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      Wednesday, July 20, 2016

11:54 AM - 07/20/2016

The topic: Do you ever wonder


If your mind started wandering and didn't come back? Or even let you know it was going?

I'm having a bear of a time keeping focused. I'm sure the heat doesn't help.

The loss of Miss E has left me with more spare time than I even imagined. My body is finally starting to feel right again after the seven months of Lexapro. I've been off of it since the last week of May, so seven weeks? Crazy. I think the pain I was in kept me from moving much and my muscles forgot what they were supposed to do. We've been doing our short morning walk all along, but I think if we were able to get out of the house before 6:30 in the morning, I'm good enough to start on the hill. The two mile walk. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it's a steep incline, it's a long hill. It's a work out.

I'm just tired of being tired. I think that's why my mind wanders. I want to catch up with it. *lol*

So, with this free time I have now, this time that I'm no longer in pain, I'm bored with television and I want to do stuff. There's always paperwork, but I can't concentrate with this heat. (Yeah, that's it...yes, it's the heat.)

And speaking of heat, in the past few months I've purchased some patterns online for quick little shirts and dresses. And after turning off the television this morning and putting down the tablet since the most recent level of Candy Crush has me so frustrated I don't even want to try, and not wanting to start any new paper craft until I find out what to do with the ones I've already made, I thought to myself "I know! I'll sew!"

So, I go through the patterns and think "I'll make one of these and one of these and oh, one of those, and one each of a short and long of that...."  I head over to my cedar chest. The one in the dining room. The one under the window.


I have it so stuffed, the back is coming off!  Wow, when did that happen? I start pulling fabric out.  "Ohh, I like that, I forgot about that one!" which went on for about a half hour. I pulled out enough lightweight cottons to make all of the things I wanted to make. It looks like I bought ten yards of each at a time. I bought a LOT! It must have been on sale. I don't care that I have so much of the same. I cut out the lengths I needed and they just got done in the washing machine, now I have to dry them (I always wash the fabric before I work with it because it smells weird and shrinkage). When I was cutting the lengths, with two different pieces I found that I'd already cut from them. Hmm...I never made anything. So, this puts me in search of the pieces cut out. I found them! Cute! Unfortunately, I'd cut them out about twenty or thirty pounds ago. It's been a while. I might try to add a panel to each side, they're just little tank top type things. Just to keep my mind from going off on its own again. Keep it busy.

Anyway, I showed Brian the back of the cedar chest (the dining room table and kitchen counter are piled high right now). I also found my other patterns, bugs have been at them, but it looks like they mostly got the envelopes the patterns are in. I put all of those in a plastic storage container. I don't think I'll be buying anymore for a while, there are a lot there. Geez...

So, Brian was kind of disgusted with the state of the lid and back. The hinge is ruined, he says it will need a new one. "And I just don't have the time to do this right now!"  That's okay, it's not going anywhere, I sweetly reply. And I look at the piles of colorful fabric....

My mind is happy.


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