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      Tuesday, June 02, 2015

05:19 PM - 06/02/2015

The topic: She’s gone


She had a good last day. She had ham baby food this morning, her metacam, she went outside and spent some time in the yard and this afternoon was back in the house, in her basket sleeping soundly.

She was taken out of the carrier at the vet's office and he sedated her, let her back in the carrier, then we waited and visited as she fell asleep. Once she was under, he took her out and she got the final injection.

He said that she was still going at this point was miraculous because this is a very painful cancer. When I told him about the past few days of her hanging out in the yard and just doing things she hasn't done for a while, he said "animals know".

While we had been in the waiting room, we were talking with the receptionist and settling up the charges, I told her that Jackie would be waiting for her and went on about how they were husband and wife.

Then in the examining room, she came in and she told Katie that she'd be all beautiful again and her mouth would be normal in heaven and here husband would be there for her and then I said "and you can have little babies" and Shannon said "No! That stuff doesn't happen in heaven!" It was pretty funny (for a solemn time). 

So, Katie is being cremated and we should have her remains back next week. I know she's in a better place. Brian said for him it was when the tumor on her mouth didn't close over. It would split, then heal, but the past three days, there has been no healing.

Godspeed, Katie Blue and thank you for keeping me warm all of these years. Stop by in my dreams sometime, okay?

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09:07 AM - 06/02/2015

The topic: I just made the appointment for Katie


We'll be taking her in at 4:30 this afternoon. It's just harder and harder for her to eat and drink. After she rallied last week, she's getting close to hitting the wall. 

She's probably had a jar or watered down baby food this morning, but it's only in small amounts, then she runs off. 

She spent last night on the sofa against Brian and I woke up to her snuggled up against me in bed. She's tired. You can tell her spirit is still strong, but the cancer is winning.

It's time to say goodbye and send her on her way. I know her husband will be waiting for her at the bridge.

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