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      Wednesday, September 07, 2016

08:28 AM - 09/07/2016

The topic: Well, that’s been a fun morning


And it's not even 8:30 yet.

Start up the computer, get a message it can't connect to the networks. Well, why the hell not? That's what I need to find out.

The router, the new router isn't working. It keeps going off, then coming back on. The internet would be up for a few minutes, then shut down. Then come back up.

Brian was at his computer, he was losing connection, then it was back. Which is what happens when the router isn't working. And he mentions a clicking sound. Then it stops, then it starts. I tell him to check his phone (magicjack, connected to the router).  No dial tone. At my direction, he unplugs it, then plugs it back in. Now there's a dial tone.

Now, there's not.

He says "you do what you need to do, I'm going to go take a shower".  And while he's gone, I hear the clicking he was talking about. And I go over to his side of the desk and listen some more.

It's the back up power source, the battery thing. You know, in case we lose power. The modem, router, weather computer, and Brian's computer are plugged in to it. In case the power goes out, you're supposed to have enough time to safely shut everything down. And now, it's the cause of the problems. Yeah, we really need this right now.

I hit Amazon, find something for half the price of the one we're using and order it. Then I got a power switch from the other room, the one I use for charging batteries, come back into the office, unplug everything from the back up battery, unplug it, plug the power strip in and plug all the other things into the power strip and we're up and running! This should take care of things until the new power supply shows up. Yay!

Except the weather computer is really noisy. The fan isn't happy and I'm pretty sure it's because of dust, lint and dirt. Oh, well, may as well do what I can here. I wait for Brian to open up his shop, make sure the compressor is on, and I unplug everything from the back of the weather computer, take it outside, open it up, oh, my, GOODNESS!!!! The sheets of dust and dirt and lint and cat hair just peel off. This really isn't a good, healthy thing for a computer. I take it back to the shop and blow all of the crap out of it and the front cover.  Pretty sure I've gotten it all, I bring it back in, plug the computer in and start it up. It's noisy to begin with, but after it runs for about a minute, it's nice and quiet.

I plug all peripherals back in and it's good to go.

My work for the day is done. I wish.


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