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      Thursday, June 11, 2015

05:17 PM - 06/11/2015

The topic: Well, that was fun.


I'm lying. It wasn't fun at all. I'm working on making new stamps. I finally get everything figured out and lined up and start the printer. I look at the negatives. Are they black enough? I don't know, I can't tell. Maybe I should run the printhead cleaner utility.

I run it. I do a nozzle head test print (a page with lines of each color and a box with like a black and white checkerboard). It doesn't look right. I run the head cleaner again. I've lost all yellow and orange. This sucks. I get the yellow back. By this time I've gotten a couple of messages that I've run out of this color or that color. I pull up the offending cartridge and reseat it each time. Finally, I figure I'll run the automatic clean. The thing stops part way through. I'm getting alternating blinking lights on the control panel. Turn it off and on. Still won't run, still the lights blink.  Do a little research.

It would seem that the machine thinks I've made enough copies. This thing counts and keeps it a secret until it's done. And it stops at 15,000. The counter needs to be reset (see the comments section of this old entry). Since I've got the waste system installed, I know the ink isn't on the pads. It hasn't gone there for close to two years. It gets dumped outside down one of the railroad ties that does duty as a retaining wall. I find where to download the reset utility. I run it, the counter is reset and I'm back in business.

This has probably taken me three hours.

I reprint the negative page. It looks just like the one I didn't think was okay. But probably is.



Oh, well, tonight I'll make more stamps. I'm curious how they'll turn out because the designs are more intricate that I made for Brian. Fingers crossed.



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01:29 PM - 06/11/2015

The topic: I’m totally disgusted with Chrome as a browser


For a while now, I've been using an old version with some coding that allows me to run old applets. For the past month or so, I've been getting a warning bar across the top of my weather page (http://weather.lisaviolet.com) that the plugins on that page will no longer work in the near future. Same thing over on the UPS website, when I need to get the labels printed out (there's an app for the thermal printer). This morning, I was getting all sorts of blank spots on Facebook, the notifications didn't work. Over on the webcam main page, my menu on the right didn't have any graphics and on the weather page, none of the link images were there. Same thing on the weather page. All of my linked images weren't showing. And the kicker? I couldn't login to our local utility website to see our latest bill. I could input my user name and password, but there was no submit button.

But they showed up just find in Internet Explorer. I don't like Internet Explorer. But it was working.

I used to take my mom to her doctor's appointments. We'd go in the Mustang because she could easily get into it. The car had passenger windows that the driver could operate and lock. One day on the way to her appointment, her window was open and she was yelling and cussing at a truck who had pulled up to the right of us to make a right hand turn. I told her to stop, but she wouldn't. My mom had some boundary issues, I don't doubt that she thought she was being "cute". I wasn't amused by her actions, so I rolled her window up and locked it. Boy, was she mad.

But I did this as a safety issue. I didn't want this guy to get all nuts because of this old woman shouting at him and run into me or shoot us. It wasn't as if he was doing anything that was endangering our lives, you know?

Google Chrome is doing the same thing. They're rolling up that window and locking it so that I can't use plugins that I've been using forever. Like the remote control on the backyard camera, the one that moves it via the internet. Is it an old outdated application? Sure, but there's nothing to replace it. The scrolling weather information on my weather page? I like that scrolling app. I like the label printing app on the UPS website. I like facebook parts working as they're supposed to. I'm an adult. I do safe websurfing. It's bad enough a web browser screams that things aren't safe, but to take away the option to make that decision for myself?

Hello, Firefox.

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