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      Friday, June 05, 2015

mrs. crankypants
09:27 PM - 06/05/2015

The topic: Stupid commercials


The ad for an erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra? Any one of those with the good looking woman telling men that it's common for men over the age of forty to have problems. You know what I'd like to see?

An ad with a good looking man, telling women that over a certain age, it's not uncommon for women to have vaginal dryness, making intercourse painful, with a knowing, wink wink nod nod look on his face. And go on to extol the virtues of a drug that makes everything all peachy keen again. 

Think it would happen? I don't. It would skeeve men right out. OMG, women have problems? Hands over ears, lalalalalalalala!

I hate ED adds. More than I hate Progressive ads.

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07:05 PM - 06/05/2015

The topic: Stupid program upgrades


Upgraded my video software a few weeks ago. Major conflict with my current plugins (the stuff that makes the cool transitions and special effects) and it wouldn't load. I know what the problem is. I bought all of these plugins as they were released from NewBlueFX. Then Corel started adding them to their software upgrades (ultimate). Between the original NewBlueFX and the Corel FX, there are duplicates. And they do not play well together. 

The problem is figuring out which ones are the duplicates. Is "chromakeypro" the same as "chromakey"? It's trial and error. Remove one, start the program? Does it load? No? Remove that plugin and re-start the program. Does it load? Yes, okay, on to the next plugin. I wish there was an easy way to see which ones it crashes on. 

Anyway, the only way to get the version eight to run was to completely uninstall it, the re-install and start over. Except I started getting an error message at re-install. Contacted Corel, they got back to me. Didn't feel like doing it right then, so put it off. Started working on it this morning, they sent me the wrong file to install. So, while I was waiting for them to send me the correct one, I managed to get it re-installed. Just the basic at this point.

But my working version, version six, doesn't work. After fooling with it for a couple of hours, I decided to uninstall it and start from scratch reloading the plugins.

Honestly, I'd rather be washing floors, today would have been a great day to clean. But I can't do videos without the software. 

Right now I'm doing a defrag of the hard drive, then will try the re-install again tomorrow. 

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07:35 AM - 06/05/2015

The topic: Only five and a half years to go!


Of reconstructing the old weblog entries. There is a problem with the linking of photos to the larger photos in the gallery (pre-2011), I have no idea what happened there. I'll have to hand code all of those. Until then, if someone wants to see a bigger one they'll have to look for it. *lol*

But if the visitor counts on the photos are any indication, not too many people care about the larger photos. 

It's been two years, it's about time I fixed this.

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the morning walk
07:24 AM - 06/05/2015

The topic: Wow


there are bunnies around. Lots of bunnies at the top of the hill where we walk. Bunnies by the elementary school.

Last year they did a lot of work to the school (it's become a magnet school) and they prettied it up. Made another driveway, made another parking lot. I'm sure many bunnies were displaced when they did this.

They planted some plants and they get watered. And there are the weeds that come with the plants. Well, Brian started pulling a weed here and there because it bothered him. He put them by another tall weed that he did not pull. Oddly enough, the weeds would be gone from that place the next time we walked by. But no other weeds had been pulled. Strange, right? If someone was picking up the weeds that Brian pulled, why not pull all of the weeds? Somehow, it caught our attention the next time we walked there that the larger weed he'd pulled the day or so before, was still there, only stripped of leaves. Hmm....

So, he tried it again when we walked there on Wednesday, this time with a bigger, taller weed. This morning? Stripped. So, the bunnies are eating the weeds that he's pulled. The stalks are still there, but the rest of it's stripped. 

This morning he pulled a bigger and taller weed and left it by the other weeds, not by the lone weed. We'll see how it looks next week.

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