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      Thursday, May 28, 2015

02:25 PM - 05/28/2015

The topic: “Paperwork be damned”


Is what will be on my headstone...

So, instead of doing the paperwork with the Imagepac Stampmaker kit being the reward, I started with the stampmaking machine. I justified it like this "if I don't test it out, I won't be able to concentrate on the paperwork". And I did one stamp from start to finish. I did the artwork for all of the stamps Brian wants, had him proof read what I'd done, then printed them out. Then I cut one out and realized that there was going to be a problem. I kinda sorta used the A7 sizing, but it wasn't quite right. The problem would be that there would be clear space around the artwork and the lighting. And the mats that came with the kit weren't quite right for blocking the light. 

I got a piece of black cardstock (with a black core) and cut it to size. I cut out the center area so that it would work around the text on the negative (I'm going to make more of these with different size opening; I'm sure there will be a need for them). I placed the negative, the mat, the gel in the clamp, did the timer (six seconds with the clamp one way, then flipped it over and used the timer for a hundred seconds the other way). 

I then took the gel pack over to the kitchen trash, cut around the outside, peeled the one layer off, wiped a lot of the excess gel off with papertowels, then started the cleaning. I spent a good amount of time with this because I wanted to make sure all of the excess gel was removed. Then I put it in the tray for hardening, and instead of two minutes, went for about five and a half minutes. I really don't like how sticky my sample stamp turned out last night. Once hardened, I cut around the design and tested my very first custom stamp. (Clicking on a picture will take you to a bigger photo in my online album; clicking on that picture will open a larger photo.)

This is pink because when I made the test stamp, I used the first color I grabbed out of my ink box. Wild Orchid by Ranger. 

The back of the stamp.

Look at the definition on the lettering. I was really surprised at how nicely it turned out.

The cling vinyl, ready for application.

The acrylic block. This was in the Silhouette Stampmaking kit, the one that gave me fits. No complaint about the blocks that came with it.

Stamp assembled.


And the result.

Like I said, I'm really happy with this. After all the research I did and all of the instructions and disaster stories I read beforehand, I was thrilled it worked on the first try. This just doesn't happen for me. I always make some mistake along the way. 

Brian said he'll go to San Diego to a local plastics place and check out their remnants so we can make our own acrylic blocks. He figures that will be the cheapest way to go, since he's not going to want to assemble these things each time he needs one.

And now that I know it will work and work nicely...

Eyes the stack of paperwork....


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06:28 AM - 05/28/2015

The topic: I made stamps last night!


From the sample negative. There's a "happy birthday", the numbers 1,2 and 3, "handmade by", a little Christmas ornament and a heart with the words "home sweet home" in the center. So, I used the negative and one of the gel packs, followed the directions and made all of those stamps! 

I cut them apart and used some cling vinyl and printed out a little Home Sweet Home" sentiment. It was adorable! And the cling vinyl is washable; as I said yesterday, these gel packs don't make stamps that are sticky on the front so you either have to glue them to the acrylic or use some sort of binder. The cling vinyl worked nicely for me and it's washable which makes it reusable.

The only downside of this is the smell of the gel. After the stamp is made, you have to cut the pack apart and get rid of all of the gel that didn't harden and do a thorough wash of the stamp itself to remove all of the excess gel (if you don't do this, during the final step, the hardening, this remaining gel will affect the finished stamp). It's awful! Brian mentioned it when he walked into the kitchen as I was rinsing off the gel. The finished stamps have a residual odor to them, which I sure hope goes away with airing out. 


So, now that I have something I really, really want to do, that will be my carrot. (Looks over at the growing pile of paperwork.) Next on the list is to make my own negatives so then I can make truly custom stamps.

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