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      Thursday, July 13, 2017

05:48 PM - 07/13/2017

The topic: The sick cat roller coaster


Or, when I think we may be near the end, death watch.

I thought we were there with DaNiece today. I worried about this weekend, what if she got really bad? I told Brian if she didn't turn around by next week, we might start considering...well, the end.

She seemed fine this morning, she had a jar of baby food (turned her nose up at cat food), she got her prednisilone.  An hour later she got her metronidazole, then her thyroid med. As the day wore on, she started crashing. She was wobbly, she was having a hard time lifting her head, it was scary. I could tell she wanted to drink, she'd sit by the water and do nothing.

She's been getting fluids at night, just 60cc. She came in at one point and I did the pinch test on her neck. Dehydrated. She was dehydrated. I know this stuff, but I looked up the symptoms again. And all but one fit. Around one this afternoon, she got fluids. An hour ago, she started perking up.

She'll be getting more fluids tonight. And we'll see how she's doing tomorrow, I might give her two tomorrow as well. And longer. Because it's hot here. And she's got diarrhea. Since it was a month ago today that she last saw the vet and had a bunch of tests run, I'm not worried about heart problems. Miss Elizabeth got 120cc at one sitting every day. I'm sure
DaNiece can handle 60cc twice a day. At least until after she gets over this hump.

I can't believe she's doing this much better in just four hours.

This brings back memories of Annie. She was getting 60cc a day, but she didn't make it. And the vet tried to find a vein to give her the sedative, her blood was really thick. Because she was so dehydrated. I don't want that to happen to Neecy, not if I can help it.

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02:51 PM - 07/13/2017

The topic: Stuff


I finished the card from hell yesterday. I told Brian before I had the first one finished that I was never going to make this card again.

First card finished, I had the three others left to do. I said "I have to finish these three, then I'm done."

He sez to me "you said you were never making another one of those cards."

Well, I have to finish these three, everything is cut out, I just have to assemble them. Once I've finished "this card" meaning this set. Then, I'm never making it again.

"But you said...."

Well, they're done and they're fabulous! And I learned some stuff along the way that will come in handy with other projects and I probably will make more of them, the frustration level was just pretty high with everything that could go wrong, going wrong. As well as things that shouldn't have gone wrong, but I screwed up by not taking the time to think things through. Photos later.

I was just back in the office and I was walking down the hallway. I see Mystie in the poop position in front of a wall vent. (She goes whenever the urge strikes. She's old, we just deal with it.) I ask her "are you pooping?"

Brian answers from the bedroom "no, why?"

OMG, I'm dying here....


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