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      Sunday, April 03, 2016

10:58 AM - 04/03/2016

The topic: This past week was actually a good one


Pain aside.

You know how hard it is for me to do my paperwork. I've been dragging my feet because that's just what I do when it comes to sitting here and making entries into the Quickbooks software. I'd rather eat handfuls of pecans. Yanno?

Anyway, the week before last I got 2014 accounts payable and account receivable files pulled and boxed up, set up new folders for 2016, moved 2015 files to the "past year" position, so I was ready to hit the pile of paperwork that was always in my peripheral vision. That took a couple of days, got that all input and filed, then started on six months of bank reconciliations last Sunday.

Sunday, I got two done. Monday, I got three and a half done. I finished February's Tuesday morning (I'll do the taxes this week, I guess), then shut the PC down, headed out to the sofa, grabbed a blanket and lay there all nice and cozy, moaning at my predicament (it's actually worse in the AM). I played some Candy Crush Saga on my eensy Kindle Fire (got that for fifteen bucks off regular price on Amazon last December) and kept up with my Facebook page and read my email, which isn't very busy.

And I always checked the new product at nine pm at meh.com. Now, meh.com had a fukObukuro last April 1. An UNlucky bag. Which is actually a box with fun stuff and broken stuff and a bag for five bucks. And they hadn't had their fuku since January this year (a Valentine's fuku). I hadn't gotten one since last year, but I was okay with that, I tried once, but I was on a tablet and those are just too slow. Besides, the stuff I've gotten the last couple of times is still in boxes in the extra room (something I'd planned on straightening up last week until I made my body started slapping me for being stupid) and I told myself that I really didn't need anymore junk.

But here I was, on the computer at 8:59, on the meh.com page, hitting F5 to refresh. And sure enough, they had a fuko for sale. I got right through (only 164 got right through to make the order, people after that got hit with a pageful of Captcha images, what a PITA!). I got my fuko. Then, on Friday, one of the mehmbers posted how to get a Bag of Crap over on Woot. I missed the first couple, but scored one later in the day.

Yay! A fuko and a BOC. A good day.


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10:39 AM - 04/03/2016

The topic: Since I was in my early twenties,


I've had something that is now called irritable bowel. There's not much can be done for it. It doesn't lead to more horrible things, it just ranges from uncomfortable to downright painful. It hasn't happened often, but when it does, I'm down.

I've been to urgent care for it (back in the 90s) and had x-rays, tests, the whole shot and they could see nothing. I asked my gynecologist about it back in the 80s and he said if it's not a constant thing, if it goes away, then it's not life threatening.

But, just damn. It hurts. My latest bout started last Monday. I'm going on a week now. It's slowly getting better and that's a good thing. But this is the longest it's lasted as far as I can remember. I'm drinking lots of water, eating gentle foods and smaller portions, trying not to overwhelm my poor colon. Because of the clean colonoscopy I had a couple of years ago, I'm not worried about that.

But, just damn.

I think what brought it on this time was pecans. Pecans are good for you. Pecans help your heart. Pecans are a healthy snack. But handfuls of pecans can make one's bowels, someone with a predisposition to problems, not only irritable, but very, very angry. Mine have not only been angry, they've been in a rage.

Brian admonishes me. "You can't eat nuts like that, your body can't deal." Yeah, okay, I guess it's a teachable moment. Maybe I'll learn. This time. I didn't last time.

The last time I had this problem the cause was nuts.

Love me some nuts. Moderation goes out the window with some nuts. Peanuts, cashews, pecans, macadamias, walnuts. And my mind tells me as I pop one after another into my mouth "they're so good for you!"

Yeah. Uh huh. Right.


The heart wants what the heart wants. I just don't know if this is worth giving the heart what it wants....


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