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      Thursday, August 31, 2017

05:10 PM - 08/31/2017

The topic: When the organs fail, there’s not much can be done


But DaNiece's bloodwork has always come back good. Nothing horribly out of whack. And nothing definitive about what ailed her.

When I found the picture in the previous entry with Neecy and Potter (who we're losing tomorrow, kidneys are shot), I thought about looking back at a few of the other photos I've taken of her since she's been sick. There is a definite visual change.

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02:43 PM - 08/31/2017

The topic: Back from the vet


He called my cell a little before noon and for some reason, I couldn't answer it. He called twice and both times, I was unable to pick up. I called back and gave them the number to Brian's cell. An hour later, it rang.

It isn't good news. Potter has lost over half of his weight from his last appointment (don't remember when that was). His kidneys are shot. No amount of fluids will fix them. He said we could keep him alive, but doing so wasn't the best thing for Potter, because he'll never feel good again. He said it wasn't a good way to live.

He said that he didn't have time to do it today, but to make an appointment and bring him down tomorrow. They gave him fluids to get him by overnight and we made the appointment for nine tomorrow morning and paid for everything this afternoon.

Potter has been skinny for a while now, years, but never showed any signs of not feeling well. He eats like a champ and runs all over the yard. He may have slowed down a little this year, but he's fourteen years old. It happens. I guess the lemonade thing is that it was fairly quick.

I don't much like lemonade.

Potter and DaNiece July 7. 2017

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11:25 AM - 08/31/2017

The topic: A couple of times a year


One of our favorite restaurants has a special on gift cards. You spend fifty dollars and get two ten dollar bonus buck certificates. So, seventy dollars.

The problem is, the bonus bucks have short expiration dates. For a couple of people who go out to a sit down restaurant a couple of time a year, it's tough to do with a time limit.

And you can only use one of the bonus buck certificates per meal. Well, I got two fifty dollar gift cards and four ten dollar bonus buck certificates.

The bonus buck certificates run out today. We have two left. We went to lunch yesterday and used one, which left two. We're going to dinner tonight and will use another one. Which leaves one. We'll just give it to someone there.

The lunch was pretty good. Brian had his eyes set on a burger, but then saw the French dip offering. I got a chicken sandwich, with monterey jack cheese, bacon and avocado. We both got fries. He got the full sandwich. I went with the half sandwich, fries and a salad. We were both full when we left.

We were going to go last week, but Brian couldn't walk. So, that's tough. Last month I had that summer cold from hell. Who feels like eating at a nice place when your head hurts, your nose is constantly running, you cough so hard your ribs hurt and all you want to do is sleep?

This is the second time we've done this. At least this go round, we'll only have one cert left. And now that we know we like their lunch menu, next time, I bet we use every one of them.

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10:51 AM - 08/31/2017

The topic: Dropped Potter off at the vet’s this morning


Along with a note that described how he's been acting this week. I also said to go ahead and do any work that needs to be done, bloodwork, x-rays...no need wasting time with phone calls back and forth.

This morning, he was first out the door (which is usually open, but due to the high humdity and heat we've been having, the air conditioning is on; not that it makes the house that much cooler, but there is a lot less humidity inside). I thought this was a good sign. I went out and felt his bottom and it wasn't damp. Did he pee somewhere in the house and it didn't just leak out?

I finally got him to pee a little for me, but I'm beginning to thing that his water intake has been greatly reduced through the week and he still hasn't defecated. He turned his nose up at both chicken and tuna this morning. Definitely not like our little guy. So, I called the vet about making an appointment and was told I could drop him off. I took him over there a little before ten.

And now, we wait.

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