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      Monday, July 13, 2015

06:24 AM - 07/13/2015

The topic: I love it when a plan comes together


Remember the stamp making kit I got last May? And that I made stamps? Well, Brian is finally ready to start using the ones I made, so it was time for me to put them together for use.

He'd gotten acrylic sheets at a local plastics place (used to be called Ridout Plastics, but they've changed their name to EPlastics and their online presence is http://www.eplastics.com). The thing about going to the brick and mortar store is they have scrap material. Pieces that are left over from bigger orders, but not big enough to sell as sheets. For ten bucks he got 18" of acrylic 3/8" thick (one piece was ten inches, the other eight inches, both twenty inches long). That will make a fair amount of acrylic blocks for stamping. yippee

I bought some empty, wooden thread spools on eBay (from China) for handles. For my scrapbooking use, I wouldn't need handles, but for Brian, the plan was to glue the stamps to the blocks, then glue a handle (I've found that Beacon 3-in-1 glue works well on most of my projects) onto the other side of the block. Changing out the stamps wouldn't be practical for him.

Anyway, last night, I finished this project (he planned on using them on a shipment that's going out today). And I think they'll work nicely.

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The cheapest personalized stamp I could find to buy was about thirteen dollars. Stamps this size would be around twenty. And that doesn't include the block or the "handle". There are ten stamps there, stamps alone would cost around $200.00. The stamp maker kit was under $110.00. The spools cost $7.18 for twenty of them on eBay.

I think this stamp making kit will easily pay for itself. Wait, it already has.

And the nice thing? That weird smell wore off of the stamps. There is no odor to them now. Yay!


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