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      Monday, July 24, 2017

12:00 PM - 07/24/2017

The topic: Amazed….


When Amazon had their big sale thing earlier this month, I got an Instant  Pot. A pressure cooker. An eight quart pressure cooker. I have an old fashioned pressure cooker, the kind you put on the stove, but I haven't used it in over ten years. I figured this electric pot might be a handy thing to have, being as the weather has been so hot and all. It has lots of settings and can be used for more than just pressure cooking.

I used it for the first time this morning. I was kind of intimidated, but I went for it. A cup of water. A frozen chicken breast, clicked the poultry button and set the time.  I cooked a frozen chicken breast in ten minutes. Cooked to shredded.

DaNiece ate a quarter of it.

I used my new appliance for kitty food. 

I have to see what else I can make besides cooked chicken breasts.


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08:54 AM - 07/24/2017

The topic: I don’t do illness well


Whatever started on Saturday, knocked me down yesterday. I don't think I've ever had anything hit me so fast and so hard.

My head hurt so bad, I couldn't stop coughing and my nose just keeps on running. What finally helped for the headache was two Excedrin (which I really try to not take because of my blood pressure). I had a temperature over 101°.

I didn't mind the chills, I welcomed them because it's been so hot all summer, but they didn't last long enough. Then I was burning up.

I used a ton of tissue. Where does it all come from? I would venture to guess I've lost five pounds just blowing my nose.

Not as bad today, I'm tired, a slight headache, lots of coughing and nose blowing. I hope it leaves soon. I have stuff I need to do.

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