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      Monday, September 12, 2016

04:29 PM - 09/12/2016

The topic: I’m beat.


I'm just worn out.

Get up this morning, the weather computer isn't on. Again. It isn't on. There's no reason for this. I turn it on. Lights flicker, it goes off. I turn on my computer. Same thing. Brian's computer won't stay on. The stereo on the file cabinets keeps restarting.


When we were having problems the other day, I thought maybe it was the outlet on Brian's side of the office. Because that's the one that was giving us problems with the battery backup. I got the outlet tester and there was no power to the bottom outlet. Okay, that needs to be changed out. I told Brian and he changed it out, looked the old outlet over, couldn't see any reason why it no longer worked. But, we're back in business. Right?

Wrong.  Weird 14110102 kept happening. Brian ended up shutting off the electrical to the entire house so he could pinpoint exactly which circuit breaker fed the office (the set up is a mess, whoever did this originally wasn't paying any attention to what went where). He found it and he told me "listen to it".  I could hear a faint clicking. The breaker needed replacing.

He went to Home Depot. He got home and didn't even come in the house, he started to change out the breaker. And the new one was a little too big for the breaker box. He had to leave again. He finally found one that would work at Lowe's and got it changed out and yay! Four hours later, we have consistent power to the office.

Then we tried to find out why the electrical in the living room wasn't working right. There's the outside patio light, an outlet in the office, and two in the living room. The tester shows an open neutral. He checked all of the outlets again, changed the switch for the light and it's still not working. I think maybe it's different breaker, but a breaker with only five things on it doesn't even make sense. Brian finally gave up and took his shower. I made breakfast.

At 11:30, he was ready to go to work.

My foot was a little better and I'd planned on staying off of it today, but walking in and out of the house, climbing around to outlets, really took its toll on my legs. Since I was hobbling, my leg muscles weren't use to it and they are so tired right now.

The weather is great at this point, nice and cool, to be cooler tomorrow. Perfect for sleeping. I hope nothing else sucky happens. I did tell him that it was great that the office was up and running again, that it could have been worse. He agreed. he said it could have been a lot worse.

So, we just plod along....

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