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      Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10:44 AM - 11/10/2015

The topic: So, we’re watching television last night


And Lorelei started gakking. It sounds horrible. She was doing it right next to Brian's ear and he jumped up, very concerned. I told him "it's her teeth". She does this every few years and gets to go to the vet and have a dental and have teeth pullled.

I saw her eating kibble off of the patio that was soft from the rain we've been having off and on. I got her to eat a jar of baby food. She had a few tiny pieces of chicken breast earlier. She's sleeping now.

I called the vet and luckily, they're able to get her in on Thursday, so it shouldn't be that bad for her.

Poor kitty.

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10:30 AM - 11/10/2015

The topic: It’s been twelve days


Since I started the Lexapro. The first ten days I was really, really tired. I slept a lot. And my stomach was pretty upset, too. But yesterday, I didn't seem to have any of those problems. I'm sleeping a lot better, and I think I have more energy. I was told it takes up to three weeks for its full effect.

I'm not sure about the energy because last Friday, I borked the top of my bunion foot. I'm not sure if it was the loop I put on my bunion toe and put the extension around the toe next to that (I'm pretty sure my foot problems all stem from the bunion) and pulled it (and the toe next to it) straight. It may have affected the muscles and nerves going back to my ankle, the ones on the top of my foot. I only had it on for a couple of hours, so I can't see how it could have done that much damage. It's burny and achy, It's not as bad today as it was this weekend, but it's hard to walk. I just have to wait for it to get better.

Also, the change in the weather brought on my allergies. I tried a generic Zyrtec on Sunday, but I totally forgot that it doesn't work on the symptoms of my allergies (my right ear keeps trying to pop and I grind my teeth to the point that my jaws ache). So, it was back to the generic Benedryl. Which puts me to sleep.

I know that aging sure beats the alternative, but I'd sure like to have some perky days. I want to clean the house, I want to dust and vacuum and wash the walls....


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