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      Saturday, May 23, 2015

02:55 PM - 05/23/2015

The topic: So Katie says


"It's not that I'm not hungry, mom, I just don't like what you gave me. It was pretty yummy yesterday, but not so great today. So, thank you for the jar of chicken baby food that you warmed up. That was tasty. Now, I'll try to do a little grooming, then go back to  my napping."

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10:20 AM - 05/23/2015

The topic: Katie woke up


Wanting to eat. I got her food ready, she lapped a small amount off of a spoon. Fortunately, the spoon had the metacam in it, so she got her pain meds.

The thing is, she didn't eat very much at all. The enlarging tumor is making it harder and harder for her to eat. Maybe it's the pain, but the size doesn't help. I'll feed her again in an hour or so, hoping she eats more. 

It's very hard to do this, because she's in good spirits when she's awake, she loves being petted. She's alert and interested in what's going on around her. But she can't eat. Brian said something about syringe feeding, but that would mean putting something in her mouth. Even if she was the kind of cat who would allow something like that, I think it would be pretty painful.

It's looking like her time is getting near. The tumor doesn't bleed hardly at all, but one of these days she won't be able to swallow. And that would be horrific. 

I hate this. I hate death watch.


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mrs. crankypants
08:50 AM - 05/23/2015

The topic: Remember my problems with the post office?


Earlier this month? Well, what I've found out so far from talking with my mailman is that it was delivered to a different street with the same address numbers. 

The relief driver told the regular driver that the people admitted having gotten it. The problem? The people who live there have been evicted.

So, we know it was delivered. We know who got it. We DON'T know where they are and what they've done with my package. I sent an email to the local post office on Monday, asking about the status of this and I also sent a copy of the invoice for the blades ($33.98).  So far, I've not heard back (this was the same supervisor who told our mailman not to deliver a box to us that was priority mail because there was other mail that was more important that needed delivery - this was a huge fight with Brian and the post office; he went down there to pick up the package, there was stuff in there he had promised a customer that we'd have it out in the mail that day).

I'll give her until June 1 to respond. If she hasn't, I'll send another mail to the file a claim contact form on USPS and explain the whole thing. I want my blades or I want my money. This wasn't a seller error, this wasn't my error, it was a post office error (and it's been admitted it was a post office error) and I want it rectified.

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