped at the medicated baby food.

Yesterday morning, her belly had actually gone down some. That was a positive sign, I told myself.  But I also knew, she needed medical intervention. If she were to get better. Whatever was going on with her was out of my league. I called and made an appointment for her and said that it was quite possible she wouldn't be coming home with us.

She ate three jars of baby food yesterday, actually coming into the office and getting my attention to feed her. But her belly got bigger. I gave her fluids and she was able to make her way into the cat trees in the living room and she spent most of the day there. A little before five, we left for the vet's office.

The tech got a background of what was going on and the vet came in and looked her over and palpated her tummy. He felt a large tumor by her liver. Which would explain everything. The loose, stinky stool, the fact that she couldn't get hydrated, her weakened back legs. And we knew the kindest thing to do was let her go. She went quickly and peacefully.

It's been a tough year.  Losing Potter and Skip was a shock. Mystie really wasn't. She was seventeen and had ongoing health problems. But she was always there with us at night. On the sofa, on the loveseat. In the kitchen wanting food.

She's going to be missed.

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