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      Wednesday, December 02, 2015

10:16 AM - 12/02/2015

The topic: Starting work on the holiday cards


I've made my list and am going to make an extra five cards. At least, that's the plan at this point.

I pulled the paper yesterday and looked at the pictures of the sample cards. Go through the paper I've picked out. Hmmm....need different patterns than I've got. Instead of buying premade cardstock, I figured I'd head over to Etsy and buy some digital paper packs. People design graphics to be printed at home on cardstock. I found some really nice ones, I hope they'll work. I've been waiting for Lorelei to get off of my printer so I can start figuring out the best settings for the designs. Just noticed she's gone.

Woohoo! Off to feed Miss E (she rubs her head on her soft food bowl and that makes a really annoying noise when it keeps hitting the floor), then start printing...

I love this stuff.

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10:06 AM - 12/02/2015

The topic: Update


I'm here!

It's really weird, you know how sometimes when you have a headache or a muscle ache you can take a med and it kicks that pain's ass? And other times that same med doesn't do diddly squat? And you're stuck with the pain?

Well, I have that problem with benedryl type meds for my allergies. Except it's not that they don't take care of that infernal "gee, I really need to pop, but I just can't do it" feeling in your ear, they do great on that. It's that you can't keep your eyes open. And other times, no problem at all, you can do all sorts of things....

Allergies this past week were bad, sinuses were blocked, even using the nose cleaning thing (like a neti pot, it shoots a warm solution up the nose, head tilted over the sink to flush the crud from one side, then the other), which kind of helped, but not all the way, had me running for the benedryl. The non-popping ear, the grinding of the teeth, was unbearable. And this week, the benedryl knocked me on my butt. I hope that's all done.

I've got too much to do to be sidelined.

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