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      Wednesday, September 14, 2016

05:15 PM - 09/14/2016

The topic: Remember my excitement over the clothesline?


About the same time as it was put up and put to use, Brian had turned off a huge fan he had in the shop (he had no idea that fan used as much electricity as it did). 

Got our latest utility bill a few days ago. We're down about a hundred bucks for the month. The only difference? No fan and I'm not using the dryer.


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04:39 PM - 09/14/2016

The topic: Office whimsy


On our walks, I'll pick stuff up.  If it piques my interest and is small enough, I'll slip it into my pocket. Usually, I slip pennies and nickels and dimes into my pocket. Once I slipped a ten dollar bill into it.

But other times, I find something more interesting. Like a child's little toy.

When we got married, I had a few little troll dolls. I still have them somewhere around here. This little guy ended up in the office. I call him "Trolly". As in "troll" doll. Then a few years ago, I picked up a tiny dog. Brian named him "Bolt" after the Disney animated film. On another walk, I picked up a blue whale. Name? Whaley. Then there's Deeno, the dino. I got him in a Woot Bag of Crap.

All of these little creatures ended up on top of Brian's computer. And on more than one occasion, Dammit would knock them off. Between the fax machine and the PC, or onto the floor, or behind the thermal printer. It was annoying. (For those of you who don't know this, Dammit is Bobby's tail; yes, we named his tail because it has a life of its own, without any obvious input from Bobby.)  After years of the knockdown, earlier this year I came up with a plan. I'd build a fence. With paper. Using my Silhouette.

I found an acceptable file in the Silhouette Design Store, as well as a tree. I had to do a little modification on both files to make them work, but they turned out nicely. The tree was a little trickier than the fence, because it wasn't designed to be like a round tree, just a tree that would lay against a wall. There's a fence in that file as well and and that's what I used for the fencing.

It was really adorable all put up, but Dammit still knocked it over. After the mess with the electrical earlier this week, I cleaned off the top of the computer and used some of the removable mounting pieces I bought for my photo wall to keep everything a little more safe from Dammit. It seems to have worked nicely. 

The complete scene.

Trolly in the swing.




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02:08 PM - 09/14/2016

The topic: This intrigues me


I think it would be awesome here at home when watching a movie and ask it about a cast member. Or ask it anything, anytime.  I may just spring for one. I've been looking at the regular Echo, but that's $179.99. This one is a lot more affordable.

Shop Amazon Devices - All New Echo Dot.


Some of the fun things she (Alexa) can do. (Maybe I won't have to look up movie casts when watching a movie, maybe Alexa can do it for me.)


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