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      Tuesday, May 19, 2015

06:46 PM - 05/19/2015

The topic: Well, the sticker on the back of the car worked


Someone came, got into it and drove off less than an hour ago. Yay! 

Why on earth would you leave your car parked on a street where you did not live for over two weeks? Until there was the threat of towing?  


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mrs. crankypants
07:28 AM - 05/19/2015

The topic: And on the walk this morning


Speaking with another neighbor, all of this work they've been doing on the roads isn't done yet. Well, they're not working on the road, but the water lines and to get to the water lines, they have to dig up the road. The two cul-de-sacs water isn't passing inspection for bacteria. Our water is fine, our street's water is fine. It's those offshoot lines. And before the work can be deemed finished, the bacteria has to be out of the lines.

And, in this drought ridden area, gallons and gallons of water is being flushed out of the pipes (and down the road and into the ocean). I guess someone from another street, who sees all this water actually stopped and threatened the workers. They were ready to call the sheriff's to come out and take care of this guy. Hey, no one likes to see the water wasted, but threatening guys who are just doing their jobs isn't a productive way to handle the situation.


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mrs. crankypants
07:20 AM - 05/19/2015

The topic: So, about that car


Yesterday I made some phone calls. First I called the Santee Sheriff's station and was told to call the California Highway Patrol. I gave all of the information about the car and dispatch told me someone would be right out. (I wasn't expecting this, really, the car isn't in the way of traffic, it's not an emergency.) 

Eight hours later, at the same time we were leaving to go shopping, a CHP car was behind the abandoned car. We went over and spoke with the officer. He told us the car wasn't registered to anyone in this neighborhood or area. So, he tagged it and if and when it's still there in seventy-hours it will be towed.

Brian mentioned to me on our way to Walmart (needed more baby food for Katie - she's eating less and less and sleeping more, her time is nearing, her chin is huge) that he thinks they're back to selling drugs around the corner again. And he wouldn't doubt if it was one of their customers who can't remember where they left their car. I had to laugh, I can imagine calling the tow yard every couple of days "Yeah, do you have a white Ford Mustang, plate number.....?"

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