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      Monday, May 04, 2015

06:34 PM - 05/04/2015

The topic: Last month


Over on http://www.meh.com I got an IP camera, a Foscam. It took three weeks to get here (it showed up the day after I released Boyd) and I was put off because it took so long to get here (they ran out). 

Anyway, I set it up last week and it's awesome! Totally awesome! But how to get the streaming to the interwebs? I want to send it to Ustream because they have a free service and, unlike my current cameras, UStream will have one pull from my computer, not more than that. UStream gets the traffic, so it's their bandwidth being used. And seeing how my regular cameras don't get much traffic anymore, this is more of a vanity thing. And a geek thing, just because I can.

I tried a couple of free programs that encode the stream into something usable for UStream, but I wasn't successful. Then I used Google to search for something and I found one that works. But I'm too cheap to buy it at full price.

I spent forty-five minutes trying different coupon codes with no luck.

Just damn it.


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10:33 AM - 05/04/2015

The topic: NotPancho was in the yard


I watched him get in to the yard, watched him cruise the fenceline in the back (and watched the other cats following him), then watched him leave.

When he started to climb the fence to get out, I called Brian over. He watched NP climbing the fencing over the pool pump and stepped outside to get a better view as NP monkey climbed to get out.

He said "this isn't good".  After NotPanch was out of the yard, Brian went down to check out the fencing. And he came up with another place to add to. And there, NP will be able to get in, but most likely not out.

We'd really like him to stay in the yard. The other cats didn't seem to bother with him and it's way safer here than out there.

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06:32 AM - 05/04/2015

The topic: Woke up after midnight last night


The thunder woke me up. It was raining! What a surprise, nothing in the local weather reports about it. My weather station says it rained .04 inches. I checked out back, the patio was wet, no sign of Rocky (lots of places to keep dry).

I went back to bed, it thundered and lightninged some more and I was asleep in no time.

That was pretty neat.

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