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      Sunday, March 22, 2015

07:13 AM - 03/22/2015

The topic: We went to see “Home” yesterday morning


It was a really cute movie. We liked it, I think it's one the whole family will enjoy. 

But like the last movie we tried to attend (The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) which we didn't see because of line jumpers and a special group who got in before the ones who won radio or television contests, the seats weren't the best. 

For the Marigold movie, there was a group called the Cinema Society. Then you have the same group of line jumpers. A couple of people get there hours early and then all of their friends start showing up after others (like us) have been waiting for over an hour. We usually try to be at a movie at least an hour and a half before it starts.  There will be less than fifty people in front of us, but by the time they start letting us in, the line in front of us has doubled or tripled. And it's annoying. We could have gotten seats in the two front rows, but keeping your head tilted back for over an hour and a half isn't very comfortable and for some of us, we feel the pain for days after. So, we left the line and came home. We'd been in line for an hour and forty-five minutes,  we should have easily gotten decent seats. But the line jumping prevented that.

Yesterday, it was Girl Scouts. The line jumpers don't usually hit the Saturday morning movies and I thought we had a real good chance at awesome seating. Nope. 

We spent four hours (driving, waiting and viewing) away from home for a ninety-minute movie. When we got home, Brian changed and when to work.

And I started rethinking this whole free movie thing. 

In Brian's business, time is money. Time away from home is time spent not making his product. For a lot of last year, he was running at eight weeks to get orders out. He feels this is unacceptable. How much money is it costing him in time to go to a "free" movie? Add to that the frustration of waiting so long and getting less than great seats.  I asked if what he thought about the idea of just setting aside a couple of days a month to go see a matinee? If we play our cards right, it would cost us less than twenty bucks a show (we don't buy stuff to eat or drink). We'd see the shows we wanted to (no more things like Purge: Anarchy) and wouldn't drive as far and wait in line as long.

He's all for it.

So, I'm not going to try to get the advanced screenings for a while. Maybe later I'll pick it up again, but for now, I'm going to just back off.  See if it helps lessen the stress level somewhat.

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