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      Monday, June 01, 2015

04:28 PM - 06/01/2015

The topic: Ended up at the vet today with Marco


I tried giving him some yummy food and he turned his nose up, he did eat a couple pieces of kibble, jumped down onto the floor, went behind the loveseat and puked (greeney, bile looking stuff) and then went behind the sofa to the other side and pooped. Then he laid down breathing hard.

Remember last year he had a coughing problem. Well, he still coughs, but not all the time, so that was a concern. I really didn't like the breathing hard, though. Luckily, they had an opening and I took him in.

After bloodtests and x-rays, his lungs are fine, his heart is fine, his kidney values aren't a cause for concern. There are some things in his lungs and she told me that it was from allergies (hence the coughing). She said he'd had some broken ribs in the past, old injury and they had a calcium buildup on them and I was at a loss to explain them. She said that there was some sort of tissue that had pushed part of his body up (he's always had a weird shaped body). She showed me where there was gas in his intestine and the organs were bunched up, but that could be from dehydration. He also has a fever and higher than normal white blood cell count, so he has an infection somewhere.

I was showing her the video of him going into the carrier I'd posted on Facebook a while ago and I was explaining why we think he does this when it dawned on me. Marco's ribs show signs of breakage because they were probably broken when he fell off the retaining wall. Back when there was the small dispute over ownership of the chain link fence after the dogs over there charged the fence and Marco fell. So, I told her about that and she didn't feel so bad about the old injuries to him, I think she was a little apprehensive about this. I can't believe I'd forgotten about it. 

Anyway, he got an antibiotic shot, fluids, and he'll be on Orbax for ten days. If he doesn't show signs of improvement by Wednesday, she wants me to bring him back in.

I'm pretty relieved that it doesn't look like anything bad at this point.

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