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      Tuesday, June 07, 2016

09:46 AM - 06/07/2016

The topic: Why do I even have to put this in writing?


Hell, I remember things from scores of years ago and I can't remember these? Which are recent, recurring answers to my questions?

  • Oracal 651 vinyl is for outdoor use - long lasting and doesn't easily remove
  • Oracal 631 is for indoor - easy to remove and reposition
  • CB09 45 degree blades are for cardstock
  • CB09 60 degree blades are for vinyl cutting

It doesn't change. It's always the same. Why do I always have to look it up?

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07:34 AM - 06/07/2016

The topic: Walk talk


Stuff we say on our morning walks...

Last night I saw the intruder kitty out front when I took some boxes out to the dumpster. I mentioned this to Brian last night and he said he hoped it stayed out there. I told the kitty (I had no idea if he was still around) to stay in the entry way to stay safe (there's a gate on it).

On our walk this morning, I asked Brian if he'd heard the cat during the night. He said he thought he had but wasn't sure. Which made me think of something.

"Sometimes when I think I hear a cat at night, it's really just me breathing" I said. "The stuff that's in my nose makes weird noises when I breathe. Sometimes I listen and it's not my nose, but yours".

And he said "last night you made a sound so loud that it woke me up and the cats were all staring at you". Well, what was it? Was I snoring? Had I stopped breathing and finally remembered to breathe? Was I having a nightmare? He didn't know, he didn't even look at me, just listened then went back to sleep.

Now he has me wondering. Was it one of those weird ass dreams I have and I was shouting out a warning?

I'll never know.


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07:08 AM - 06/07/2016

The topic: New “official” rule


Here in the house, anyway.

When you see poop, pee or puke and you say it, the new rule is "s/he who spots it, gots it". In other words, is in charge of cleanup.

Likewise, if you don't see it and don't realize it's there.....(until you step in it with clean socks on...)

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