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      Tuesday, August 04, 2015

09:31 AM - 08/04/2015

The topic: Before I go


A word about Miss Elizabeth, the grande dame...she's not had a seizure since the one earlier this summer. She seems to be doing well, but her wrists really seem to bother her and for a while now, her back legs don't seem really steady. I don't doubt at her age (almost twenty-two) some of it is arthritis. Brian made steps for the family room that go up to the sofa in front of the bay window where she likes to sleep. But the asshole Charlie has taken to sleeping in that corner of the sofa and smacks her when she tries to get around him and she's taken a couple of tumbles. This past week, she spends her time in the bedroom (where she also has stairs to the bed).

I have some liquid I got a few years back at Amazon. I meant to order just one bottle, but I clicked wrong and ended up with three. It's glucosamine for cats. "Joint Max".

I checked the expiration date. There was none. So, I started her on this about a week and a half ago.

I am amazed. It takes at least three weeks for it to have full effect, but oh, my. There is a noticible difference.  Where she used to lay down to eat in my bathroom (she gets soft food as often as she wants), she's now standing up part of the time. To see her actually walk over to the bowl instead of me putting the bowl in front of her...her fur looks better and I think I saw where she'd been grooming herself yesterday (cat spitty fur stuck together on her side, it smelled like cat food). And I see her cleaning her paws and face more often.

She's not screaming as much as she had been (she's deaf, so she screams) and she's actually been eating more kibble (there is a bowl of kibble and a bowl of fresh water in the bathroom). Brian is usually the one who gets up in the middle of the night to feed her. She didn't want to be fed until 4:30 this morning, where it's usually every couple of hours (no wonder he's tired...I sleep right through it). He said it was nice.

I know she's not going to be outside running around and chasing bugs, but if this is making her more comfortable, it's a good thing.



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09:13 AM - 08/04/2015

The topic: I’m back


I hope the loss of Cecil helps in the long run. U.S. airlines are no longer handling the spoils of the murder of endangered species. Donations have greatly helped some of the organizations that are studying these species. Australia has banned all import of these spoils (I refuse to call them trophies, they are not). The world is finally taking note.


It's been hot and humid here. I finally got completely caught up with my paperwork last week and left the office. I did a bunch of laundry and actually got it put away. I made some new stamps. Had problems. Made more stamps. The stamps I made in the morning were so much better than the ones later in the day which had me wondering if the ambient heat was a factor. I'll have to contact support. I found out the hard way I don't want to waste the polymer, the price has really gone up since I got my first order back in May.

Cut some more cardstock, made a few new projects, I need to photograph them and will post them later.

We had passes for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. last night, but we didn't go. Neither of us anticipated standing in line in the heat for two hours, then getting home late. Brian's been so busy and he's worn out. It's great that he has the sales, but he works seven days a week and if something happens, it pushes the customers back. Right now, his lead time is about nine weeks.  People have asked if they paid more, could they get the links done sooner, but Brian won't do it. It's not fair to the customers that have been waiting. Others tell him to hire someone. Yeah, he used to have employees and most years, they made more than Brian did (he was a great boss). And then there's the problem of training someone to do the work as well as Brian does, who has his work ethic. Yeah...no employees. Well, raise the prices. Which Brian won't do. He refuses to gouge people, just because he could. It's just not right. (I love his moral values...) So, there's not a lot of extra time. He told me last night "we don't need to go to free movies now, we can afford the twenty bucks it would cost us".

I have a small amount of paperwork to do, dishes in the sink and I really do need to vacuum and dust. I'd best get to it before it gets too hot.




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