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      Tuesday, July 04, 2017

10:31 AM - 07/04/2017

The topic: I’m feeling melancholy today


You know, I've got the blues. I don't know why.

Tears keep wanting to fall and I'm just not understanding where it's coming from. Maybe it's because I'm tired of sick cats. Because I'm frustrated I can't fix what's wrong with them. I held DaNiece in my arms for almost a half of an hour and finally got her to purr. She's eating and drinking, but she'll follow us and and just cry.

We think her brother Sammy is losing his hearing because he's yelling a lot, like Miss Elizabeth used to do. For the past month, he's moved from the bedroom, where he lived for years, into the living room, where there's the new cat furniture. And from there, he spends a lot of time outside laying in the grass or clover or under the catnip. He eats and drinks, he's just getting old.

This morning I found a nasty lump in Skip's mouth. It's not bleeding, it's just a big lump. He's our FIV kitty. He's lost a lot of weight this summer. He eats and it doesn't seem to bother him, he's not in any pain that I can tell. But it's a concern.

I put Advantage on sixteen cats last week. Rocky and DaNiece don't get it because they react badly. Monica and Joey didn't get it because I don't want to freak them out.  So, we still have some fleas. We're hoping the Advantage works like vaccinations do. The herd getting it will protect those who can't. I woke up yesterday morning with a flea on my upper lip. Holding DaNiece this morning I got one off of my ear. So, they're leaving the cats, that's a good thing. Being on me? Not a good thing.

I know that some places the fleas build up some sort of immunity to Advantage, but I would think to build up the immunity they'd have to be exposed to it. The only place close by that has a pet is behind us. So, I don't know where the exposure would be coming from, since our guys don't get it but a couple of times a year.

I haven't done a decent house cleaning in years. I mean, a real thorough cleaning. I need to . I want to. I used to like cleaning, although I complained about it the entire time I did it. I liked having a clean house. I really want to wash the windows and screens, but ran out of window cleaner. Brian should be getting me some this week.

And it's supposed to start getting hot again.

I just wish I had more motivation and more energy. I think I got a good start on it today. I don't have the television on. I'm listening to music. The computer wouldn't be on, but one of the pieces for the cards didn't cut out right. My bad, I fixed it, but I really didn't intend on being online today. Taking a break.

I took a third of a Xanax earlier.

I need to take a shower. That should help. I hate the blues.

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