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      Monday, October 12, 2015

11:08 AM - 10/12/2015

The topic: Strangest thing happened Saturday


And it was more than a little frightening. Okay, I've been under a lot of stress the past couple of weeks. This heat has really gotten to me. I believe I'm a little depressed.

It was late afternoon, I was outside and watching Opie. He looked like he was having a little difficulty peeing. And I'm thinking "please, no more, I need a break, I just need an effing break"....when I stood up, the weirdest thing happened to my left eye.

At the outer corner of my vision, at the edge, it was like looking through clear gel, that was spiked on either side. Down the center of the gel, were rainbow colors, like a prism. Whoa....not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. I came inside the house. Then it got weirder.

I couldn't see out of the center of my right eye. I tried to read the temperature on the thermometer in the bedroom, the digital one with the huge numbers. I put on reading glasses. I got out a flashlight. I could see kind of around it, but not the numbers. Okay, anxiety level is about as high as you could imagine by this point. I'm really, really scared. I sat down on the sofa and picked up a magazine. The people on the cover had no faces. If I looked out via my peripheral vision, I could sorta see faces, but not looking straight on.


My mind was racing. Stroke? I grabbed the blood pressure monitor. Really? I'm going blind here and my blood pressure and heart rate are awesome. Okay, take a deep breath. Sit down, relax a minute. Breathe in, breathe out. Calm the hell down.

Feeling a tiny bit better, I walk into the kitchen, trying to reassure myself. I do the one pot from dinner. WTF? My left thumb starts to go numb. It goes up into my index finger. I finish washing the pot and lid, take a quarter of a xanax and go lay down on the sofa. I count to ten breathing  out. I count to ten breathing in. I drink a lot of water. I drink a Gatorade (pinching my skin, it stayed tented, which indicates dehydration).

Within an hour, everything was back to normal (the numb thumb lasted minutes).

I slept like a rock that night.

Sunday morning, I coughed when I woke up and there was a sharp piercing pain behind my right eye. From my cheek up to my forehead. I couldn't get any air from the right nostril. A sinus problem. Which explained a lot. Allergies. We were having Santa Ana winds which blow a lot of crap through the air. I took an allergy pill and by last night, all was back to normal.

No problems today at all.

I'm not posting this to alarm anyone, I'm okay, I just wanted it in writing for future reference. And I will bring all of this up to my doctor on my next appointment. I've come to the conclusion this was all a culmanation of what's been going on for the past couple of weeks. Autumn, the truck, low funds, allergies, the heat, the diarrhea, the dehydration, then Opie having problems (he doesn't)?

I think my body just hit the wall.


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