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      Monday, June 06, 2016

07:49 AM - 06/06/2016

The topic: What a night we had


And both of us are beat this morning.

Last evening started off normally. I made dinner (chicken alfredo with recalled CostCo peas over noodles, we live dangerously, what can I say?). Brian left to get ice cream, brought it home, two pints and both were eaten to empty last night. We watched Game of Thrones, then relaxed on our sofas, then went to bed.

A little after midnight, Bobby woke me up, running from the bedroom growling. Brian said "oh, it's just one cat surprised another'. Yeah, well...I got up and put on my shirt, grabbed a flashlight from the hallway, went into the backyard to see what was going on. Four cats were sitting behind the office, looking to the side of the house. It was odd. I shined the flashlight in that direction. Oh.

I went back inside and told Brian "we have an intruder kitty in the backyard". It took about forty five minutes to let him out, I don't think he was feral, but I know he wasn't alone because I saw another cat at the top of the fence on the outside of the yard. This guy was terrified. I think he finally realized we didn't want to hurt him, when he was trying to get out at the corner down by the pool and I stood there talking softly to him.

We had to get all of the cats in, which is something we haven't done in quite some time. They had to come in, because we needed to open a gate for this fella to leave. Note to self: once a month, do a "kitty in" drill. Find out what works. Treats? Tuna? whatever it takes to get them all in so it's easier than it was last night.

Finally, all cats in, doors locked and blocked, Brian opened the side gate. We couldn't find the cat. I finally saw him behind the dog house on the bank. Brian walked slowly up behind him, rustling the foliage. The kitty came down a little, close enough for me to touch if I'd wanted to (but it wouldn't have been good for him, so I didn't). He just laid there and we looked at one another. I told him he was a good kitty, a handsome kitty, a brave kitty and that it would be okay, he could leave now, the gate was open. He blinked at me, then made his way across the ferns, and I finally saw him jump down into the yard and walk (he didn't run) out of the opened gate. I closed the gate and locked it.

Back to bed we both went. Brian said it took about forty-five minutes. It took me hours to get back to sleep. My hips were screaming (as I told Brian, I'm sure glad my legs weren't hurting). I took a melatonin, drank some water, and stretched out on the sofa (for some reason, my hips don't hurt as much). I finally nodded off, then early this morning, went back to bed and back to sleep.

Today, I know two people who will be dragging. Brian said he wished he could go back to bed and sleep for eight hours. Yeah, that would be nice.


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