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      Monday, March 16, 2015

08:05 PM - 03/16/2015

The topic: Earlier this month


I took this short little video of Mario and Rocky. The look on Mario's face makes me laugh. 






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04:09 PM - 03/16/2015

The topic: Last Monday was good


Not today, but last week.

Last Sunday was spent cleaning, because the repairman for the dryer was supposed to be here between 11:00 and 1:00 on Monday. He called Monday morning and said "I can make it earlier, is that okay?" It was. He was here a little after 9:00.

Before he got here, Brian emptied the laundry room of baskets and the litter boxes and even swept the floor of loose litter (I'd washed the floor the day before). The house was pretty much cat mess free by the time the repairman got her. He pulled the machine out from the wall, took it apart, checked all of the internal electrical and couldn't find anything wrong with it. He put it back together, hit the start button and voila! Heat! He said there must have been something loose. Good thing one. 

Then, Monday evening we went to CostCo. I got in line for our meds. Guess what? I got nine months of meds all at once.  The total for our meds (including thirty Xanax pills, the doc upped that from the twenty he presribed previously) was a little under $69.00. We won't be needing to hit the pharmacy until December! Woohoo!  This was a major thing to me, the not fighting to get all of my pills at once. Before I'd stress when I called it in ("please fill all refills at this time, it's cost effective", "okay, I've put a note on your account"), stress when I got in line, stress when they handed me  the pills and stressed again when it was wrong. No more of that! Good thing two.

So, last Monday was a good day.


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08:56 AM - 03/16/2015

The topic: I’m around


And I have some stuff to put up (like pictures from our trip to the Safari Park last week), but I have a stack of paperwork to do (you know how much I don't like doing paperwork) as well as needing to switch out the yearly files (move 2013 into storage, move 2014 to the 2013 drawers and set up file folders for 2015). 

And since I know I need to do this and it's here in the office, I'm staying away from the office. Out of sight, out of mind. 


For the past week we've been having record high heat for this time of the year (90s) and the office is NOT the place to hang out when it's hot.

I tripped over one of Brian's implements in the backyard last Friday and it's finally hitting my back, boy, howdy am I sore.

Katie is hanging in there, still grooms herself and laps up the A/D I give her (I mix it with water so it's easier) and she REALLY likes it when I add a jar of baby food to it. The only thing is I have to stand by her while she eats. If I don't, she'll get pushed away from the food by the likes of Opie or Mystie.

Jackie's ashes are back.

Tired of rewashing dishes in the morning, I've been getting the put away the night before (I have to rewash because at least one of the cats gets on the counter at night and pees on the dish drainer). And we've been eating before five each night. My stomach has been crappy since I had my gallbladder out and I'm tired of the reflux at night. I really need to see the doctor about this, but I'm still paying off the colonoscopy labs and the mole I had removed and checked out last December.  The labs were almost five hundred bucks and the same for the mole removal and testing (and it did have irregular cells so it was good it was removed. Three and a half years to Medicare!

But it's really nice to have a clean kitchen in the morning.


Orders are coming in slowly and it's really nerve racking. We had a couple of flush weeks and Brian's ordering stuff, I warn him to not do this, but does he listen?  Nope. Last week he had to go pick up custom sized boxes to the tune of almost $400.00. There were a hundred and ten boxes, he uses maybe six a week. Yeah, he really "needed" all of these boxes. This morning he "reminds" me that he also needs to get cylinders. I asked "why tell me, you're the one spending money". I guess he didn't like that, he got up and did his ab exercises (it really helps his back). 

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