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      Sunday, July 12, 2015

09:20 AM - 07/12/2015

The topic: I think I’ve mentioned NotPancho


The kitty who looks like Pancho? The kitty who I think is Pancho's brother? The kitty who can climb the fence and get into the yard with no problem? And the same kitty who can climb the fence and get out with no problem?


Late one evening last week, I took a bag of cat crap out to the dumpster. And there was NotPancho, under the truck. I talked to him. He came over to me. He let me pet him for a few seconds then backed off, hissing (you know, the stray cat "I've been on my own for years now, I won't let you into my heart because humans just throw a kitty out like so much trash"). But he stayed by me. He let me pet him some more. The petting worked better if I let him do the work, just held my hand out and he rubbed his head on it. I sat down and he came even closer. He sat next to me and started rolling around on the cement, showing me his belly (I resisted...).

I took these this morning. I thought I'd taken video, but I guess my fat finger didn't push the button hard enough. It would have been great, it was NotPancho on the wood around the pool pump, Sagwa jumped up behind him, Spot jumped in front of him. Three cats, with NotPancho in the middle. Then I recorded him getting out of the yard. I was pretty frustrated when I realized the camera wasn't recording. Damn it.

But, I did get these pictures of him (with Pancho). Clicking on a picture will take you to a bigger photo in my family album; clicking on that picture will open a larger photo.

So, this is the face of the kitty I call NotPancho. I want him to stay here and not leave.


Here he is with Pancho.


Pancho turns around. See the resemblence? You get a better idea with the bigger photo.

NotPancho has not been neutered and he has the huge hard head of a tomcat. But he seems really sweet and the cats are more curious than anything. I don't think there would be any fighting if he stayed. I think if we could get him fixed, it would go a long ways towards having him stay in the yard. When we watched him go over this morning, he actually jumped from the wood floor where the pool pump is to the top of the wire. Brian watched, shaking his head, muttering "this isn't good, this isn't good". He's afraid the other cats will try.

And, of course, he'll need a name, NotPancho is not a name.

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