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      Monday, June 08, 2015

05:59 PM - 06/08/2015

The topic: So, today was an easy day…


I got the floors cleaned. Well, except for my loathed bathroom floor (which I have to get on my hands and knees to clean), the office, the laundry room and the kitchen. The last three, well, I just ran out of steam. I vaccumed the floors and cat trees, then got out the Floormate, washed the family room, dining room, living room, bedroom and hallways, then went over them again with just water (because they felt sticky to my bare feet).

So, today, I figured I'd do some crafty stuff. Everything was going nicely, then I walked outside to say something to Brian back in his shop, came back, sat down and got this awful feeling of "man, I'm gonna nod out right here, it's an effort to hold my eyes open"...it was the strangest thing. And I'd had two cups of coffee and one zip fizz. And all I wanted to do was lay down. 

So, I did. Took a short nap, got up and got moving again. Brian had twelve packages to ship today, I so did the labels for those and then started working on new graphics for my stamps.

Do you know how hard it is? When I did Brian's, he handed me a list. Done in no time at all. But now, it's my turn. 

I have a sheet of film that's 11 x 8.5.  The largest stamp I can make is 4 x 2.75. Now, anyone who's into stamping knows that there's really not going to be that many times you'd use a stamp of that size. I found I can get four to five sentiments on a 4 x 2.75 stamp. I can get six 4 x 2.75 "negatives" on an 11 x 8.5 piece of film. That would be twenty-four to thirty sentiments. crazy Okay, I can do addresses, maybe two to a sheet. And a couple of other things. I'm at four stamps. I have two more to figure out. 

The mind. She's blank. I'm getting nothing from that creative voice. WAKE UP!!!!

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05:19 PM - 06/08/2015

The topic: So, we got the first really hot day of “summer”


Although it's technically still spring. The first since the trees have been cut back and pretty much stripped of foliage. I didn't realize that it would affect our house, particularly the front yard.

Usually the front of the house is in shade pretty much most of the day. A pleasant place to be. Not today. It was over 106° at the thermometer in the bedroom (the kind that has a wire going outside). At the back of the house, it was 100°. At the pool, it was over 128°. The pool water was 85°.

Well, if it's any consolation, if it's that hot at our house, I can imagine how hot it is next door. In the past years, we've made accommodations for the summer heat on the west side of the house. Attic fan, shades, blinds...we're used to it. Enjoy the summer, neighbors, after all these decades of free shade....and just keep reminding yourselves that trees are good for nothing unless they're fruit trees. 


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