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      Saturday, November 05, 2016

02:19 PM - 11/05/2016

The topic: So, crafty!


It was so long ago that I spoke of this, but here's the outcome.

I made my labels.

Not just for the Brusho watercolors, but for my homemade alcohol inks.

Here are the alcohol inks, in steeping mode. You can see the marker innards in the bottle.

I spritzed a little of each color on a sheet of cardstock.

I numbered each section and numbered the tops of each bottle cap.

Then I cut out rectangles of the color, places a piece of Scor tape on the bank and used the inch circle cutter for each one and placed them on the bottles. I used a tweezers to get the marker pieces out of the bottles.

And then there are the Brusho bottles. They're not very big, but the top doesn't come off, there's a little hole in the top that you sprinkle the powder through. So, I did the circle cutouts with the Scor tape on them, put a very small amount of powder in a little paint thing, put a couple of drops of water with it, mixed it up and then painted a circle. I did this for each container, then attached each circle to the top of the bottle and used push pins to poke holes through the paper and seal the bottle. The hole made by the push pin is plenty big enough for a fair amount of powder to shake out of the bottle.

This is my paint container. With my little set of water colors (Amazon add on), acrylics (Walmart) and the Brusho powder. I also have a set of brushes (Walmart) and a couple of sets of water brushes (Amazon). The water brushes open up and you put water in them. The little white things a the bottom right are the color trays. Amazon.

I have amassed a plethora of rubber stamps, acrylic stamps and wooden stamps. I've been thinking of a practical way of storing them and have decided to use the Sterlite drawers I have in the garage, where I store all of my crafts (beads as well as the paper crafts). I had vinyl covers custom made for these little chests of drawers and don't want to have to bother with those (the cats really put a damper on what normal crafters can do). So, what I'm going to do is just cut out the part of the vinyl that's in front of the first four or five drawers of each chest. These will be high enough to not get marked by any of the cats and will be readily accessible to me. 

I'll do that tomorrow.


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01:49 PM - 11/05/2016

The topic: Well, it’s sure been an interesting week.


Not really.

Since we're both scheduled for our yearly physicals this coming week, we stepped up our walking. All the way up the hill formerly known as "Icky". And back down. Long walk, steep hill, but a healthy walk. This will help our blood pressure and our blood sugar.

I did a little crafting and then I read a book I got for my birthday. The Fireman by Joe Hill. I finished it on Thursday. A really good read, hard to put down. It felt great to have a book in my hands again. The Kindle is okay, but nothing beats the feel and heft of a book.

The clothesline that broke last week was fixed on Wednesday afternoon. So, Thursday was a day of laundry. Mostly stuff that covered the sofas. Mystie likes to poop on the long sofa and the cover really needed to be washed. With the weather we've been having, it dried in no time at all.

So, Thursday night I couldn't find Bernie. I opened the door to out back (she still doesn't do the cat doors) and went in search of her. I didn't find her outside, but she went outside. I watched her go from spot to spot, doing the I gotta pee squat. That squat that means she's having discomfort. I finally was able to bring her back inside and watched her in here. She went from litter box to litter box, peeing a little bloody in front of them, if at all. I have some clindamycin and I got some down her throat. That was the last time. I tried again on Friday morning and she became all claws and legs and NO. So, I gave her some mooshy food, watered down to make sure she was getting plenty of fluids to help flush her out. If this happened to one of the boys, we'd have been at the vet's office, but a lot of times these things get better on their own.

But I was so anxious about her, I ended up taking a quarter of a Xanax. When she finally calmed down and was resting, I went to bed, but I couldn't sleep, I tossed and turned. So, I got up and took one of those sleep aid pills.

We got up bright and early Friday morning, went for our walk, I made breakfast, did the dishes, then laid down on the sofa for the cats to climb all over me. Then I fell asleep for about an hour, woke up, was cold, grabbed a blanket and went back to sleep. It was the strangest thing. I didn't think I was tired. I finally got up and started doing a little of the crafty stuff I'd wanted to do, we had Jack in the Box tacos for dinner and I fell asleep on the sofa. Woke up long enough to feed the cats, then back to sleep.

Went to bed, then slept through the night and I'm fine today. I must have been really tired. Or it was the combination of Xanax and sleeping pill. That's where I'd place my bet.

Better living through chemistry.


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