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      Wednesday, September 16, 2015

03:38 PM - 09/16/2015

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I haven't been on much the past couple of weeks. I was working on the car decals, which was as frustrating as hell. I'm like a dog with a bone and I just keep at it until I get it right.

Last week we got hit with a pretty crummy heat wave. Lots of humidity. Wednesday, the temperature outside was 106.5°. We had the fans running night and day, as well as the air conditioner. Even though it was set at 80° we went over our CARE allotment and that ended our monthly discount for being poor.

I signed up for our utility company's offer to watch your usage online. Needless to say, it was really high. They had three days where if you used less energy, you could get a break on those hours, so we did. Along with this is the information on how much you've used each day and an estimate of your next bill. One of the things we did to drop the usage was I turned off the computer and all of the peripherals. The external drives, the USB ports, the printers, the monitor...everything was off.

And it dropped. Our usage dropped. I can't even believe how much it used. Yes, it cooled off and the fans and a/c aren't running. But without my workstation on, it dropped dramatically. So, I won't be online so much. When I have things to post, like photos or movies, I'll post them, but no more running back here to see if I have any mail. I can check that on my little tablet. And not being back here, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting more active around the house.

So, one of the things I did do was I got the Tinkerbell decal done. Well, the first one, the test one. Here's what it will look like on the car (this is the actual decal on black paper);

Her wings are made of vinyl with an etched appearance. The holographic vinyl got here and it's really nice, but it is removable. So, I'll be doing the decal as above and cutting a second set of wings with the holographic (which looks iridescent), which we'll put over her the wings. That way, if they somehow get lost, she still has her wings.

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