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      Monday, December 19, 2016

07:36 AM - 12/19/2016

The topic: Today will be a package wrapping day


Yesterday, I made these little candy things, used four big bags of white chocolate chips, a sleeve of Rice Krispies and two cans of Spanish peanuts (melt the chocolate, add the other ingredients, drop onto some sort of sheet, you know, wax paper, parchment paper, foil) and let cool.

I need to find boxes for them and I'll hand these out to the mailman, the trashman and take some to the vet's office (these were requested by the vet's office). Since my back can't handle the hundreds of cookies I've made in the past, I quit making them. These things are easy enough, no heavy lifting.

I also have presents to wrap for the folks at the vet's office, things I've bought throughout the year. But I don't think I have enough for everyone. (I wish Costco still was carrying the nail polish sets.) So, I think this year I'll check out the stuff I bought to sell at lvdesigns.com (yeah, like that's a big thing any longer, I'm just not good at marketing, I guess, the only thing that people ever bought there was Benny's catnip) and the jewelry I made to sell and wrap that up. There are enough non-gender specific items already that the jewelry should be okay.

I think today should be it for holiday stuff.

The past couple of years on Christmas day, we've gone to a movie or two. I checked schedules for next Sunday and the only thing that shows playing is the Star Wars movie. We don't do Star Wars. Hopefully, they'll have something else that would interest us. Brian did mention going for a ride, we haven't done that in a long time. That might be kind of nice. And we can listen to music on the new speakers!


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07:30 AM - 12/19/2016

The topic: There’s something about sliding into a made bed at night


You know? That feeling of pulling back the spread and sliding between the sheets? Not something we've had much of lately. Why?

We don't make the bed. Why not?

Well, two reasons. Sammy and DaNiece. They've taken up residence by the pillows. And it would appear they prefer sleeping on a sheet to the bedspread. And, God forbid, we wake them or move them or annoy them in any way.

It's not uncommon for one of us hear the other one shout out "BED!" during the day. That's the call to go running into the bedroom and quickly make the bed. Before Sammy or DaNiece return.

Since this cold snap, it's not something we've been hearing much of, though.


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07:11 AM - 12/19/2016

The topic: I mentioned the weather in the previous entry


Brian slept in a little this morning. I figured he must need it, so I just let him.

When he finally got up and dressed, he came into the office and tells me how cold it is down by the pool. Yeah, I know. And I'm dreading walking this morning.

"Why, because it's so cold?"


So, he's checking out his email, then grabs a tape measure and walks out the door. He comes back in.

"I think maybe I don't want to go, either."

Yeah, we're both in delicate flower mode...

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07:00 AM - 12/19/2016
The current weather is freaking freezing! 30° down by the pool!

The topic: Okay, I’m pretty sure


The missing contact lens is indeed missing and hasn't taken up residence in my brain.

The little head voice has been quieted for the time being.

This is a fine feeling.

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